Experience going to Hon Mot Phu Quoc to cool off, scuba diving to see corals
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As one of the most beautiful islands in the pearl island, when coming to Hon Mot Phu Quoc, visitors will enjoy relaxing swimming, scuba diving to see corals and fishing. Let’s “pocket” the very useful Hon Mot travel experiences below for the upcoming trip.

Where is Hon Mot in Phu Quoc?  

Hon Mot is located in Bai Thom commune, in the northeast region of Phu Quoc island. From the center of the pearl island to Hon Mot Phu Quoc about 200m. What attracts tourists when coming to Hon Mot is that the beautiful scenery is still wild and not much affected by humans. Traveling to Hon Mot, visitors will enjoy memorable relaxing moments, blending with the beautiful nature here. 

The most ideal time to explore the beauty of Hon Mot is from October to March next year. You can also travel to Hon Mot at other times of the year because the rain at Hon Mot usually doesn’t last long. However, it is best to check the weather forecast before you go to avoid rainstorms affecting your trip. 

Experience going to Hon Mot Phu Quoc to cool off, scuba diving to see corals
Hon Mot Phu Quoc is a destination that attracts tourists every time they come to pearl island. Photo: superdong

How to get to Hon Mot Phu Quoc? 

Experience going to Hon Mot Phu Quoc , to get to this beautiful island it is most convenient to travel by plane. Departing from Hanoi or Saigon, you can take a plane to Phu Quoc airport directly. Or you can take a high-speed ferry to Phu Quoc by going to Thanh Thoi ferry for about 3 hours.  

When you reach Phu Quoc, you move to Duong Dong town center and go northeast to Bai Thom commune. After that, continue 1km to Hon Mot, Phu Quoc island. You can also go from Duong Dong center to Hon Mot in 2 ways: 

– Go in the direction of Hung Vuong Street -> at the fork, turn left to Nguyen Trung Truc Street -> keep going straight and you will reach Hon Mot. Travel time is about 45 minutes. 

– Route 30/4 -> to Ham Ninh fishing village -> go along the red dirt road to reach Hon Mot. 

How to get to Hon Mot Phu Quoc? 

Hotels, resorts should stay when coming to Hon Mot Phu Quoc

Where to stay in Hon Mot Phu Quoc? Hon Mot is still an unspoiled place, so the service here has not yet developed strongly. Most tourists coming to Hon Mot choose to camp overnight on the island. If you don’t want to camp, you can choose hotels and resorts near Hon Mot such as: 

– Local Beach Bai Thom: The location next to Bai Thom beach is built close to nature. Staying at this homestay you will enjoy a memorable vacation, have fun and cook for yourself on the beach.

– Capella Resort Phu Quoc: Located in Bai Thom hamlet, providing luxury resort services for tourists. Staying at Capella Resort Phu Quoc, visitors can also experience interesting fun activities such as kayaking, swimming pool, BBQ… 

– Wildland Resort: A luxury resort in Bai Thom built in the form of a modern bungalow. The hotel is equipped with swimming pool and modern travel services of guests.    

Resorts near Hon Mot Phu Quoc

Where to go, what fun to play when coming to Hon Mot Phu Quoc?

What is Hon Mot Phu Quoc? Walking to the beach to see the scenery, fishing, scuba diving to see corals, watching corals and BBQ are interesting experiences that you should not miss when coming to Hon Mot. 

Swim in the sea and go sightseeing  

Hon Mot is about 200m from the center of Phu Quoc island, to reach this island you can only go through a bridge. One of the interesting experiences that attract visitors when coming to Hon Mot island is, walking across the island on a floating road in the middle of the sea when the water is shallow to admire the beautiful scenery. When standing from Hon Mot, you will be able to admire the distant Cambodian country in front of your eyes with only 5 nautical miles. 

Beautiful natural scenery in Hon Mot island

The seawater in Hon Mot is famous for its clear blue water that can be seen from the bottom, the fine white sand is as beautiful as paradise. Coming to Hon Mot island, you will be delighted to immerse yourself in the cool water to relax and dispel all the fatigue of life. 

Relax and swim in Hon Mot. Photo: wolverineair

Snorkeling to see corals  

The seawater in Hon Mot is very shallow and possesses beautiful colorful coral reefs. Therefore, to explore Hon Mot island, rent yourself swimming goggles to enjoy exploring the diverse ocean world. However, when scuba diving to see the coral in Hon Mot, please be careful to avoid areas with rocks that will easily bleed. 

Snorkeling and virtual living in Hon Mot. Photo: traveloka

Relaxing fishing  

What to do on Hon Mot Island, Phu Quoc? Coming to Hon Mot island, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, cool off, scuba diving to see the coral, but also experience relaxing fishing on the cantilevered bridges. The fishing experience on Hon Mot island is that you should prepare your own fishing rod and bait in advance because this service is not available on the island. You will just be able to fish and enjoy relaxing moments in front of the immense beautiful sea at Hon Mot island. 

Fishing at Hon Mot Island. Photo: saomaifly

Watch the sunset and BBQ on the beach 

Hon Mot is famous as one of the most beautiful sunset spots in Phu Quoc. You can go to Hon Mot beach in the cool afternoon to admire the romantic sunset and mingle with nature here. Besides, in the evening, you can also organize a fun BBQ with your family and friends, participate in attractive teambuilding activities on the beach. 

Watch the romantic sunset on Hon Mot Island

What to eat when going to Hon Mot Phu Quoc?

What to eat when going to Hon Mot Phu Quoc? Foodservice on Hon Mot island has not yet developed, so there are still few restaurants and eateries for you to choose from. Therefore, when exploring Hon Mot, you can bring tools to organize a BBQ party. Buy fresh seafood at Bai Thom market and bring your grill which is both delicious and cheap. You can also refer to some delicious restaurants near Hon Mot such as: 

– Hoa Bien Restaurant: Located in Duong Dong town, serving a menu with seafood such as: Shrimp, crab, crab, lobster, mantis shrimp,… Impressive restaurant with leaf huts airy for diners to enjoy delicious meals.    

– Friendly Beach Bai Thom: The restaurant is located close to Bai Thom, has a beautiful and clean space ideal to enjoy fresh seafood dishes, pearl island specialties.  

– Bien Dua Restaurant: About 200m from Hon Mot Island, it is located on a cool beach, ideal for enjoying delicious food. Special dishes at the restaurant you can enjoy such as steamed shrimp, herring salad… 

Enjoy steamed shrimp specialties in Hon Mot island

Notes when going to Hon Mot Phu Quoc

Discovering Hon Mot Island, let’s “pocket” some notes below for the upcoming trip: 

– Bring the necessary tools such as: Sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, and bathing suits. Besides, you should also bring umbrellas, sandals if going in the rainy season. 

– Buy seafood as a gift at Bai Thom market, experience is that you should go in the morning to buy fresh and cheap food. 

– If fishing is very successful, you can bring it home to cook or grill on the beach. 

– Because food and beverage services on Hon Mot island have not been developed yet, so you should bring all the necessary tools before you go. 

Knowing the experiences of going to Hon Mot Phu Quoc detailed above will help you have a trip to discover many interesting experiences with family and loved ones. Besides, you can refer to Experience going to Phu Quoc Island in detail .   

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