Gia Lai: Through the night on the Se San River, baiting the red-tailed “water monster”
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In order to catch the “giant” red-tailed trout weighing several tens of kilograms each on the Se San River, anglers must face numerous dangers. They struggled all night to bring the red-tailed “water monster” ashore. There are trips they earn millions of dong, but there are many times when they have to carry the crane and not go ashore.

Through the night waiting for the red-tailed “water monster” to bite. For

many years, these anglers have chosen the Se San river to let go of their fishing rods to hunt for the “water monster” – red-tailed trout. The Se San River, which flows through Ia Kreng commune (Chu Pah district, Gia Lai) has long been famous for its giant “water monsters” from 10kg, 30kg, 60kg, even having children weighing up to 70kg.

Mr. Vu Dinh Quynh (born 1982, residing in Ia Ly town, Chu Pah district) has had nearly 10 years of hunting “sea monster” – one of the need to kill fish.

The first red-tailed trout weighed 3kg of a group of anglers who dropped their fishing line on the Se San River, Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province.

According to Quynh, the fish in the Se San River are mostly giant fish, the river banks have jagged rocks, so it is very difficult to fish. Especially when pulling fish ashore, so most of the anglers here buy themselves “genuine” sets of 1 million VND or more.

If anyone wants to fish for “giant” red-tailed fish, using normal rods will not be able to pull the fish ashore. The rod Quynh is using is more than 1 million dongs, but it has to be tired to pull the fish ashore.

A few years ago, he once caught a trout over 50kg. It was his most memorable fishing time when he had to hold the rod for several hours, always having to strain himself, kicking his feet on the rock so that the fish wouldn’t drag him into the river.

“Nowadays, big fish are rare, only a few years are lucky enough to catch them because of the behavior of this species upstream, so they catch them struggling very hard. As for a few kilograms, it is easy, it will bite every hour.” , Quynh shared with PV Newspaper DANVIET.VN.


To catch the “giant” red-tailed trout on the Sesan, anglers from Gia Lai province have to face many dangers. Even died on the Sesan River.

In addition to making food for the family, each kilogram of red-tailed catfish costs from 300,000 -400,000 VND, which can bring quite a high income for Quynh’s family as well as other anglers. Many nights the anglers can earn millions of dong, but sometimes they have to carry the crane and not go ashore.

While letting go of the fishing rod and waiting for the giant fish to bite, Mr. Phan Van Phan, the captain of the angler team, said: “Depending on each season, we fish different types of fish. This season we fish for trout, in March we fish for carp, and in May we fish for carp. 11 fishing for seahorses (like black carp), and tilapia in every season…”.

Each fish species will have a different way of fishing and using bait. This year, there is little rain, so the amount of fish caught is not much. Remember this season last year it rained a lot, every day Mr. Phan brought ten kilograms of fish back.

“My fishing group has a principle of not using electrical stimulation. Because this will kill both large and small fish, moreover, it will only catch a few fish, the rest will die or become disabled. . If there are cases of electric shock to destroy the group, they will remind or report to the government for handling”, Mr. Phan revealed to PV DANVIET.VN electronic newspaper.


According to anglers, the most sensitive red-tailed bait is worms, if you look at the riverbed where there are rocks, if the water rolls, throw the bait in.

Mr. Phan’s group of fish killers consists of about 5 people, all of them in the town of Ia Ly. This group of anglers is all the same that is ready to hold the rod all night waiting for the “terrible” fish to bite.

In the morning, the angler struggled to bring the “water monster” ashore At

two in the morning, Mr. Phan’s rod vibrated, everyone got up to pull the rod, the “water monster” was too big to break the 3 rods.

Only Mr. Phan, after nearly an hour of jerking, skillfully conquered the “water monster” weighing 10 kg and nearly a meter long. At this time, on the faces of the group of anglers, everyone was excited to bring the fish ashore. They are happier because they have conquered the red-tailed “water monster”, which every angler wants to have on the Sesan line.


The first “water monster” – red-tailed mollusk was brought ashore by Mr. Phan’s group just in time for dawn.

“Language fish feeds against the current, so its body is solid and extremely healthy. Look at the riverbed where there are rocks, if the water rolls, throw the worm bait into it, there will definitely be a mausoleum,” said Mr. Phan.

According to Mr. Phan, when the fish bites the hook, removing the hook or when the fish is caught in the water requires experience and will be swept away by the water immediately because of the dense reefs in the river. Not to mention the cold water, falling down it very easy to get cramps. In the past, there have been many tragic drownings while fishing.


Gia Lai: Through the night on the Se San River, baiting the red-tailed “water monster”

Two red-tailed trout each weighing 30kg and 31kg were also fished by a fishing rod right at this river.

Recently (in the early morning of September 2), right at this Se San section of the river, Mr. Nguyen Chat Sam (50 years old, residing in Ia Ly town, Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province) and his workers were letting go. under the Sesan lake. When people were talking to each other, the two levers suddenly jerked. At this time, two red-tailed trout took the bait.

“So far, the average scad is only 2-7 kg. There are also some red-tailed scads weighing 20 to 30 kg, but very few people catch them. This is the first time we caught 2. The red-tailed pompano weighs 61kg. To bring these two “water monsters” ashore, it took me and everyone more than 3 hours to struggle under the Se San River,” said Sam excitedly.

Red-tailed pompano has quite high economic value, from 300,000-400,000/kg.

Mr. Ro Cham Tam, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ia Kreng commune (Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province) said that people here take advantage of the Se San river to catch seafood for their leisure time. In order to ensure safety, the commune has installed warning signs for dangerous river sections and sent patrols to control, so there have been no drowning incidents in the past 3 years. In addition, the commune mobilized people to hand over electric jacks, and at the same time resolutely dealt with those who used electric jacks to catch and destroy aquatic products. Follow Dan Viet