10 most famous tourist attractions in Dien Bien
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Dien Bien is a mountainous border province in the Northwest region. This is no longer a strange name to most people because this land is very famous for its enchanting landscapes, poetic natural scenery that makes many hearts sob if once ever set foot in. . For those of you who have not had the opportunity to come here, come once to experience! Vinlove will help you better understand the very famous tourist attractions here for you to explore.

Xa Nhe Cave

Xa Nhe cave scenic relic belonging to Bang De B village, Xa Nhe commune, Tua Chua district, Dien Bien province. Located more than 1km from the center of Xa Nhe commune, Xa Nhe Cave existed millions of years ago at an altitude of over 1,500m above sea level, surrounded by dense primeval forest and special biodiversity. typical of the Northwest region. At the beginning of March 2014, Xa Nhe cave was classified as a national monument by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Xa Nhe cave is also known as Kho Xo by local Mong people (meaning explosive cave) because in the past, there were many bats in the cave, local people often used bat droppings as raw materials to make explosives. From the tectonics and movements of nature over millions of years, caves have been formed in the mountain ranges. Coming here, visitors can explore and experience the cave with a depth of 700m bent in an arc, the cave entrance is 5m wide, 17-18m high. In the cave, the widest place is 20-25m wide, there are many niches, many floors, with its own beauty, most of the ground in the cave is flexible soil, the cave is wide and high, and there are many bats and birds residing in the ceiling. The more you go inside, the more splendid the cave is because of the lines and shapes created by stalactites and stalagmites, although they are all-natural sculptures made from stone, the beauty of each cave is not the same. viewers interesting and stimulating curiosity, passion for discovery.

are divided into 5 compartments, with human-like shapes, animals such as toads, crocodiles, shark’s jaws, dragons… on the ceiling of the cave, stalactites hang down sparkling with lines that are sometimes soft and flexible like a waterfall, sometimes has a sharp appearance like sea coral. The stalactites in the cave are like flowing waterfalls with countless sparkling crystals. Underneath the cave is forests of stalagmites and stalactites with many strange shapes. Due to the fragmented limestone topography along with stalactites formed by the process of rainwater infiltrating the limestone cliffs containing calcium, the water vapor evaporates, leaving a layer of calcium that has been deposited for a long time. Stalactites, stalagmites, stalagmites, and stalagmites glittering with calcium crystals, also known as weathered limestone crystals, have created the typical landscape of the cave.

10 most famous tourist attractions in Dien Bien
The scenery in Xa Nhe cave
Xa Nhe Cave with sparkling stalactites and many shapes

Muong Nhe Nature Reserve

Muong Nhe Nature Reserve is located in Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province. Viewed from above, the landscape of Muong Nhe mountains and forests is like a very soulful picture: Mixed in the green of the forest trees, the bright yellow of chrysanthemums and the red and yellow of the unpaved dirt roads, are the folds of houses on stilts, thatched houses with different sizes, large and small, scattered along the roadside, along streams and interspersed in dense, luxuriant groves; looming in the distance are undulating, wavy mountains, one after another racing under the sun. Muong Nhe Nature Reserve has a total area of ​​about 310,262 ha, including 10 border communes of Muong Nhe district with the residence of some ethnic groups such as Ha Nhi, Kho Mu, Mong… and nearly 118,000 ha of land. natural forest with a coverage of 43% – the highest in Dien Bien province, in which, there are many primitive forests such as evergreen forests on lowland, lowland evergreen forest, alpine evergreen forest and bamboo forest are being preserved intact. It is also home to many rare animals.

According to current survey studies, the Nature Reserve has about 38 species of rare animals such as stone turtles, elephants, gaurs, sun bears, tigers, leopards, red wolves, pangolins, civets, wild cats… and some species are also recorded in the Red Book of Vietnam. Besides, the forest flora here is also quite diverse in species, with about 308 species; in which, many species have special value in terms of science such as chamomile, bone-in-the-bone, water vine, flower slice, pomelo, PO mu, agarwood, etc. There are 112 species of wood-bearing trees, precious medicinal plants. rare 68 species. With such a rich forest ecosystem, Muong Nhe Nature Reserve is assessed as a nature reserve with high biodiversity and a large category in Vietnam. In the coming time, the Management Board of Muong Nhe Nature Reserve will promote propaganda to raise awareness, awareness of forest protection and biodiversity conservation for people living in the buffer zone. If you have the opportunity to come to Dien Bien, you should not miss this place!

The landscape is beautiful and soulful like a picture
Rangers of Muong Nhe Nature Reserve release turtles into the natural environment

Pa Thom Cave

Pa Thom Cave is located in Pa Thom commune, located in the west of Dien Bien district, bordering the Vietnam – Laos border. Local people call the cave “Sham Nang Lai”. The cave was discovered quite a long time ago along with beautiful legends and legends about a couple’s love. At an altitude of over 1,500m above sea level, Pa Thom cave is surrounded by dense primeval forest, with rich vegetation and biodiversity. To reach the cave entrance, visitors have to walk a steep path of more than 200m with many types of vines. On this road, visitors can breathe in the fresh air, admire the mountain scenery, see the stilt houses in the distance in the middle of the mountain of ethnic minorities, listen to the birds chirping, the stream flowing. murmuring…

Pa Thom Cave
Located in the middle of the mountain, the cave gate is dome-shaped, 12m high, 17m wide, the stone roof protrudes 7m. In the middle of the entrance is a huge stone block that looks like a drooping elephant’s head. The depth of the cave is more than 350m running in the south direction. The cave has 9 large and small arches, the width is about 20m wide. The entrance to the cave is adjacent to the cave entrance are three large blocks of stone horizontally winding like a giant python, separating the cave and forming two entrances and exits. Right from the entrance of the cave, there are many stalactites with many vivid shapes, iridescent stalactites, fanciful colors, shimmering under candlelight. The arches of the cave are all high, each arch is like a magnificent and splendid palace, stalactites rise, stalagmites of all kinds are soft from the ceiling hanging down with iridescent fringes. On the side of the cliffs, the rocks are like large flowing waterfalls, iridescent silver. Inside the cave,

Pa Thom Cave
A stone pillar inside the cave

Pha Din Pass

Pha Din Pass has also known as Pha Din Doc is a place connecting the border of two provinces of Son La and Dien Bien with a length of 32km, located on Highway 6, partly in Phong Lai commune, Thuan Chau district (Son La) and partly in Toa Tinh commune, Tuan Giao district (Dien Giang). Record). The pass has the highest point of 1,648m above sea level and the terrain is very dangerous with one side of the cliff, the other side is a deep abyss, sometimes going uphill and downhill. Not only that, Pha Din is also a pass with a steep slope of up to 19%, a zigzag pass with 8 extremely dangerous bends, a curve radius of fewer than 15m, and besides that, there are countless turns. sleeve corner, letter A, letter Z, many of which are just enough for a car to pass. Therefore, if you want to conquer this pass, you need to have a strong steering wheel and experience in mountain roads.

If observed from afar, the pass is like a giant rope that is connecting the mountains together, suspended between the clouds and the sky. Each winding, zigzag, winding up and down spectacular, all contribute to creating a distinct beauty for Pha Din pass.. At the foot of the pass are scattered villages, while in the middle of Pha Din pass, it is often cloudy. Standing on the slope of the pass in Dien Bien province, looking down, visitors will be able to admire the vastness of the Muong Quai valley spreading with green hills and mountains, looming the first villages of Tuan Giao district. Seen from above, in front of the eye is a whole pass that appears prominently on the green color, sometimes small villages hidden in the mist are so peaceful, poetic, and dissipates so much fatigue. fatigue of long-distance travelers. Pha Din PassImpressed by its very dangerous and precarious position, one side is a cliff and one side is a deep abyss. That is why Pha Din pass is one of four passes known as the “four great peaks” of the Northwest region, next to O Quy Ho, Khau Pha, and Ma Pi Leng passes.

Pha Din Pass Dien Bien
Pass road

Muong Thanh Field

The Northwest is not only famous for terraced fields, but it is also famous for 4 large rice fields. Topping the list is the Muong Thanh field with an area of ​​more than 140 square kilometers. For a long time, the traditional saying “Nhat Thanh, Nhi Lo, Tam Than, Tu Tac” has been ingrained in the subconscious of every Northwesterner with the implication of ranking the fields. Compared with the fields of Muong Lo, Yen Bai; Muong Than field, Lai Chau field, Muong Tac field, Son La field, Muong Thanh field, Dien Bien is evaluated as the largest. Located at an altitude of more than 400 m above sea level, Muong Thanh field stretches for more than 20 km with an average width of 6 km. In the past, going to Dien Bien was quite difficult and strenuous because of the zigzag slopes and dangerous high passes, although there were many roads leading to this place. In particular, Pha Din pass – one of the four great peaks of the pass is really a tough challenge that is not easy to overcome. However, today with the opening of the Hanoi – Dien Bien route, travel becomes easy and the opportunity to explore the largest field in the Northwest opens up in front of you.

Looking down from above, Muong Thanh field running along the banks of the Nam Rom River spreading out like petals embracing the historical relics of the battle. Either way, when coming to Muong Thanh at this time, you will not be surprised because of the beautiful natural scenery and richness when this place glows with an immense golden color. Located in the middle of the Dien Bien basin, the Muong Thanh field is likened to a giant “warehouse” filled with corn and rice. From the end of September, the seasonal rice in the Muong Thanh basin begins to ripen, making visitors feel like they are going in the middle of the golden season. A familiar feeling of the Northern countryside stretches as far as the eye can see, but the majestic beauty of the rice fields surrounded by mountains is not mixed. Not only famous for its vast area, with favorable intensive farming conditions, Muong Thanh field also brings to life special delicious pearls with the famous Dien Bien rice brand. A small grain of rice has a natural aroma, when cooked white rice, soft and sweet and has a rich taste. Rice grains from the Muong Thanh field have brought abundant beauty to the land of Dien Bien, which is famous for its glorious feats.

Muong Thanh Field
The rice fields turn golden iridescent stretching to the horizon

Muong Phang Cherry Garden

Located more than 1,000m above sea level, Muong Phang flower island possesses many famous cherry blossom varieties of beautiful Japan. In the blooming season, hundreds of trees bloom brilliantly, flowers bloom from January 1 of the solar calendar. The slender, pink petals shimmer in the wind as if pulling the whole spring. Flowers bloom in beautiful clusters that make visitors fall in love forever. Standing under the skinny peach trees, surrounded by a deep pink color of peach petals. Visitors can take pictures and check-in at Muong Phang cherry garden To save these sweet and romantic moments. In the middle of the four waves, peach blossoms bloom in the middle of the Northwest, creating a beautiful picture of nature. In addition to the blooming flower clusters, every time there is a gentle breeze blowing flowers, the delicate rose petals flutter in the wind, sometimes the “naughty” petals fall to the ground creating a romantic and full of scenery. vitality.

There is no place on the S-shaped strip of land where visitors can see such a ravishing flower garden. The land of Muong Phang is a paradise for flowers of temperate countries, where the full advantages of soil and good climate are gathered to create a beautiful cherry blossom garden. , the petals will fly in the wind, just raise your hand to be able to catch those small, soft petals. At that time, visitors can freely film and take pictures in the midst of this rare beauty. Experience visiting Muong Phang cherry garden As a tourist, you should prepare a camera or phone to take good pictures, don’t forget to prepare beautiful clothes to take the best pictures. When heaven and earth turn to spring, peach blossoms will bloom to welcome the big spring. At that time, tourists from all over the country will come back to Muong Phang, find a rich land to release their souls and enjoy the peach garden. romantic. Brilliant peach garden mixed with the cold of heaven and earth, visitors will listen to the sweet sounds of life, comfort and peace.

Flowering season
Muong Phang Cherry Garden

U Va . Tourist Area

UVa tourist area is located in Noong Luong commune, Dien Bien district, about 15km southwest of Dien Bien Phu city center. UVa has a mountainous terrain, a total area of ​​​​over 73,000m2 with natural hot mineral springs, the average temperature is from 76 – 84 degrees Celsius. Visiting the UVa tourist area, visitors will enjoy and enjoy the harmony. Immerse yourself in the majestic nature and immerse yourself in the hot mineral water that nature offers. In addition, visitors can also understand the values ​​and cultural quintessence of the ancient cultural area of ​​Muong Thanh land which has survived thousands of years of history. UVa tourist area There are hot mineral springs discovered and used by the French colonialists since the 1950s. Later, realizing the usefulness of this stream, Dien Bien province cooperated with the Lottery Company of the province to build hot mineral springs. UVa into a separate area for tourism and relaxation.

Hot mineral springs The name “UVa” is derived from the transliteration of the word “U Va” by the local people in Noong Luong commune. In which, Ú is translated as Mrs; Patch means cradle. According to legend, this hot mineral spring is a fairy lying on a beautiful cradle. The landscape UVa above is hilly, below is river, stream, lake. Before 2002, the entire area of ​​Noong Luong commune – where the UVa hot mineral stream flows through was a lawn. After surveying, Dien Bien province took advantage of natural mineral springs and brought them to the high hill area. On the hill UVa there is a legend about the seven fairies. Every afternoon, seven fairies descend to the lake to bathe and then return to the hill, then play together and teach the Thai ethnic people how to grow mulberries, raise silkworms, transplant rice, weave cloth… When visiting UVa hill , visitors also heard about a legend related to Hoa Cat rope, which embodies the idea of ​​local people after death wishing to go to heaven. The Flower Cat rope is also a manifestation of the connection between the earth and the sky.

U Va . Tourist Area
Enjoy with friends and family at this wonderful resort

Hua Pe Hot Spring

5km northwest of Dien Bien city center, Hua Pe . hot mineral spring belongs to Thanh Luong commune, Dien Bien district. The way to Hua Pe hot spring is actually not difficult. But there is a limitation that Dien Bien terrain is quite difficult to move. The steep slopes, the downhill sections are like a big challenge. If traveling by motorbike, visitors need to have a steady handlebar to avoid danger. Nature has endowed Hua Pe hot spring with an extremely abundant source of water. In particular, spring water is always maintained at a temperature of 60°C including many precious minerals. Besides mineral springs, Pe Luong artificial hot spring lake, which blows all year round, was formed. This place has become a very attractive eco-tourism area for both domestic and foreign tourists. Moreover, Hua Pe mineral springs have not been exploited like professional tourism.

Therefore, this is an ideal place for travelers wishing to relax. Bathing in hot mineral water is a therapy to help promote health, especially diseases of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system. Not only that, visitors can also relax and relieve stress when taking a mineral bath. Hua Pe mineral spring water has high safety, very good for the human body. This has been tested and evaluated by the Institute of Medicine. Therefore, local people also use this mineral spring water in daily activities. In addition, Hua Pe mineral spring It also contains many special things, such as being able to drink. Hot spring water carries many nutrients to help purify the body and replenish minerals. Tourists often say that there are many hot springs, but only Hua Pe is drinkable. So when traveling here, don’t forget to try a sip of spring water. After bathing in hot mineral springs, visitors can explore and visit the surrounding scenery. How wonderful it is to be immersed in peaceful nature!

Hua Pe Hot Spring
Hot steam rising from the spring

Dien Bien Phu Victory Museum

Dien Bien Phu Historical Victory Museum is located at Highway 279, Street 3, Muong Thanh Ward, Dien Bien Phu City, Dien Bien Province. Started construction in October 2012 on an area of ​​22,000m2 and officially opened to welcome guests on May 5, 2014 after 19 months of construction, Dien Bien Phu Historical Victory Museum is a large-scale project, The most majestic and modern in Dien Bien province today. This work has extremely important significance in terms of history, culture as well as architecture, and the content on display, ensuring the quality and technical requirements, worthy of the victory “Splendid in five continents”. Earthquake”. The museum house is designed in the shape of a truncated cone, the surrounding decoration is shaped like a filling symbolizing the camouflage net of the soldier’s hat, including a basement and a floating floor. In particular, the basement is the place to welcome visitors, study space, interaction and entertainment services. The floating floor is the permanent exhibition space on the victory of Dien Bien Phu history, the panorama space, and the working section.

The exhibition is located on the upper floor of the Museum with a display area of ​​1,250m2 with nearly 1000 documents, artifacts (many materials), images and maps, it is considered a modern display, organized by science and art with the support of advanced techniques and technology. This exhibition is arranged in chronological order, interwoven with the display of the collection of artifacts, which has really met the general structure and content requirements of the Dien Bien Phu victory. The tour itinerary includes a common space with 5 themes: Outline of the resistance war against the French colonialists; Dien Bien Phu campaign (French colonial plot, our policy, Dien Bien Phu campaign evolution); Impact of Dien Bien Phu victory on domestic and world; The help of the people of the world in the Dien Bien Phu and Honor campaign. At each gallery space, in addition to documents, artifacts are spatial perspectives with fake models of people, objects, objects and trees. Notable spaces such as the perspective of pulling artillery into the battlefield, transporting food, breaking rocks to pave the way at the part of our Party’s policy in the Dien Bien Phu campaign can be mentioned.

Dien Bien Phu Victory Museum
Listen to explanations in the Dien Bien Phu Victory Museum

Ta Sin Thang highland market

Ta Sin Thang Market is the culture of the ethnic minorities in Tua Chua highland. Here, the scenery and people blend together as if to paint a colorful picture, reflecting the life of people who are industrious and hardworking all year round. Ta Sin Thang fair market in Ta Sin Thang commune, Tua Chua district also retains its own characteristics. Not only a place to meet and exchange goods of ethnic groups in the region, Ta Sin Thang market is also an ideal rendezvous for boys and girls of ethnic minorities. It has become a custom, every 6 days, on the day of the fair, no matter who, whether rich or poor, everyone tries to be present as a promise. Since it was still early morning, from all directions, the sound of the flute, trumpet, horse’s feet, lip zither, laughter and laughter has been stirred and excited all over the trails. Those who can afford to ride a motorbike, and those who can’t, walk to the market, no matter how far or near. The boys and girls of the Mong ethnic group in colorful dresses next to the shopping carts, the people carrying the children cover the umbrellas, the people leading the horses, the goods are diverse and abundant. All of them flocked to the fair as a rendezvous point.

C hợ session Thang-Ta Sin It is a lively image of the mountains and forests. This place still retains many unique traditional features of the highland ethnic groups in Tua Chua. Currently, in Tua Chua district, it is still being handed down, keeping basically the main features of the two markets of Ta Sin Thang and Xa Nhe commune. This is one of the very unique cultural features of the highland ethnic groups, especially the Mong people living on Tua Chua. Tua Chua consists of 4 main Mong branches (Mong Du, Mong Do, Mong Lenh and Mong Sua) but when they come to the market, the cultural features that take place are not only for trading purposes but also for cultural activities. It is easy to see, in Ta Sin Thang market, sellers and buyers are busy, but happy, there is no jostling or price competition like activities in other markets. At the markets, there is always innocence and rusticity. few tricks in the trading habits of these upland residents. If they like something, they usually look at it very carefully and then ask for the price. If the price is a bit too high for their pocket, they can pay a little lower, but if the quality of the item pleases them, they will also pay. never bargained. That can be considered as a beauty that is not available everywhere.

Ta Sin Thang highland market
Brilliant outfits

Above are the famous tourist destinations when coming to Dien Bien. If possible, bring your friends and family here to explore these wonderful scenery.