15 great experiences to try when traveling to Dalat
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Da Lat city – the dreamy city of love, is always a place that makes you want to visit thousands of times in your life if possible. Why, because this city is so dear, so peaceful with the morning dew, with fresh nature, with lovely homestays or cafes. Therefore, if you want to fully experience Da Lat during your travel, you absolutely should not ignore the experiences that Vinlove.net shares below.

Stay in one of Dalat’s lovely homestays

For a long time, Da Lat has always attracted tourists with lovely hotels; This “attraction” increases when there are more quality homestays inside and out.

The decoration and arrangement of these places are so pleasing that you can choose any corner of the homestay to live virtual with friends or relatives. And it will not be difficult to have a good Facebook or Instagram account when coming to Da Lat. In a place like this, it’s easier for you to fall asleep, isn’t it?

Some homestays that you can visit if you want to travel to Dalat such as Dalat homie, Nomini Homestay, Terrasse Des Roses, Ken’s House Backpackers Downtown 2, La Nha House, Homestay Legume, …

15 great experiences to try when traveling to Dalat
Homestay Dalat is not only a place to stay but also a specialty of the mountain town that you should try
Homestay Dalat is not only a place to stay but also a specialty of the mountain town that you should try

Sleeping in a warm blanket on cold Da Lat mornings

The chilly weather of Da Lat every morning will make you want to be a little lazy, want to curl up in a blanket to enjoy a little more warmth, of course, also don’t forget to poke your head out to breathe in the fresh air. New Day.

If you are tired of sleeping, you can still hug the blanket and sit and talk about big and small stories with your friends while enjoying a cup of hot tea or coffee. On days when traveling to Dalat, forgetting to worry like this, it is not a crime to throw away the alarm clock, throw away all the sighs and sighs to enjoy the interesting things of this place, right?

A morning that is buried forever in a warm blanket in the middle of Dalat weather is “happy” to know.
The weather in Da Lat early in the morning makes me just want to lie down.

Wake up and enjoy Da Lat’s banh can

After waking up, quickly try Da Lat cake – a simple but delicious breakfast gift for the people here. You can eat right at your homestay or hotel or go to some famous Banh Can shops like Banh Can Nha Chung, Banh Can Cay Bo.

Because of its popularity, the restaurant is quite crowded and you will have to wait a bit longer if you arrive late. There are two types of Banh Can, quail egg cake and duck egg cake, which will be served with fish sauce. You can also ask the owner of the restaurant to make more sausages or rolls to eat with if you are still hungry.

Reference addresses for some delicious Banh Can shop in Da Lat:

  • Banh Can Xiu Mai Butter Cay: 56 Tang Bat Ho, Ward 1, City. Da Lat. About 20,000 VND / 1 meal, the restaurant is open from 6 am to 11:30 am.
  • Flower shop: 12 Phan Dinh Phung, Da Lat. Part from 30,000 VND. The shop is open from 6am to 12am, and from 3pm to 6pm.
  • Can Cake Xuan An: 1 Chung House, Ward 3, Da Lat.

In addition to Banh Can, Da Lat still has many delicious breakfast dishes such as shumai bread and a cup of hot soy milk, Hue beef vermicelli or chicken heart cake that you absolutely should not miss.

Can cake – a simple but delicious breakfast gift of the people here.
Delicious shumai and soy milk

Enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee at lovely Dalat cafes

In addition to the homestay, coffee shops are the second “specialty” of the land of fog. Da Lat has quite a few lovely, poetic and dreamy cafes in this foggy city. Although the shops have the true beauty of Da Lat, they still have a unique and unmistakable attraction.

Depending on your preferences, you can find vintage cafes like Ma Rung Lu Quan, a cafe with a beautiful view like Me Linh Coffee Garden, or a cafe halfway up the slope like An Quan.

Me Linh Coffee
An Quan

“Invade” the strawberry garden and “eat them” at the garden

Strawberries are a famous specialty of Da Lat city, so of course, when traveling to Da Lat, you can’t help but visit the strawberry gardens and explore them.

You will have the opportunity to go into the garden to pick each ripe strawberry – an experience once only available in European strawberry fields. Not to mention you can immediately “eat” the results that you have just harvested.

Reference addresses of some strawberry gardens:

  • Chu Hung Strawberry Garden: 143 Thanh Mau, Ward 7, City. Da Lat. Opening hours are from 6am to 6pm.
  • Strawberry Garden 88: 88 Thanh Mau, Ward 7, City. Da Lat. Opening hours are from 8am to 10pm.
  • Sunflower strawberry garden: Ankroet, Ward 7, City. Da Lat (call 0918 756 399 for directions). Open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
The big, red berries picked by my own hands and brought home for relatives and friends are nothing better.
Strawberries picked at the garden are a bit expensive compared to strawberries sold at the market, but the quality is better

Breaking into the “fields” – farms of Da Lat

Da Lat has quite a few different fields or farms where there are a lot of flower fields, left for you to explore. For example, Da Lat Farm Milk has fields of sunflowers, buckwheat flowers, dairy farms, while Cau Dat Farm has cool green tea hills and an ancient tea factory. Just saying that I found it interesting and wanted to visit!

Reference addresses of some fields in Da Lat:

  • Dalat Milk Farm: Tu Tra commune, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province, about 25 km from the center of Da Lat city. Closes at 16 o’clock.
  • Cau Dat Farm: Cau Dat hamlet – Xuan Truong commune, about 20 km southeast of Da Lat city center. Opening hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Buckwheat flower field at Dalat Milk Farm.
Cau Dat Farm, also known as Cau Dat Tea Hill, has been a very famous place since 2016 until now.

Immerse yourself in Van Thanh flower village

Traveling to Da Lat, if you go away from the city center about 3 km, you will see the Van Thanh flower village with the largest flower fields in Dalat.

Van Thanh Flower Village is a traditional flower village specializing in flower cultivation in Da Lat, with about 220 flower-growing households with an area of ​​over 200 hectares. Although born later than other flower villages, it is not for that reason that Van Thanh could not prove its position and rose to become the largest flower village in Da Lat. Because it is the largest flower village in the foggy city, many different types of flowers are grown here.

In Van Thanh flower village, the most beautiful flower to mention is the rose. The roses here are hybridized with other roses in the world, so there are many varieties of roses with a variety of colors and interesting scents. For flower lovers, you will feel lost in flower paradise when coming to this place.

Address: Van Thanh Flower Village: 43 Van Hanh, Ward 5, City. Da Lat.

Van Thanh Flower Village is the largest flower village in Dalat
This is also the main source of fresh flowers for the whole country

Sparkling beautiful churches

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Da Lat is a city of beautiful ancient churches because why, because this place has 43 churches. Someone once joked that traveling to Da Lat but thought it was like “missing foot” through Europe, because the architecture of the buildings here, especially the churches of Da Lat, has made the face of the city. the appearance of a modern, luxurious Da Lat but also ancient, strangely palatial. If you have fallen in love with European designs, it is impossible not to visit these places and save yourself beautiful, magical moments.

Addresses for some churches in Da Lat:

  • Domaine de Marie Church: 1 Ngo Quyen, Ward 6, City. Da Lat.
  • Da Lat Cathedral (Chicken Church): 15 Tran Phu, Ward 3, City. Da Lat.
  • Cam Ly Church: 11 Nguyen Khuyen, Ward 5, City. Da Lat.
  • Du Sinh Church: 40/8 Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Ward 4, City. Da Lat.
The most famous chicken church, second in Da Lat
Domaine de Marie Church

Virtual living with artichoke flower buds and wild sunflowers in Da Lat square

During your trip to Dalat, when you come to Lam Vien square, you will find artichoke flower buds and huge eye-catching wild sunflowers here. Artichoke buds have a height of 15 m and wild sunflowers have a height of 18 m. Surely, recently, many young people have come here to check-in virtual lives.

Address: Lam Vien Square: Ho Tung Mau Street or 1 Tran Quoc Toan, City. Da Lat.

Lam Vien Square is one of the most checked-in virtual living places in Da Lat
Lam Vien Square – Da Lat

Go down Mimosa Pass to see Da Lat from above

If you want to see Da Lat from above, hidden in each layer of fog, you should definitely drive down Mimosa Pass. You will see Da Lat-style red-tile houses lined up close together; From above, they look like cute toy houses. Well, if you compare it with European roofs, it’s fine.


  • Mimosa Pass: From the center of Da Lat city you find the map to Khe Sanh street. From Khe Sanh you continue to go straight, through the Chinese pagoda, you will see a path leading to Mimosa pass.
  • In addition, to explore this pass, you can go by “phishing” from Saigon to Da Lat.
Go down Mimosa Pass to see Da Lat from above
Go down Mimosa Pass to see Da Lat from above

Checkin live virtual with Mai Anh Dao street

On the way down Mimosa Pass, you will encounter Mai Anh Dao – the spring flower of Da Lat. The time from the end of December to the end of January is when this flower blooms all over the streets of Da Lat (there are tens of thousands of cherry blossom trees here), especially this downhill road. Every year, many tourists, especially young people, come here to take pictures as a souvenir.

Checkin live virtual with Mai Anh Dao street
Checkin live virtual with Mai Anh Dao street

Boating on Tuyen Lam Lake

Traveling to Da Lat, you should try to experience the feeling of boating in Tuyen Lam Lake. The large Tuyen Lam lake area will make you want to go boating for a long time to enjoy the fresh air of clouds, sky and rivers. The most suitable time to row a boat and see the blue sky is early morning and noon, don’t go after 4 o’clock because the wind will be quite difficult to paddle.


  • Tuyen Lam Lake: Ward 4, City. Da Lat. Tuyen Lam Lake is about 6 km south of Da Lat city center.
  • When riding, you follow Highway 20 for about 4 km, go down to Prenn Pass, then turn right along Truc Lam Yen Tu street. Go straight for more than 1 km to Tuyen Lam Lake.
Boating on Tuyen Lam Lake
Boating on Tuyen Lam Lake

See red maple leaves

During the boating trip at Tuyen Lam Lake, you will have the opportunity to see the bright red or yellow maple leaves – a plant that can only be found in cold porcelain-like Europe. To see these maple leaves up close, park your boat at the riverbank to go into the forest. Of course, prepare a professional camera a bit to capture the best angle of the maple leaves because the tree is a bit tall. From the maple leaf forest, you can hire a motorboat service.

Reveal to you a wonderful virtual living place, check-in near Tuyen Lam Lake. That’s the Secret Garden. In this garden, you can find vast forests, simple wooden bridges, poetic Tuyen Lam Lake, blooming flowers… All together creating a magical scene like a watercolor painting. attractively dressed.

Reference information about Secret Garden: Near Tuyen Lam Lake and Sculpture Tunnel, Ward 4, City. Da Lat. Secert Garden is located at the end of the Sculpture Tunnel’s parking lot.

The red maple leaves in the middle of the green forest.
Secret Garden is the favorite photography studio of couples and groups of friends

Watching the sunset in Da Lat

That’s how romantic Da Lat is, so the sunset in Da Lat is so beautiful. It was a brilliant sunset with golden sunshine imprinted on Tuyen Lam Lake, a dazzling sunset on the side of Da Lat College, a gentle sunset with the ringing of church bells. Wherever it is, the sun setting behind the clouds has left many bewildered people in Da Lat.

Bright sunset at Dalat College
Watch the purple sunset at Xuan Huong Lake

Going to Dalat Night Market

The last experience that you definitely cannot miss in your journey to Dalat is walking to Am Phu market. Da Lat Night Market sells a lot of different items from sweaters and coats to shawls, not to mention the designs and prices are diverse, giving you a comfortable choice.

If you are hungry after shopping at the market, you do not need to worry at all because there are many busy shops around. The Underworld Market is famous for its super-cheap warm food, only about 50,000 VND / a lovely hat and warm snack shops in the cold Dalat weather such as grilled rice paper, corn and baked potatoes, skewers,…

Da Lat Night Market
Snacks at Da Lat night market are delicious and cheap

Da Lat can be likened to a gecko because of its “hard work to change”, you can never meet the same versions of this foggy city, on the contrary, each time you come, it is different. In order not to be “lost” when traveling to Dalat, you must definitely experience all these 15 interesting things when you come here! Wish you have great experiences when coming to dreamy Dalat.