New scene of buying and selling with finger signs at the “rich” market in Hanoi’s old quarter
duonghanhnguyen 30-08-2021, 15:41

A new popular communication style, using finger gestures to buy and sell food instead of words, was formed from the day Hang Be market (Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi) officially reopened.

In recent days, the Hang Be market has officially reopened, small traders are allowed to sell food and essential goods to people with vouchers to go to the market in the area. The road surface in the middle of the street has set up a barrier to separate the flow to ensure that the two directions are far away from each other, ensuring the distance between people going to the market.

A particularly noticeable feature is that there is no direct communication, but all through the transparent droplet shield. Hang Be Market has to temporarily close from August 18 to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic. During this time, 46 business households with more than 100 small businesses and waiters were tested for Covid-19 and vaccinated against Covid-19

After 10 days of suspension, the market returned to work on August 29. The market is still blocked for 3/4 direction, the only position to enter the market on Hang Be street is set up a checkpoint, with functional forces on duty continuously.

Temporarily, people in Hang Bac and Ly Thai To wards are given tickets to enter the market, in addition, people from other places cannot enter if they cannot present a voucher to go to the market.

At the checkpoint using an automatic body temperature meter, everyone entering the market must stop here to measure their temperature.

A common type of communication when going to Hang Be market is to use gestures instead of words. The transparent barrier is quite thick and covers the entire front of the stalls, making verbal communication between buyers and sellers difficult. 

Buyers will point through the barrier to choose items, raise their fingers to signal the quantity or weight of purchases, the seller will signal about the price…

Viewing goods through the shield is not “convenient” but ensures safety against epidemics.

Communicate through the diaphragm, then pick up and pay in the slot below.

The functional forces controlling Hang Be market also regularly disinfect their hands.

Many messages to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic and announce fines if people go to the market to violate regulations appear everywhere, reminding people of people’s awareness.

The entrance to the market in the direction from Cau Go Street was completely blocked.

People who do not have a voucher to go to the market can buy goods based on the phone number and information listed on 3 signs placed outside the market to order, then deliver and pay through the fence.

People also gradually adapt to the new way of buying and selling, and fully comply with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health to ensure effective epidemic prevention in crowded places.

Wearing a mask and limiting face-to-face communication is an important factor for both sellers and buyers at Hang Be market.

Noted at the market during the time of resumption is the absence, the awareness of disease prevention of people is quite good, besides there is also the closeness from the functional forces. Follow Dan trí