The specialty of 8 colors dried vermicelli in Cao Bang
thamnguyen99 28-08-2021, 11:08

8 colors dry vermicelli, each natural ingredient gives a different color of vermicelli, making visitors excited when they see it for the first time.

Cao Bang not only owns sightseeing places with beautiful scenery such as Ban Gioc waterfall, Tung mountain, Trung Khanh ripe rice season but also has many strange specialties such as the famous 8-color dried vermicelli in Hong Quang 2 hamlet, Hung commune. Dao, about 9 km from Cao Bang city.

Hong Quang 2 hamlet was merged from Hong Quang 5 and 6 hamlets in 2019, having a traditional profession of making dried vermicelli. The first impression for visitors to this place is that there are hundreds of colorful colorful dried noodles. “Hearing people say that the vermicelli village here makes famous dry vermicelli, it turns out that there are eight different colors, so unique,” said Ha Cuong, a guest in Cao Bang City who came to record a video on August 21, for know.

Ms. Hoang Thi Toan, the owner of Thuy Trang vermicelli establishment, said that her family has traditionally made dried vermicelli since 2009, mainly white vermicelli, then expanded production in 2014 and now has all eight colors. Dried vermicelli meets the increasingly diverse needs of customers.

The specialty of 8 colors dried vermicelli in Cao Bang
Ms. Toan’s 8-color dry vermicelli factory makes 7 quintals of vermicelli a day. Photo: Vu Khac Chung

According to Ms. Toan, each type of dry vermicelli is made from an ingredient with a specific color, for example, corn vermicelli is a raw material of yellow corn. There is also vermicelli made from red-brown rice, green moringa leaves, blue butterfly pea flowers, purple leaves, purple sweet potatoes, or gac fruit, or mixed vermicelli from the above colors.

In vermicelli, the worker boils the purple leaves, filters the water, then mixes it with soaked rice overnight, then grinds the rice into a powder, and mixes it with water to create color. With corn vermicelli, after drying, the corn is ground into small pieces and soaked overnight, then the corn is finely ground and then mixed with rice flour, put in a mixer, and mixed with water.

The next steps when processing dry vermicelli is the same, such as bringing the mixed rice flour mixture into the press, cutting the vermicelli bundles evenly from 70 to 80 cm, drying on the pole. The final stage is to incubate the noodles overnight to loosen the fibers and then dry them in the sun and wind for 3-5 days. However, when drying the vermicelli, it must be protected from the strong sun and wind, otherwise, the vermicelli will be brittle and easily crumbled when transported long distances.

8 colors dried vermicelli preparing to pack. Photo: Vu Khac Chung

Mr. Vu Khac Chung, who lives in Cao Bang, said he was very impressed when he first came to see and photograph how to make 8-color dry noodles. Each type of vermicelli has a completely natural color, ask the owner to know that the vermicelli does not use preservatives, the shelf life is 6 months from the date of manufacture, so customers can rest assured to use it.

Cao Bang dry vermicelli is made according to the traditional secret, so the noodles when boiled are soft like fresh vermicelli, do not break, eat without boredom, can be processed in many dishes such as with bone soup, fried vermicelli, snail vermicelli and the most delicious is Vermicelli mixed with onions, spring rolls, and vegetables.

In the process of boiling vermicelli, users pay attention to soak it with water for 10 minutes, then drop it in boiling water for about 5 minutes, then turn off the heat for the vermicelli to reach the desired softness, rinse with water and start processing dishes. favorite food.

The dry vermicelli-making establishments in Hong Quang 2 hamlet often have many delegations of tourists and photographers visit and take pictures, especially the stage of drying the noodles on an eye-catching pole creates many beautiful photo angles. Photo: Vu Khac Chung

Ms. Toan’s noodle establishment employs 6 workers for the production process of about 7 quintals of dry vermicelli/day. The price of dry vermicelli varies depending on the type, for example, white vermicelli is only 20,000 VND/kg and red-brown rice vermicelli has the highest price of 30,000 VND/kg.

Currently, Cao Bang’s 8-color dry vermicelli with unique flavor has created its own attraction, a rumor that resonates with customers in provinces and cities across the country. Follow vnexpress