15 best-grilled fish restaurants in Hanoi
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For a long time, Hanoi people are still famous for their traditional culinary culture. Among the hundreds and thousands of lists of dishes of that traditional culinary culture, it would be a mistake not to mention the rustic and luxurious dish that gourmets often come to, which is fish cake. 

Called fish cake, but this is fresh fish that has been filtered, cut into pieces, and marinated thoroughly, and then used with bamboo clips or a small grill. When eating, put the fat pan on the brazier in the middle of the table, put the grilled fish in the pan, and add the onions and dill. When the vegetables are cooked, pick the fish and vegetables into a bowl with vermicelli, herbs, a few roasted peanuts, broken rice paper, and then drizzle a little shrimp paste or pure fish sauce to use. Let’s join Vinlove to discover the best fish cakes in Hanoi that you should not miss right here.

Grilled fish LA VONG

If other Hang Streets in Hanoi used to be craft streets with many crafters, Grilled fish Street has only one family that made fish cakes that became famous.  Grilled fish La Vong is an authentic dish of the Doan family at 14 Hang Son, Hanoi, now Grilled fish Street, dating from 1871. After nearly 150 years, La Vong Grilled fish is still preserved. Traditional flavor and gradually become a special gift of Ke Cho land. In 1989, the State officially recognized the brand “Grilled fish La Vong” for the famous heirloom dish of the Doan family.

Grilled fish La Vong restaurant is mainly made from sardines and fish, so the meat is firm and chewy and does not fall apart when being rotated many times on the pan. Pieces of fish cut just right, when ripe, slightly curled. Crispy on the edge but soft in the middle, well seasoned and fragrant. The bowl of fish sauce is not salty but just eaten, not strong but still retains its characteristic smell. The sweet and fatty taste of La Vong grilled fish mixed with the aroma of vegetables and the salty taste of shrimp paste makes many people crave.

The restaurant on Grilled fish Street is relatively small, but it is an old establishment, while at Nguyen Truong To, it is cleaner and more spacious, suitable for large groups. Today,  Grilled fish La Vong has become the destination of tourists in their journey to discover Hanoi cuisine. Not only because of the special delicious taste, La Vong Grilled fish Hanoi also encapsulates the longing nostalgia for an ancient and dear Hanoi of many generations of Vietnamese people far from their homeland.

Where to eat La Vong fish cake delicious and right? The easiest way is to go to the very store that originated this dish. With 145 years of tradition since the first restaurant opened at 14 Grilled fish Street, Hanoi,  Grilled fish La Vong restaurant chain is proud to be one of the oldest restaurants in Vietnam and also a location. Cuisine not to be missed with 6 branches: 2 in Hanoi and 4 in Ho Chi Minh City.



  • 14 Grilled fish Street, Hanoi
  • 107 Nguyen Truong To, Hanoi

Price : 175,000 VND / serving

Opening hours : 9:00 – 23:00

Phone : 0938239875

Website: http://chacalavong.vn/

Facebook: https://bom.to/s890e

15 best-grilled fish restaurants in Hanoi
La Vong grilled fish restaurant number 14 still retains the old sign
La Vong grilled fish in Hanoi is one of the culinary quintessence of Hanoians


If you are a fan of fish cakes, it is impossible not to know about the famous Ha Thanh fish cake from near and far. Many people only come to Hanoi to have the opportunity to taste this famous traditional dish of Kinh Ky. Just coming to Ha Thanh Grilled fish restaurant, you can enjoy the dish many people want.

Ha Thanh fish cake is considered the main dish of the restaurant and it attracts a lot of diners. The reason is that the way of processing here has special features compared to other restaurants. The meat of the fish is filtered out, ground and fried, served with onions, herbs, dill… The greasy taste of fish oil combined with the taste of Loc makes the fish cake become wonderfully attractive. Not a single taste of the dish has been obtained. Customers can eat fish cakes with a plate of vermicelli or a plate of roasted peanuts, very bold with the taste of their homeland. In particular, the dipping sauce is an indispensable ingredient for this dish. All the diners who come to the restaurant must be admiring the taste of the dipping sauce at  Grilled fish Ha Thanh. Obviously it’s just fish sauce, lemon, chili, and spice, but why is it so delicious? Enjoying fish cakes on cold winter days is really great.

Not only that, but the restaurant also conquers diners with a rich menu with 11 different dishes made from fish such as: grilled lentils with salt and pepper, braised lentils with banana and beans, grilled lentils in batches, and lentils. Braised spicy bamboo shoots, fish porridge, special salmon intestines, fish spring rolls, Thai-style lentil salad, lentil soup, La Vong fish cake… will definitely make you unable to refuse.


Address : No. 20 Nguyen Van Huyen extension, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
 : 125,000 VND/person
Opening hours
 : 9:00 – 23:00

Phone : 02436262222

Email : chacahathanh.vn@gmail.com

Website: http://chacahathanh.vn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chacahathanh.vn/

The restaurant has 6 floors, each floor is wide and airy, the higher you go, the more beautiful the view becomes.
Ha Thanh Grilled fish restaurant is popular with diners because of the quality of the food and the style of service

Lang Lieu fried fish

Grilled fish Lang Lieu restaurant offers diners the full experience with the quintessence of traditional Hanoi cuisine. Through the famous delicious grilled fish in Kinh Ky land and many other traditional dishes, the chef of nearly 20 years of experience at Grilled fish Lang Lieu confidently affirms that the quality and taste of the dish will really satisfy the palate. taste of even the most demanding diners.

Grilled fish Lang is the most favorite dish of diners at Lang Lieu Restaurant. In order to have a delicious fish cake, ingredients & spices need to be elaborated from the preparation stage. After preliminary processing, Lang fish is seasoned with a batch of turmeric, shrimp paste, seasoning seeds, ground galangal juice, a little galangal residue. Keep in the refrigerator for 1 hour for the seasoning to really infuse into the meat and then be processed. Salmon here is carefully selected, ensuring freshness to not only create a branded fish cake, but also diversely into many other attractive and nutritious dishes such as lentil salad with chili, Salt-roasted lentils, fried spring rolls with ram rolls or salmon hotpot.

Each piece of fish cake is ripe, golden yellow, fragrant with dill is served with a little vermicelli, roasted peanuts, split onion… Of course, shrimp paste is indispensable to create a delicious, full-flavored dish for people to enjoy. awake. In addition, the restaurant menu with a wide variety of dishes from appetizers to main dishes and drinks, will be the ideal suggestions to “set up” a hearty table to entertain partners and relatives. , friend.

Located in the heart of the old town, Grilled fish Lang Lieu restaurant owns a prime location with a cozy space imbued with traditional Northern culture. Banyan trees, wells, communal yards… become inspirations and are brought into the restaurant space, bringing diners back to the ancient fairy atmosphere. The area of ​​​​the 2nd floor is a system of private rooms designed in a luxurious, classic style, very suitable for receiving guests, entertaining partners, customer parties.

It can be said that Grilled fish Lang Lieu brings neoclassical architecture to satisfy both those who love the oldness of Hanoi and those who are passionate about modernity. Enjoying the traditional fried fish dish, the quintessence of Hanoi cuisine in an ancient Northern atmosphere like at Grilled fish Lang Lieu, will definitely be a great experience for all diners.


Address: 57 Street Thanh, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Phone: 039 222 3357

List price: 129,000 VND/unit | Special price on Wednesday: 65,000 VND/ serving (50% OFF)

Website: https://chacalanglieu.com/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/cha.ca.lang.lieu

Lang Lieu fried fish
Lang Lieu fried fish


Located on a small street near Hanoi’s ancient citadel, Thang Long Grilled fish restaurant at 19, 21, 31 Duong Thanh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi is a red address sought by many gourmets. With the criterion of maintaining and developing traditional national cuisine, Thang Long Grilled fish restaurant has brought to Ha Thanh diners as well as diners everywhere delicious grilled fish dishes that surely anyone who has ever tasted will be satisfied. can not forget.

Thang Long Grilled fish Restaurant has 3 dishes made from fish: fish ball, fish stomach and fish head soup. The spring rolls here are made from halibut and sea bass, cut into square pieces. The chef still leaves the thick skin on the outside to make the fish chewier. When fried, it has a dark brown color, not white like fish, and it is soft and not dry. Guests use the dipping sauce is shrimp paste or fish sauce of the restaurant, or can make their own according to their own taste. The piece of cha is fried by the chef of Thang Long Grilled fish , when it reaches the table, it is already golden in color. Diners just need to stir to make it hot and when the dill and onion are cooked, they can enjoy. You can order fish stomachs to be served with. The shrimp paste here has a more refined taste than in La Vong, and the dipping sauce for those who can’t eat shrimp paste is also very good. Advantages of Thang Long fish cake is a spacious area due to 3 facilities near each other, fast service staff.


Address: No. 21 Duong Thanh, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
 : 125,000 VND/person
Opening hours:
 8:00 – 23:00

Phone: 0938239875

Cozy space for guests to enjoy traditional Ha Thanh cuisine
Each piece of fragrant goldfish contains inside the quintessential delicious taste typical of the whole Northern region

Grilled fish Anh Vu

Bearing the name of the folk treasure – Anh Vu fish – a precious fish that lives only at the confluence of the Bach Hac River, which was only used in rituals to worship the gods and the former kings, Grilled fish Anh Vu has brought to Ha Thanh diners in particular and food lovers, in general, a gentle and delicate culinary beauty with the famous traditional fish cake in Kinh Ky.

Mr. Ngo Xuan Thuc, owner of Anh Vu Grilled fish Restaurant said: Anh Vu fish at the restaurant is supplied directly from the source caught in the natural environment at the confluence of the Bach Hac River. Currently, although there have been successful places to breed and breed Anh Vu fish to supply the market, it cannot be compared with the characteristic flavor of this fish, especially in front of “gourmet” customers of the company. Hanoi.

The restaurant’s fish cake is made from Anh Vu fish, fresh, soft and sweetmeat, elaborately marinated with turmeric and own spices. The fish is well fried and then brought to serve customers. The piece of fish is quite large, lightly seasoned to eat with shrimp paste, it is both delicious and rich. The fish meat is soft, greasy, like melting in the mouth without losing the crispy, hot and spicy taste typical of fried dishes, subtly embracing the faint scent of dill, green onion, herbs .. .

Anh Vu Grilled fish restaurant is not too spacious but very neat and clean, the interior is simple but extremely cozy and polite. Guests coming here can be families gathered around a tray of smoky food, or brothers and friends who focus on eating and drinking, sipping delicious food and confiding together. Spacious parking space, enthusiastic and attentive staff, from valet to valet.


Address: No. 120 K1 Giang Vo, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
 130,000 VND/person
Opening hours
 : 9:00 – 21:30

Phone: 02437824099

Facebook: https://bom.to/PI4US

Address for family reunion
Fish fat is mixed with onions and fried herbs, wrapped in a light ivory-yellow layer, with a subtle flavor and aroma of fish.

LAO NGUYEN Grilled fish

Lao Ngu Grilled fish restaurant has a bit of a small space but is quite cozy. The feeling of sitting by a hot pan of food, picking up a bit of vermicelli, a piece of hot fish, a piece of fried herbs, adding a little fish sauce and bringing it to your mouth is interesting and wonderful.

Talking about fish cakes, the most standard is still salmon, but nowadays people often process fish cakes with catfish and fish fruits, perhaps partly because salmon is rare as well as more expensive. Fish cake in Lao Ngu is made with catfish, a type of fish with softer, fatty and richer meat than fish. Each piece of nursery goldfish is marinated and pre-prepared. When enjoying, the restaurant staff will turn on the stove for oil and pour the fish into the ready island, then add dill, scallions cut into long pieces.

When everything is cooked, you can just pick it up and eat, the fish is now burning with a very attractive aroma. To reduce boredom because you have to eat only one dish, you should order an extra plate of fried fish intestines. The fish heart here is basa fish, which is also pre-prepared, just pour it into the frying pan with the fish. The heart of the fish has a crispy taste, when eaten with shrimp sauce, it is quite interesting.


Address: No. 171 Thai Ha, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
 120,000 VND/person
Opening hours:
 9:00 – 22:00

Phone: 0935146768 & 0935140769

Website: http://www.laonguquan.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/laonguchaca.171/

No. 171 Thai Ha, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Famous specialties of Ha Thanh land


Kinh Ky fish cake has long become a familiar name for Hanoi food connoisseurs. True to its name, the restaurant serves fish cakes with a characteristic flavor of the ancient period. The ingredients to make this attractive dish are salmon. This is a fish with few bones, sweet and fragrant. It is also possible to make this dish with fish Anh Vu caught at the confluence of Bach Hac – Phu Tho rivers.

The pieces of fish meat are filtered and then marinated thoroughly for a few hours before being grilled on a burning charcoal stove. When diners call, the restaurant brings out a small stove, puts a small pan on the stove, adds fat and waits until it is hot, then fry the grilled fish. Pieces of golden spring rolls next to green spices such as dill, herbs, sliced ​​onions, white onion heads soaked in vinegar, a small bowl of golden roasted peanuts, a plate of pure white vermicelli and noodles. The most important thing is a bowl of frothy shrimp paste with a few drops of aromatic Ca cuong essential oil, just eating without vermicelli is enough to feel delicious.

Coming to Kinh Ky Grilled fish, in addition to Grilled fish, diners can also enjoy a very attractive fish heart, fish hot pot and other dishes. With a team of dedicated and attentive service staff, beautiful space, spacious parking space and excellent quality dishes, Kinh Ky Grilled fish has become a familiar culinary address for many Hanoi diners. city ​​in particular and diners at home and abroad in general.



  • 43 East Gate, Hanoi – 097936996
  • 41 Huynh Thuc Khang, Hanoi – 0939454656

Price : 150,000 VND/person
Opening hours
 : 10:00 – 22:00

Email: chacakhiky@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kinhky.quan/

Pieces of golden spring rolls next to spices
Kinh Ky fish cake is extremely popular with foreign customers

Grilled fish Ngon

If you think that in Hanoi, you can only find delicious restaurants in the Old Quarter, especially with dishes that are considered culinary quintessence such as Grilled fish La Vong, delicious only when eaten at the right restaurant, at the right restaurant. Traditionally, you will have to think again when coming to Grilled fish Ngon.

Located in My Dinh urban area, quite far from the center, when coming to Grilled fish Ngon, you are really overwhelmed because of the large and beautiful space that is as luxurious as the restaurant on the street. The famous salmon dish here is very full with herbs, coriander, basil, chopped scallions – the traditional spices of the fish ball dish to stir-fry are fragrant. The meat is sweet and fleshy, bold but not greasy, the meat is firm and fragrant, with little bone, marinated with galangal, turmeric, bold flavor and then grilled golden on both sides. All the above stages are completely served by dedicated staff, so all you need to do is wait for it to be cooked and then eat. When eating fish cakes with vermicelli, remember to mix a little shrimp paste and peanuts, it will be excellent because shrimp paste is also very well mixed.

In addition to the traditional grilled lentils, grilled salmon with salt and pepper, soft and tender fish meat, seasoned with rich spices, grilled just right, nowhere near too close. In particular, this dish is delicious, it must be mentioned its accompanying fish sauce, skillfully mixed with sweet and salty. Finally, order the spring rolls, which are both delicious and cheap, with a crispy crust, and a full filling inside.

Address: 1st Floor, A2 Building, Nguyen Co Thach, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi.
 150,000 VND/person
Opening hours:
 10:00 – 22:00

Phone: 02432593761

Email: info@xanhcity.com.vn

Website : chacangonhn.vn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chaca.ngon1

Not too fussy, not too extravagant, the restaurant space is designed in a simple but impressive way
Delicious dishes for diners

King Grilled fish

Prominently located in the central streets of Hanoi, King Grilled fish attracts passersby because of its modern, high-class and luxurious exterior space. Few people would have thought that inside this place, a part of Ha Thanh’s past is kept so warm. The luxurious, spacious, sophisticated, modern and traditional space of King Grilled fish is the ideal place if you intend to gather friends and family.

A difference in King Grilled fish compared to other traditional stores is the application of modern technology along with a standard Korean hood system to help diners enjoy a fuller delicious meal without fear. smell of grease.

The name King Grilled fish has partly said the main dish of the restaurant. To get a delicious piece of fish cake, the chef chooses fresh, boneless, delicious, sweet fish marinated with spices in an esoteric style. Fried fish is pan-fried until golden, served with vermicelli, a little peanut, shrimp paste and raw vegetables. A full piece of Ha Thanh flavor will leave customers with an unforgettable impression.

When you come to King Grilled fish, don’t forget to enjoy the fish heart, or the hotpot of the salmon and the hot pot of the fish head along the mosquito net. The heart of the fish is cleaned, removed all the fishy smell, then fried on a hot pan, enjoyed with tangy vermicelli, roasted peanuts and raw vegetables. Coming to King Grilled fish, diners will be served enthusiastically, professionally and thoughtfully, not inferior to international 5-star restaurants.



  • Facility 1: 48 Nguyen Thi Dinh, Hoang Ngan Crossroads, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi – 0979775566 & 02432216599
  • Facility 2: 26C Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi – 0961757522 & 02433925999
  • Facility 3: 76a Mai Hac De (To Hien Thanh Crossroads), HBT, Hanoi – 0961959518 & 02438263399
  • Facility 4: 269 Giang Vo, Dong Da, Hanoi (Opposite Giang Vo exhibition) – 0969592338 & 02438360999
  • Facility 5: 12A1 Le Duc Tho, My Dinh, Hanoi (Next to alley 35 Le Duc Tho, near Ham Nghi intersection) – 0969592338 & 02438360999
  • Facility 6: No. 9 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi – 024390666969 & 0968196625

Price: 129,000 VND/serving

Opening hours: 10:30 – 22:30

Email: kingchaca@gmail.com

Website: http://vuachaca.vn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vuachaca/

Impressive with extremely modern space
Portrait of a “great party” of authentic Ha Thanh fish cakes at King Grilled fish Nguyen Thi Dinh

Grilled fish Ngu Long

Located on the busy Huynh Thuc Khang street, Grilled fish Ngu Long is like a peaceful space amidst the powerful currents of modern times, every noon and every evening, Grilled fish Ngu Long’s cozy space makes diners flutter. Entering the restaurant, you are immediately warmed by the aroma of food, the sparkling fire from the small kitchen, the light of the pleasant clicks, and the smell of fried fish and onions will immediately captivate.

Fish cake Ngu Long is attractive because of its chewy fish meat, sure, if it is to make fish cake, it is not inferior to Anh Vu’s fish cake. The restaurant’s fish cake has a characteristic yellow color, fragrant with the scent of galangal, batch … eating will feel sweet and fleshy. Served with grilled fish, few people forget the fish heart and the salmon hotpot is a great choice for cold days. The hot pot boiling hot with a plate of fresh fish, after being put in the hot pot, combined with healthy spices will create a perfect dish, satisfying all diners no matter how fastidious they are. Either way, you have to nod your head in praise.


Address: No. 43 Huynh Thuc Khang, Lang Ha Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi
 150,000 VND/person
Opening hours:
 10:00 – 22:00

Phone: 02436876595

Diners want to choose for themselves a chair or a seat, sitting in a room or a place where they can zoom their eyes outside, Grilled fish Ngu Long is also sufficient.
The perfect blend of ingredients and unique spices, delicious fish cake with its own unique flavor at Grilled fish Ngu Long

Grilled fish Tien Vua

As one of the delicious restaurants in Hanoi, Grilled fish Tien Vua has become a “pocket” address that is loved and chosen by many diners. The space of Grilled fish Tien Vua is a blend of tradition and modernity with warm brown colors and wooden materials as the main theme. The special thing that creates the attraction in the design is the large wood-paneled walls in harmony with the wood material of the dining table, bringing a rustic, simple but close feeling.

Cha Ca Tien Vuaboth beautiful and delicious. The color of the bowl of fish cakes is full of the yellow of the fish balls and the peanuts are the color of the needles, the green of herbs and dill represent the wood, the white of the vermicelli represents the water, the red of the chili is the color. of fire, the black and gray color of shrimp paste represents earth – it is the five elements. All are prepared by the hands of talented and experienced chefs, sure to satisfy the taste buds and satisfy even the most fastidious diners: the salt-roasted lentils cooked according to the taste. traditional recipe, roasted with fine grain salt plus special spices, creating an attractive dish at first sight; This is a strange and familiar fried fish heart dish, the first time eating it seems a bit hesitant, but once you’ve tried it, just keep picking it up, taste a little to see that the fried fish intestine is different from the dishes that have been eaten for a long time.

The chef has a dipping sauce recipe that makes all the flavors in the dish, when mixed with it, will awaken all the senses of the diners, making the dish seem to have more soul in it.


Address: No. 30 Hoang Cau, O Cho Dua Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi
 130,000 VND/person
Opening hours:
 10:00 – 22:00

Phone: 0963976086

Website: chacatienvua.com

Facebook: https://bom.to/JuH9S

Located at 30 Hoang Cau Moi
This dish is eaten when it is hot, while eating and humming to see all the sweetness of fish meat, enjoy the sweet aroma of fish cakes and spices.

Grilled fish Ngu Ong 

Bringing the unique flavor of Grilled fish and attractive dishes made from delicious and nutritious fish, Grilled fish Ngu Ong restaurant – No. 6 Pham Van Dong, Mai Dich Ward, Cau Giay District is one of Food addresses for those who love the taste of this fish, or simply to change a little taste after meals have become familiar everyday. Enjoy many creative variations of salmon such as: fish cakes, fish spring rolls, heart, hot pot, fish porridge, … in a modern space, with a view overlooking the busy Pham Van Dong street. give you a pleasant experience.

Located near the intersection of Xuan Thuy and Ho Tung Mau, diners can easily recognize the presence of Grilled fish Ngu Ong restaurant with a 5-storey space, and all floors are designed with large glass frames. and transparent. The restaurant has a capacity of 160 guests and a point to note is that the first floor space only includes the reception and waiting tables, the restaurant serves diners starting from the 2nd floor and above. With a price of 150,000 to 200,000 VND/person, the restaurant is suitable for many dining purposes of diners from eating with family and friends to parties, parties, group meetings,…


Address: No. 6 Pham Van Dong (near the gate of Foreign Language University), Cau Giay, Hanoi

Open: 10:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 22:00Hotline to book a table : 0868 668 789

Fish and Fish Cakes
Fish and Fish Cakes

Chaka Restaurant

On these cool rainy days in Hanoi, there is nothing more wonderful than enjoying Grilled fish Xeo on a fragrant copper pan. Pick up a small chopsticks of vermicelli in a bowl, add some roasted peanuts, herbs, salted purple onions, some onions sauteed in a steaming hot pan, and of course a piece of fried fish, fragrant and golden, and sprinkled on a small spoon. shrimp paste or sweet and sour fish sauce and start enjoying. Each of these things mixed together creates the famous delicious taste of famous Hanoi dishes. Entering the restaurant, diners are immediately warmed by the aroma of the food, the sparkling firelight emanating from the small kitchen, the joyful clicking sounds, then the smell of fried fish and onions will immediately captivate. . The fish meat is tough, sure, if it is to make fish cakes, it is not inferior to Anh Vu’s fish cakes. Chaka Restaurant ‘s fish cakes has a characteristic yellow color, fragrant with the scent of galangal, batch … you will see how sweet it is when you eat it, why it’s so bubbly!

The allure from the alluring green color of dill, the characteristic flavor of fresh fish, fresh basil, coriander, spring onion, roasted peanuts, etc., dipped with shrimp paste mixed at a rate of 1 billion VND. The perfect ratio creates a delicious dish, making old, young, big and small everyone love it, once you eat it, you will remember it forever. Grilled fish here is a dish with an arrangement of all levels of the five elements: green – rustic of vegetables, red – fire of chili, yellow fish cake – of earth, white – needle of vermicelli and rice noodles. black brown – aqua of shrimp paste. To eat this fish cake, which includes all five elements, the eater also uses the five senses to enjoy with the eyes to see, the nose to smell, the hand to pick up, the tongue to taste and the ear to hear. It all comes together to create a wordless symphony!

Unlike other restaurants, Cha Ka Ngo Thi Nham restaurant also has variations from salmon that you can’t find anywhere, names that you may be familiar with but the taste is not. where: it’s Thai-style lentil salad, Chaka salad, Tomyum fish soup, Chaka spring rolls, … and many other dishes that are waiting for you to discover.

Salmon at Chaka Restaurant is purchased in Hoa Binh. After filtering and cutting into pieces, it is meticulously marinated with galangal, fresh turmeric, … absolutely no colorants or chemicals are used. From the way they are processed and presented, even the bowls and chopsticks are properly sterilized before being presented to the dining table. Saying no to dirty food, saying no to chemicals are the two things that the restaurant always commits to diners. Come to CHAKA and experience it!

Address: 13-15 Ngo Thi Nham, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.
Book a table at
 : 0243 9981 666 / 0248 5821 666

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/chaka.restaurant/

Chaka Restaurant
Chaka Restaurant

Old Man Grilled fish

Hanoi people are very gourmet and sophisticated in processing, so the picture of Ha Thanh cuisine always makes diners from all over the world admire and admire its richness and nuances. In order to preserve and transmit an interesting culinary beauty, Old Man Grilled fish was born, bringing the most delicious and standard flavors of Grilled fish. The type of fish used to make this dish is the type of trout that lives in the fast-flowing river, so the fish meat is sweet and very chewy, not fishy or friable.

The sophistication of this dish is not in the type of fish but also in the accompanying spices. Each piece of lean fish is filtered out and then marinated with galangal, turmeric, batch, pepper, fat, fish sauce in a certain ratio, becoming the secret of Old Man Grilled fish creating a very different flavor. After being grilled with bamboo sticks on charcoal, Grilled fish is fried in a hot fat pan with dill, green onions, releasing a seductive aroma that makes it hard to resist.

Pick up a piece of Grilled fish which is still hot and smelly, add a little dill to the bowl of shrimp paste to bring up the purple smell, drop a few roasted peanuts in a bowl of white puppet vermicelli to make the perfect dish. And the way to prepare shrimp paste here is also an art. The shrimp paste at Ly Thuong Kiet’s Old Man Grilled fish is mixed with sugar and fresh lemon juice with a little bit of Ca cuong essential oil, whisked until frothy. The best thing is to add a little boiling fat on top of the oil to enhance the flavor of the dish. Slowly enjoying the attractive dish, listening in your mouth each aftertaste blends together to spread and push, you will deeply feel the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine in general and the sophistication. of Hanoi cuisine in particular.

Besides, Old Man Grilled fish also has many delicious dishes, do not miss. It is a spicy fish hot pot with satay flavor with sweet white fish; is the hot lentil porridge with each white seed, fragrant, greasy; It is a strange braised shrimp with vermicelli that is very tasty,… All the dishes here are meticulously and sophisticatedly prepared from the selection of ingredients to processing with the talent of the chef for more than 20 years. experience. The traditional flavor is fully retained, which will make even the most demanding diners fall in love.

Located on the 9th floor of an office complex, Old Man Grilled fish is a familiar dining destination for office workers. With a large floor area and smart layout, the restaurant has a fairly large and airy space, not at all secretive or stuffy. Completely separated from the city’s smog, the restaurant is like a quiet corner in the air, a place to warm up the old Hanoi flavors that make many people restless and sobbing. And this is also the special thing of Old Man Grilled fish that no other restaurant has.

Not only loved by delicious food, beautiful space, Old Man Grilled fish Ly Thuong Kiet also reminds diners by the enthusiasm and cheerfulness of the professional staff. Whether you are coming here for the first time or are a regular customer, you will always receive timely support to ensure complete satisfaction.

 9th Floor – 18 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi
 10:30am – 10pm

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/onggiachaca/

Website : http://www.onggiachaca.com/

Old Man Grilled fish
Old Man Grilled fish

An Ngu Grilled fish – 20 Duong Thanh

Coming to An Ngu Grilled fish – New location 20 Duong Thanh, you will enjoy a long-standing traditional dish of Hanoi in a large and airy new space, old but still modern. Pulling the door to Grilled fish An Ngu , a classical space opens, filled with melodious music will make you feel warm and strangely familiar. Along with that, the seductive aroma of the dishes here beckons you as if beckoning diners to quickly enjoy.

An Ngu fish cake is special in that, each piece of sweet and fragrant fish mixed with accompanying foods creates a flavor that is hard to forget. Delicious fresh lentils marinated to fit and then grilled with charcoal first. After that, the charcoal grilled fish pieces are sauteed in cooking oil with a little scallions to make the fish’s aroma more attractive. An Ngu fish cakeThe fish cake is cooked directly at the table, so the fish cake is always eaten hot and has a delicious taste. Fried fish with scallions and dill on the pan makes an attractive scent little by little attracting the attention of diners. Pick up a chopstick of vermicelli and put it in a bowl, add a few roasted peanuts, a few stalks of herbs, pick up a piece of hot fish cake with some fried onions on a smoky pan, add a few chopped onions and sprinkle some shrimp paste on it. and enjoy. The sweet aroma of fish cakes blended with green onions, dill and accompanying vegetables gives the feeling that this is the only delicious dish in the world. The rich, fatty, aromatic and sweet flavor at An Ngu fish cake will definitely make you remember more clearly about a Hanoi with a long tradition of warm food..

The staff is enthusiastic and quick. Location Central restaurant but the street is not too crowded and noisy, parking is always convenient. A restaurant with quality traditional dishes is always a suitable place to organize parties, family and office gatherings.


Address: 20 Thanh Street, HanoiHotline: 0902933716

An Ngu fish cake – 20 Duong Thanh
An Ngu fish cake – 20 Duong Thanh

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