11 widest coffee shops in Hanoi that you should not miss
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If you want to meet up with friends, the cafe will be the ideal space for you to chat, celebrate birthdays, events and at times like these, large cafes will be a perfect choice. So if you choose a coffee shop in Hanoi, have you chosen a place yet? Understanding that need below Vinlove will help you find the widest and most beautiful coffee shops in Hanoi, if you don’t come once you will feel extremely regretful.

The Coffee House

The Coffee House has a good location, beautiful scenery, and cool air. The shop has large glass windows to receive light, so it looks very bright and spacious. The shop is decorated very simply with the yellow tones of the brick walls, the green of the bonsai creating a feeling of closeness to nature, although simple but still equally beautiful.

You can choose to sit outside on the cool balcony and watch, in addition, the shop also has many air conditioners to serve you on hot days. Peach tea is the most famous drink here, which is a blend of peaches, oranges, and lemongrass, creating an attractive mouth-watering flavor that is not too sweet, with the whole piece of peach and orange left intact. The second drink is Apple Pie Ice Blended with greasy cream, coffee, and fresh milk, apple pie attracts people. Drinking tea or coffee is indispensable for cakes to round out the taste, The Coffee House is famous for its delicious lemon cake, sweet but not boring, soft cake, in the cream layer has a slightly bitter lemon peel, mixed with the taste. The fat of the ice cream is perfect.

The shop is loved not only because of the delicious drinks and cakes but also because of the enthusiastic and cute service staff. The shop is always creative, producing special drinks and foods, every time you come to The Coffee House you will receive a pleasant surprise.


  • Address: https://www.thecoffeehouse.com/pages/our-stores
  • Phone number: 1800 6936
  • Opening hours: 07:30 – 22:30
  • Reference price: 30,000 VND – 60,000 VND
  • Website: https://www.thecoffeehouse.com/
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/The.Coffee.House.2014/
11 widest coffee shops in Hanoi that you should not miss
The Coffee House
The Coffee House – Hai Ba Trung

The Bingo Coffee

The Bingo Coffee located on the central street of Ha Dong district was born from the sudden inspirations of coffee cups created not simply by experiences.

If you are in need of a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day, in a quiet space amidst the humid weather of Hanoi. Or do you simply like fresh, bold coffee beans with distinct colors. Or simply want to find a place to stop, make a cup of coffee to make this lifeless rushed. Then The Bingo Coffee is the ideal destination for you with:

  • A little quiet, gentle close to nature with outdoor garden design
  • A working corner for young people to change the working atmosphere at the office.
  • A playground for children, a small reading corner is enough for children to comfortably play without parents having to worry.

The airy and quiet space of The Bingo Coffee is very suitable for young people who want to change the working atmosphere at the office, moreover,

the decoration is very close to nature, so sitting here feels quite comfortable. .

With that ideal space, The Bingo Coffee is also a suitable place to organize all kinds of parties such as conferences, seminars, press conferences, birthday parties, gratitude parties, partner receptions with a capacity of over 300 guest. Along with an extremely diverse menu including many types of food and drinks are served according to Set menu – Set by tray – Buffet.

Diners coming here not only experience a special drink list with many options, but The Bingo Coffee also serves breakfast, office lunch, and evening snacks with the hottest teen dishes. And each type of food and drink at Bingo’s house is carefully selected for each imported material and preserved according to the quality process so that the finished product to serve customers is the best drinks, the best quality food. .

Please visit The Bingo Coffee to enjoy the luxurious space, relax next to the green trees with the attentive, enthusiastic and professional service staff!


  • Address: 88 Ngo Thi Nham, Quang Trung Ward, Ha Dong, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 0862 121 217
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/TheBingoCoffee/
The Bingo Coffee
The Bingo Coffee

The YLang – Gardenista Coffee

Referring to the top space coffee shops in Hanoi, we cannot help but mention The YLang – Gardenista Coffee , one of the most beautiful and spacious coffee shops in the capital.

Quan The Ylang – Gardenista Coffee is located right near the walking streets of Hanoi. The shop is designed according to the green coffee model, with a new and interesting space, attracting a lot of visitors to come here. With a dreamy and airy space, The YLang – Gardenista Coffee is suitable for you to come whether it is on a sunny or rainy day. Especially on hot and humid days in Hanoi, the green space with all kinds of plants and fresh fruit drinks will take you away from the harsh heat of summer.

Quan The Ylang – Gardenista Coffee with a very wide area, including 2 levels: Level 1 is about showcasing wide houseplants pretty small, assorted stones and a lotus super beautiful Koi aquarium. The shop is decorated in a rustic style, mainly with lovely wooden tables in harmony with the white color of the cement wall, which looks very eye-catching and attractive.

The YLang will bring you a quiet, gentle space like bringing you into a peaceful world amidst the noisy city life. If you are stressed and need a quiet space, you should come to The YLang – Gardenista Coffee to sip a cup of coffee, chill music with a poetic space that will surely make you forget the way home.


  • Address: No. 2 Le Thach, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 084 677 8806
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Gardenista-334633907032825/
  • Reference price: 30,000 VND – 200,000 VND
  • Opening time: 8:00 – 23:00
The Ylang – Gardenista Coffee
A place to attract young people in Ha Thanh

6 Degrees Cafe – Rooftop

6 Degrees Cafe – Rooftop owns a cozy and romantic space with a panoramic view of West Lake, Truc Bach Lake, and sparkling Thanh Nien Street. A diverse menu of Asian – European dishes, rich menu with a variety of prices. Talking about the quality of Italian dishes and drinks, it can be said that 6 Degrees will knock you down from the first date by the skilled hands of the chefs.

6 Degrees caters to family parties, couple dates, and even partner meetings. Here you can sit in the room or out on the balcony. In the middle of the room, there is a wooden fake tree with very beautiful and luxurious lights. The balcony at 6 Degrees Cafe is also quite open, you can eat while watching West Lake and the street from above.

6 Degrees Cafe is also very careful to make the glasses quite high, so if your family has young children, you can rest assured that your baby will run and jump without having to worry. In particular, a part of afternoon tea with cakes is beautifully arranged, the fragrant teapot is hard to resist. Enthusiastic service, attentive to guests, food brought up very quickly, will definitely make you satisfied.


  • Address: 189 Nghi Tam, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
  • Phone number: 098 524 91 89
  • Email: sixdegrees.hanoi@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/6DegreesHanoi
  • Reference price: 100,000 VND – 350,000 VND
6 Degrees Cafe – Rooftop
6 Degrees caters to family parties, couple dates, and even partner meetings.

An`s Garden Coffee

In Hanoi, it’s easy to find a coffee shop on the street, but a favorite, familiar and comfortable place to sit and chill all day, to enjoy the sweet menu like from the kitchen of the house, to Dating and organizing sparkling parties is also difficult.

In 2017, at a corner of the garden filled with green trees, AN’ Garden was born with the dream of becoming such an ideal familiar place, where you can visit at any time. 3 spacious floors filled with green trees and sunny and windy: from the corner of the garden whispering bamboo bushes to the canaries hanging from the ceiling – you will be wrapped in a peaceful green space, separate from the dust of the road. and loud car horns. Amidst the peaceful atmosphere, the sweetest flavors are always ready to serve:

  • Fresh and genuine is a drink menu rich in vitamins, carefully preserving your shape: unique juices Detox, Bright Eyes, Eo Thon, Beautiful Skin smoothies to please the most picky guests .
  • Heartwarming and caring is the food menu of AN’ kitchen with breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch to afternoon cakes. Do you crave the simple “good rice, sweet soup”? Or does your baby just love hot pizza? You can visit AN’ Garden at any time so that we can prepare diverse and delicious menus for the whole family.

Not only a coffee shop, a garden, a snack bar that you should try once to check-in, we hope to become a familiar and safe place every time you hesitate to find a rendezvous in the city. , you can smile and ask: “How about going to AN’ Garden ?”


  • Address: 56 BT8 Ho Van Quan, Ha Dong, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 0909 38 5656 & 024 38338822
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/angardencafe/
  • Opening hours: 6:30 – 23:00
An`s Garden Coffee
An`s Garden Coffee

Bluebirds’ Nest – Bluebirds’ Nest

Nestled in the alley leading to a quiet old dormitory in the middle of Dang Dung street, Bluebird’s Nest Book Cafe – Blue Bird’s Nest will surprise you with bookshelves filled with all kinds of books, along with a peaceful space. in melodious music. Bluebird’s Nest Book Cafe is the ideal place for those who love books and want to find themselves a quiet space. The space of the restaurant has 2 floors and is located in a small alley on Dang Dung street.

1st floor with 2 bookshelves, 1 sitting corner and 1 sitting corner. The second floor is a courtyard with small green pots. In addition to coffee and books, the shop also has small events such as knitting lessons, painting, themed movie screenings… On the second floor of the shop is an open space with an outdoor terrace. Just the gentle accents of greenery and flowers are enough to create an airy and pleasant atmosphere here. The space on the 2nd floor is garden style, very open and bright. Although the view only sees a few houses around, the old dormitory houses, but the feeling is quite interesting. The decoration of the restaurant is simple, there are few trees but it feels very harmonious and peaceful.

The space is beautiful, although a bit messy. This area has bookshelves, the other area sells things, then a small stage for guitars, amplifiers, and even handmade items. But overall, the colors are harmonious, not too neat, but still pleasing to the eye. Maybe that’s why the restaurant feels very comfortable and warm.

Info reference:

  • Address: No. 13 Lane 19 Dang Dung, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 034 956 5226
  • Email: tochimxanh2015@gmail.com
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/tochimxanh.bluebirdsnest/
  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00
  • Reference price: 25,000 – 50,000 VND
Bluebirds’ Nest – Bluebirds’ Nest
Bluebirds’ Nest – Bluebirds’ Nest

Tet Decor House

Referring to the Dang Van Ngu neighborhood, Ha Thanh young people will surely remember the day they came to a familiar place with many beautiful fashion shops and cafes, in which it is impossible not to mention Maison de Tet . Maison de Tet is located at Block D6, lane 4B Dang Van Ngu. If you are a customer coming to Maison de Tet for the first time, remember to take note of the way because you can get lost!

Different from the current coffee shops in Ha Thanh, which all change to Western-style design, Maison de Tet Decor is probably the only coffee shop that still retains the characteristics of Vietnamese breath. expressed through wooden tables and chairs, tiled floors, each cup or decorative ceramics… all of which are pure Vietnamese.

Maison de Tet Decor is the intersection of 2 Eastern and Western cultures. The exterior has the charming beauty of French villas, the interior decoration is pure Vietnamese. And the food and drink are modern, European. Coming here, you can not only enjoy delicious cups of coffee, but also admire the cultural interference in the decoration of the shop. Sitting on the 2nd floor of the shop, zooming in a bit far is your friend. You can enjoy a panoramic view of West Lake. What are you waiting for, don’t hurry to Maison de Tet to enjoy a relaxing weekend.


  • Address: 26 Quang Ba Street, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 024 3823 9722
  • Website: https://maisondetetdecor.com/
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/MaisondeTetdecor/
  • Reference price: 100,000 – 500,000 VND
  • Opening hours: 7:00 – 22:00
Tet Decor Coffee House
Tet Decor Coffee House

Xofa cafe

Xofa Cafe is a place for you to feel relieved and comfortable as if you were in your own house. With the advantage of location, located in Tong Duy Tan food street and classic European romantic style, the shop has attracted many young people. Spacious Xofa, consisting of two two-story buildings, in the middle is a corner of the courtyard for those who like to drink coffee in the atmosphere of Hanoi.

Every floor has sofas and pillows, so you can relax. The first floor is usually quite crowded and bustling, so for those of you who like to read and study, go to the second floor. Impressed by the special decoration, simply the stairs paved with flowers like at home, the aprons , the cup liner are shaped very nicely, all creating their own distinctive colors.

A cold night with a place to stop, drink a warm cup of coffee, eat a cake, listen to soft music is nothing better. Xofa Cafe is a place where you can rest, and also a place where you can curl up and hug your pillow on the sofa to feel the air when Hanoi turns windy. Moreover, there is a wedding photography rental service here, you can create unique photos for life.


  • Address : 14 Tong Duy Tan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.
  • Phone number: 024 3717 1555
  • Email : xofacafe@gmail.com
  • Website: https://xofacafe.tumblr.com/
  • Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/xofacaferecruitment
  • Reference price: 40,000 VND – 75,000 VND
Xofa cafe
Xofa cafe

Le Festin Coffee & Fastfood

Do you know why Le Festin Coffee is so hot? Because the restaurant has a cool and extremely beautiful space, it is very suitable for romantic dates or gatherings of friends. There is also a very nice swimming pool.

For those of you who both love to drink coffee and like music, Le Festin Coffee is the place for you! On every Saturday night, the shop will organize extremely fun and attractive acoustic music concerts. If you are looking for a cafe with a beautiful space and a variety of drinks with delicious food, you cannot ignore Le Festin Coffee & Fastfood !

The menu of the shop is very diverse from coffee, tea, fruit juice, smoothie, .. to very hot drinks such as: tropical fruit tea, peach-orange lemongrass tea, coffee, ice cream and even cakes, snacks. such as cookies, sunflowers, raisins, cashews, etc.


  • Address: No. 20 lane 165 Cau Giay, Quan Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 098 832 50 10
  • Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/hoadaiquan165/
  • Average price: 90,000 VND/2 people
Le Festin Coffee & Fastfood
Le Festin Coffee & Fastfood

Hexa Club

Coming to Hexa Club, you will be able to see the city with bright red roofs appearing like the colors of the national flag, watching the shimmering and fanciful city.

Hexa Club is designed in a modern, novel and romantic style in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Here you are free to choose the style of enjoyment, from the outdoor area arranged with elegant rattan tables and chairs, high chairs to admire the view, luxurious interior space with elegant sofa tables and chairs, sitting area. The bed is decorated in a gentle, romantic Japanese style.

Various drinks such as coffee, smoothies, juices, cocktails, mocktails prepared by professional bartenders will surely bring you an unforgettable taste. The dishes are all made from the skillful hands of chefs who have a deep understanding of Vietnamese cuisine. Raw materials for processing dishes are food that is safe, hygienic and healthy for people to enjoy. Therefore, you can rest assured when enjoying the food here.

Especially, Hexa Club is also an ideal place for you to organize birthday parties, parties, meetings and moreover, it is also a place for your love by romantic space. Hexa Club will bring you unforgettable moments with family and friends.


  • Address: 20th Floor, C’Land Building, 156 Xa Dan II, Dong Da District, Hanoi
  • Hotline: 0986 288 368
  • Email : nguyenthoaihexa@gmail.com
  • Website: http://hexa.vn/
  • Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/hexaclub
  • Reference price: 50,000 VND – 330,000 VND
Hexa Club
Hexa Club is designed in a modern, novel and romantic style in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

House 9NKC Fusion Restaurant & Cafeteria

House 9NKC Fusion Restaurant & Cafeteria is a combination of restaurant model with cafeteria located on busy Nguyen Khac Can street. With a prime location in the heart of Hanoi, House 9NKC impresses you with its elegant, quiet space and fresh Tropical Botanical design.

The shop is beautifully decorated, combining trees, light, and the decoration here is also in the Western style, which looks very nice. Fusion cuisine is a combination of many cultures, Fusion does not belong to any culinary art line, but it stands in an important position since its appearance.

The food is delicious , the decor is very beautiful, from the space to the food, there is a sofa so you can sit very comfortably, comfortably live virtual, watch the beautiful old town, enjoy the space with drinks, good music, nothing. like it more. House 9NKC Fusion Restaurant & Cafeteria will bring you a great experience as well as the most comfortable time.


  • Address: 9 Nguyen Khac Can, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Phone number : 090 494 34 32
  • Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00
  • Gmail : info@nha.coffee
  • Website : nha.coffee
  • Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/nha.9nkc
  • Reference price: 50,000 VND – 200,000 VND
House 9NKC Fusion Restaurant & Cafeteria
The shop is beautifully decorated, combining trees, light, and the decoration here is also in a Western-style that looks very nice.

Vinlove hopes that through this article you will find a suitable cafe, wish you have moments of relaxation and fun. If you find the information useful, do not forget to share the article to spread the interesting sharing to everyone!