9 restaurants with the most beautiful outdoor space in the Ho Chi Minh city
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Enjoying delicious food and drinks while being immersed in the green space of restaurants with beautiful outdoor spaces is what anyone wants. Today, Vinlove will introduce to you “a bunch” of restaurants with a space surrounded by trees with fresh and cool air, creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation with a lot of delicious dishes and helping you “beat” melt” the heat of Saigon.

Restaurant Shri

Shri restaurant is one of the most 5-star places in Saigon. Shri officially operated in February 2010, located on the 23rd floor of Centec Tower. This is a beautiful location in the heart of the city because from here, you can see the whole
city ​​in all four directions.

When entering the restaurant, the first thing that makes you “surprised” is the decoration of Shri . Possessing a beautiful location right in the city center, the restaurant has a modern and impressive design with many different areas. The room is classically set up with simple white linen and glass in a modern style, creating an atmosphere perfect for special occasions such as a romantic couple dinner or a party between partners. business.

The space of the balcony area is really a paradise with all kinds of medium-sized ornamental plants, water, decorative lighting systems and the high and wide sky creating an ideal windy place to enjoy delicious dishes. Eat well, just watch the sunset go through the city. Whether it’s after-work parties or dinner with friends, this space is romantic with
twinkling stars overhead. Just imagine sitting in that scene, sipping a glass of red wine or a delicious cocktail, you really don’t want to leave.


Address: 72 – 74 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 028 3827 9631

Website: https://shri.vn/hcm/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/shri.restaurant

9 restaurants with the most beautiful outdoor space in the Ho Chi Minh city
Shri restaurant owns an ideal location
Restaurant Shri

The Deck Saigon Restaurant

Instead of being located on high, The Deck Saigon chooses a cool riverside location. A little sunshine, a little wind of the quiet river make The Deck Saigon unique and rare for any romantic restaurant to have. Coming here, you feel like you are separated from the hustle and bustle of the city and return to the typical liberal nature of the South. The most favorite time of the day is The Deck Saigon. It is the sunset, when the sunset is falling, beautiful and brilliant on the Saigon River. Because this is when The Deck Saigon shows the most of its beauty and space advantages.

The Deck Saigon is a riverside restaurant with delicate design, harmonious advantages, The Deck Saigon will help you enjoy both buffet and sit-down parties perfect for both day and night.If you love a drunk girl If you want to give her a romantic sky, there’s no reason not to take her to The Deck once to enjoy the feeling of being at a world-class resort.


Address: 38 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 028 3744 6632

Website: https://www.thedecksaigon.com/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/thedecksaigon/

The Deck Saigon – the favorite destination of “connoisseurs” in Saigon
Table area near the water’s edge

Saigon Grill Restaurant

Saigon Grill is located on the 7th floor (top floor) of the Saigon Royal building, Pasteur street, District 1 right in the city center, Saigon Grill is a beautiful restaurant in Saigon that you should not miss with your friends. his love. The restaurant has a unique and novel barbecue space for diners. Coming here, you can eat grilled food while watching the city from above, delicious food and reasonable prices. The feeling of being in harmony with the clouds and sky, watching Saigon bustling and vibrant during the day or shimmering magically at night is an unforgettable impression that Saigon Grill brings to any guest when coming here.

Not only has a new space, Saigon Grill also has a diverse menu of grilled dishes from familiar dishes such as chicken, beef, seafood to strange mouths such as wild boar, crocodile, ostrich… and hot pot dishes. hot and many dishes for you to choose from. All fresh ingredients are carefully selected and seasoned by the restaurant’s professional chefs with Saigon Grill ‘s special sauce that will conquer all the most demanding diners.


Address: Rooftop of Saigon Royal Building, 91 Pasteur Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 028 6658 2266 – 0916 622 662

Website: https://saigongrill.vn/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/saigongrillrooftopgarden/

A corner of the city named after Uncle Ho seen from the commercial floor of Saigon Grill restaurant
Cool space of Saigon Grill restaurant

Mountain Retreat

Mountain retreat is a garden-style restaurant located on the rooftop of apartment block 36, Le Loi, right in the middle of District 1, so it’s easy to find. Guests coming here will be “treated” at first sight with meticulous care for the space both indoors and outside the balcony to the terrace that few restaurants have. The restaurant’s space is super. bold “internal wind” flavor of Vietnam with cornfields, banana groves, creeping groves, green bamboo groves…

In addition, Mountain retreat is a world of stone with stone walls and tables and chairs designed from close natural materials: chairs are large tree trunks that are sawed, straw mud is used to plaster the walls to create a feeling of nostalgia. neck. Sometimes it feels like being lost in some wild mountain region, not going to a restaurant. Who used to go up and down the bustling Saigon River, suddenly “craving” for the boundless silence of their hometown, for a bowl of crab soup with scallions, for a bowl of braised fish with hot and spicy tiger prawns or with bitter vegetables. toothpick. If you miss too much but have not yet returned, please visit Mountain Retreat to “relieve” your soul.


Address: 36 Le Loi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0907 194 557

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/mountainretreatvietnam/

The restaurant is located in the center of Saigon, on the rooftop with a beautiful view, especially at night
A unique feature that is rarely found anywhere else with all bamboo chopsticks and blue enamel dishes

RuNam Bistro – Drinks & Desserts

RuNam Bistro is not flowery, but it is also not a simple layout, attracting diners to come here because of its own delicate colors. Each piece of furniture, each motif as an accent on the wall or simply a decoration on the dining table, every detail reaches its own perfection. The interweaving of Eastern colors with modern Western architecture has made RuNam Bistro even more sophisticated.

If RuNam Bistro in Mac Thi Buoi has the appearance of a modern space, the store in Pasteur is a diverse space. For guests who want an airy space or organize events, parties, the garden area is extremely suitable. Want to discuss with a partner or simply find a cozy place with your lover, the cold room space with private corners is a memorable suggestion. If you want to find an elevated space and enjoy the wind, the rooftop is very suitable with lots of trees. Not only the beautiful space, the attraction of RuNam Bistro is also a menu of food and drinks. extremely diverse. Colorful dishes, cool glasses of water or fragrant cups of coffee, promise to open up new colors for the culinary picture of guests.


Address: 202 Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 028 3822 1037

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/runambistro/

RuNam Bistro – restaurant and cafe with a cool, comfortable outdoor space
Eight kinds of platters with beautifully arranged servings on the tray

Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a “secret garden” in the heart of Saigon with many kinds of green vines or beautiful flowers. The Buddha statue is placed in a central position in the middle of the Secret Garden 158 Bis Pasteur campus, showing the owner’s love for Buddhism. Right from the moment you step into Secret Garden , you are immersed in the peaceful and quiet space of a fairy-tale countryside right in the middle of bustling Saigon. That space is filled with different plants, perches, wooden tables and chairs, familiar items from home, even chickens roaming in the restaurant yard.

In particular, the restaurant is located on the 4th floor of an old apartment building at 158 ​​Bis Pasteur, so coming to Secret Garden , you will feel the airy and cool atmosphere and watch the busy street and traffic from above. At night, the view is even more shimmering with moonlight and city lights. The green of the trees mixed with the bright moonlight and street lights will help you forget all the troubles of life.


Address: 4th Floor Rooftop 158 Bis Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0909 904 621

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/secretgarden158pasteur/

“Secret garden” in the heart of Saigon with many kinds of green climbing plants
Secret Garden “secret” – Secret Garden Pasteur

The LOG GEM Center

The LOG is an a la carte restaurant, seafood buffet that is preferred by Saigon food connoisseurs to experience the cuisine and open-air space with a unique design that simulates a “tree house” using wood. as the main ingredient, opening a space filled with greenery on the rooftop of GEM Center. The LOG serves customers with dishes created as a work of art by chefs based on culinary passion and creativity as the top criteria when being creative and processed in style. Modern Fusion.

The LOG is inspired by the image of “a wooden house” with a unique culinary space in Saigon, a place that you cannot miss if you want to have interesting meetings or luxurious events. . Especially when you come here, the restaurant’s diverse Alacarte party will captivate you from the first time you enjoy it. Not only that, The LOG is surrounded by the green space of the trees and the calmness of the wood as if separated from the hustle and bustle of the city, only encapsulated by the bass jazz music or simply laughter. happiness between you and the “lover” next to you. Let’s enjoy delicious food together and admire the impressive scenery here!


Address: Rooftop GEM Center 08 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Da Kao Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0975 002 288 – 0946 452 288

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/thelogrestaurant/

The LOG GEM Center
The LOG GEM Center

Lemon Bistro Rooftop Saigon

Lemon Bistro Rooftop Saigon is one of the restaurants with an outdoor space in a beautiful terrace location in Ho Chi Minh City. Because it is located on the rooftop of a building behind Ben Thanh market, you can see the city view from above and enjoy the food that suits your taste at the most reasonable price. The design space of Chanh Bistro Rooftop Saigon is extremely harmonious with nature when looking up at the sky and around is arranged with reasonable green trees to give customers the most ventilation and coolness. Especially, Lemon Bistro Rooftop Saigon at night is extremely romantic with sparkling lights in harmony with city lights, giving you the maximum enjoyment of the space and tasting the most delicious dishes.

In addition, Chanh Bistro Rooftop Saigon has a professional kitchen team in creative style and skillful in the process of seasoning and tasting each dish with fast, enthusiastic and thoughtful service. offers customers the most affordable international quality Western food and drinks.


Address: Rooftop 215 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Thanh, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0903 838 760

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/chanhbistro

Lemon Bistro Rooftop Saigon
Lemon Bistro Rooftop Saigon

Duong Quan Hang

Hang Duong Quan restaurant has been formed and developed for more than 10 years and has gradually become a culinary place where gourmets often order anything in Ho Chi Minh City. With the active contribution as well as the support of customers, the restaurant strives to promote the strengths of Vietnamese cuisine such as freshwater and saltwater shrimp and fish from regions across the country to bring to customers. diners the most delicious and quality seafood specialties.

Hang Duong Quan restaurant is located on Ngo Duc Ke street near the bustling pedestrian street with wine cellar style called “Good Morning, Vietnam!” With a luxurious space, attractive menu and professional service style guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding guests and a modern European-style design that can accommodate up to 150 guests, it will be a suitable place to organize parties, meetings, treat partners. More specifically, the beautiful view restaurant Hang Duong Quan also owns an open space on the 11th floor, giving diners a romantic space, an impressive panoramic view of the street for customers to experience the whole space. and delicious food is prepared here to the fullest.


Address: 32 – 34 Ngo Duc Ke, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 1800 6284 – 0968 817 788

Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/hangduongquan/

Website : http://hangduongquan.com/

Duong Quan Hang
Duong Quan Hang

Above are the restaurants with delicious food, drinks, and the most beautiful and pleasant green space in Saigon that we want to share with you. If you have the opportunity, remember to drop by to review for friends and relatives.