8 most famous tea rooms in Ho Chi Minh City.
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Life is always busy with work and study. Sometimes, give yourself some quiet time in the middle of a busy life. Some people choose quiet cafes as friends, but there are also people who choose tea rooms to change the atmosphere with old lyrical music. The music tea room is a form of performing and enjoying music, audiences come here to hear singers sing. Let Vinlove introduce you to some of the most famous tea rooms in HCMC.

No Name Tea Room

No Name Tea Room is one of the tea rooms that appeared for a long time in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. This place is currently run by singer Le Quyen and his wife.

No Name is a relatively large tea room, consisting of 2 floors and can accommodate up to 500 people. Originally run by singer Le Quyen and his wife, this place is always gentle and polite with light music, ancient music performed by Le Quyen herself or singers like Hong Nhung, Quang Dung, …. Because of that, No Name is often the place to introduce and attract visitors from far away to Saigon.

When you plan to come to No Name tea room, you should contact and book tickets in advance to have the most comfortable seats while enjoying the artistic values ​​​​that music brings.


Address: 112 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC

Phone: 028 382 73 778

Opening hours: 18:00 – 23:00

Average price: 150,000 – 550,000 VND

Email: admin@phongtrakhongten.vn – singerlequyen@gmail.com

Website: https://phongtrakhongten.vn/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Khongtenbar

8 most famous tea rooms in Ho Chi Minh City.
Singer Le Quyen drops her soul into lyrical songs at No Name Tea Room
No Name Tea Room

Dong Dao Tea Room

Referring to Dong Dao tea room, people will remember that this place is an important venue with the exchange of foreign singers, the top famous singers in Vietnam such as Y Lan, Tuan Ngoc, Dam Vinh Hung. , My Tam, Ho Ngoc Ha,… With an elegant and airy space, different from the bustling atmosphere outside, Dong Dao tea room is also a place where many young people, as well as literary workers, choose to relax. relax on weekends or holidays.

Not only operating in the field of music, food and drinks here with reasonable prices also attract a large number of diners to Dong Dao in the morning, noon, afternoon and evening.


Address: 164 Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC

Hotline: 091 848 8585

Opening hours: 06:30 – 23:30
Average price:
 50,000 – 110,000 VND

Website: http://www.phongtradongdao.vn/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dongdao164

Music night at Dong Dao tea room
Dong Dao Tea Room

WE Tea Room

Located right in the city center, WE tea room is a familiar place for music lovers in the bustling city of Saigon. Although the space is a bit narrow compared to other tea rooms, when coming here, the audience feels again with close and cozy conversations when talking and interacting with the artists.
WE Tea Room also gathers many music stars such as Ho Quynh Huong, Uyen Linh, Hong Nhung,…

The music program of the restaurant is divided into 2 parts, the Friday night will be dedicated to pre-war music and the two weekend nights will gather many famous music stars today.


Address: 8 Le Quy Don, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC

Hotline: 0906 388 172

Average price: Depends on specific schedule
Opening hours:
 20:30 – 23:00

Email: Phongtrawe@gmail.com

Website: http://www.phongtrawe.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/we8lequydon/

Cozy space at WE . tea room
WE Tea Room

Sax n’ art tea room

With an extremely cozy space, elegant and mellow atmosphere, you will be able to forget all the troubles of life with the sound of Jazz music playing. Sax n’ art tea room will be a place that will bring you to the “private paradise” of legendary Jazz songs opened by saxophonist Tran Manh Tuan to be able to interact with Jazz lovers, with sound influence of this romantic trumpet.

Coming to Sax n’ art tea room , you will have silence, half-lidded eyes, gently rhythmic feet immersing in the romantic sound. This place can also be an ideal place for couples to date if they want to find a space away from the hustle and bustle world of Saigon out there.

The show at the tea room every night starts at 9 pm and lasts until nearly 24 hours with Jazz vocalists such as Tuyet Loan, Minh Tam, Van Khanh,…


Address: 28 Le Loi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC

Phone: 028 3822 8472

Average price: 150,000 – 275,000 VND
Opening hours:
 18:00 – 00:00

Email: jazz@saxnart.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saxnart/

Sax n’ art tea room will be a place to bring you to the “private paradise” of legendary Jazz music.
Sax n’ art tea room

Ancient Tea Room

The Old Language Tea Room as its name implies is a place where the audience’s soul finds the old emotions through deep lyrical love songs. This place has been likened to a “golden note” of the romantic Saigon night to nostalgic about the names and idols of the time we still love, and sob every time they sing.

Coming to Tieng Xua Tea Room , you will be able to return to your childhood with time-stamped songs, sobbing so many listeners’ hearts, expressed through famous overseas vocalists as well as artists. domestic such as Bach Yen, Bich Chieu, Tuan Ngoc, Le Thu, Y Lan, Elvis Phuong, Huong Lan, Thai Chau, Trinh Nam Son, Dam Vinh Hung…


Address: 29B Hung Vuong, Ward 4, District 5, HCMC

Phone: 028 38 32 66 87 – 0914 130 871 – 0903 911 629 – 0945 86 66 86

Average price: 50,000 – 110,000 VND

Opening hours: 20:00 – 23:45

Email: Phongtratiengxua@gmail.com

Website: http://www.phongtratiengxua.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phongtratiengxua/

The Old Language Tea Room is a place where the audience’s soul finds the old emotions through deep lyrical love songs.
Ancient Tea Room

Dalat House Tea Room

Referring to the most popular tea room in Saigon, it is impossible not to mention Dalat House Tea Room . This tea room is a familiar place for those who like peace and love Trinh’s music. Coming here, you will be immersed in a nostalgic space full of emotions, each person’s soul will be more settled and peaceful. The luxurious and romantic space here is the ideal place for artistic gatherings.

Most especially, Trinh’s songs are sung by very famous professional singers in Saigon. What’s better than sitting and listening to music while sipping a hot cup of coffee? Definitely coming to this place, you will have a memorable experience.


Address: 19M Vu Huy Tan, KDC Mieu Noi, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: 0704 417 960 – 0908 800 477

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/PhongTraNgheNhacAcousticHayTaiSaiGon

Dalat House Tea Room
Dalat House Tea Room

Tea Room Afternoon Sessions

The Afternoon Khuc Tea Room is one of the most loved tea rooms in Saigon. The space is spacious and very cozy. Tables and chairs in the restaurant are arranged in a certain order. The restaurant has a space that is decorated full of art, extremely eye-catching. Coming here, you will be “chilled” in gentle, deep music. The bar’s band sings and plays very well, many people are “addicted” and want to come back many more times. There’s nothing better than going to the KHUC DAILY Tea Room to find a small corner and listen to sad songs.

The restaurant has a pretty diverse menu. Hot tea is poured continuously. Many people love the feeling of drinking tea, listening to music, and biting sunflowers. A feeling full of aftertaste and nostalgia. Surely, KHUC BUY AN Afternoon Tea Room will bring you wonderful experiences.


Address: 08 Hoa Dao, Ward 2, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

Phone: 028 3535 5395

Opening hours: 07:00 – 22:30

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/phongtrakhucbanchieu

Afternoon KHUC Tea Room – Cafe Ban Sonate
Afternoon KHUC Tea Room – Cafe Ban Sonate

Old Place Tea Room

Old Place Tea Room – Just hearing the name, you can feel a little bit of nostalgia that is both gentle and delicate. Although the space is a bit small, it is very cozy and close. Chon Xua Tea Room has a warm beauty, with candles, flowers, fragrant tea, delicious drinks and listening to the quiet Trinh music is really wonderful.

Chon Xua Tea Room is an ideal destination for gatherings. Owning a luxurious and cozy space, with famous vocalists with a harmonious combination that causes “heavy” memories, you can enjoy a glass of red wine to immerse yourself in the rustic melodies that no one wants to hear. jar.


Address: 354/15 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 14, District 10, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: 0938 893 959

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/MYTUONG80

Old Place Tea Room
Old Place Tea Room

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, give yourself some time and space to be quiet and enjoy this happening life. And the main tea rooms are a great choice. Give yourself and your loved one a quiet, quiet space or let your soul live with the music where the tea rooms take place every night. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Saigon, you can choose to slow down a bit to relieve stress after hard working days!