Hai Phong’s family spends millions of dollars to build a ‘green’ house
tranthuy02 20-08-2021, 15:46

Not only many trees, but the house also applies technology and “green” materials, giving the homeowner both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Owning a land of more than 460 m2 in the most expensive area of ​​Hai Phong city, but the owner does not want to make full use of the construction area but wants a “green” house.

To meet the above requirements, architects and couple Trinh Hai Long and Nguyen Minh Thuy offer a design inspired by the “Tree of Life” in the homeowner’s religion with energy-saving, sustainable solutions. environment.

In addition to the façade, the design team created a “green funnel”. Not only reminiscent of a large tree, but this “funnel” also draws in the southeast wind and filters the air throughout the floors.

“Green funnel” also creates a green, airy view for all rooms.

Owners and architects spend more than 50% of the land for gardens and open spaces.

The house has a “porous space” structure, that is, bringing open spaces such as gardens, patios, loggias, courtyards, and atriums between function rooms.

Thanks to that, people in the house are always in contact with nature.

Each room has two exposed sides, so it receives a lot of natural light and wind. Homeowners rarely need to use air conditioning and do not turn on lights during the day.

The west direction of the building has many solid spaces, placing buffer spaces such as stairs, toilets, changing rooms, and garages. The architect also used three-layer masonry walls and windows with triangular box-shaped couches to block the intense sunlight from entering.

Stairs support the West sunblock but still create a sense of lightness thanks to the design of hollow steps and cable railings.

To ensure “green” standards, the house’s appliances are operated by solar cells. Building materials are also box glass, split stone, porous concrete, VOC-free paint, Formaldehyde-absorbing plaster ceiling, LED lights, water-saving sanitary ware.

Not disclosing specific numbers, but the owner said that the total cost for the house is up to millions of dollars, but it meets the need for a building that is both beautiful and sustainable, environmentally responsible and future. .

Minh Trang/vnexpress
Photo: Trinh Hai Long, Nguyen Minh Thuy
Design: Architecture of the House of Wind