Mũi Trèo Beach: the pearl of Quảng Trị
sonnguyen 19-08-2021, 18:41


Mũi Treo seen from above. — Photo gody.vn

By Giang Thanh

If Vĩnh Linh attracts tourists due to its heroic historical landmarks, Mũi Treo Beach is the place to soothe the sadness hidden in this land (Quảng Trị Province) with its scenic landscapes.

Mũi Treo is located in Quảng Trị's Vĩnh Linh District, 40km north of Đong Ha City centre, and is known for its peaceful and beautiful sea.

Quảng Trị might not be the first pick on the Viet Nam tourist map, but we love this heroic land, and took our backpacks to explore it before the coronavirus pandemic had broken out in the country.

To get to the beach, we traipsed through a primeval forest. On both sides of the road, there are many bomb craters still left as scars from the war, though most were covered with crop fields.

Mũi Treo juts out from Vĩnh Kim and is covered by the dense Ru Bau forest. As you walk across it, it grows on you gradually, impressive, as a vast expanse of space appears, the complete opposite of the lonely forest left behind.


Discovering the pristine Mũi Treo. — Photo luhanhvietnam.com.vn

In front of our eyes, we saw a rocky cape lengthening by dozens of metres, reaching out to catch the sun and wind of the sea, as it surely does every day.

We were amazed by the wild beauty of the place. Standing in Mũi Treo, looking out into the distance, we saw all the majestic nature that was bestowed on Quảng Trị. It was truly stunning. Looking out at the fishermen floating in the sea, we felt so small compared to the ocean which seemed to go on for eternity.

At low tide, about 300m from Mũi Treo’s rocky cape, facing the sea there is a beach of about 2,000 square metres littered with rocks of fancy shapes and beautiful dazzling colours.

Mũi Treo not only has a cape protruding into the sea, hovering at a height of tens of metres, but also a beautiful ravishing beach running for kilometres with clear turquoise water and smooth white sand.


Mũi Treo Beach is pristine and peaceful. — Photo vietravel.com

We enjoyed playing among the soft sand and cool waves, immersing ourselves in the crystal water of the immense ocean. It took us about half a day to experience Mũi Treo, so we continued on to explore several nearby spots

Mũi Lay Lighthouse is located in Vĩnh Thạnh Commune, Vĩnh Linh District. It keeps the task of lighting the way at night for ships on the seas of the provinces of Quảng Bình and Quảng Trị. The lighthouse is an ideal place to again watch the spectacular majesty of the surrounding nature, the ships on the sea, and birds soaring across the sky.


Mũi Lay Lighthouse is an ideal place to see more clearly the majesty of nature of Quảng Trị. — Photo luhanhvietnam.com.vn

Nearby Mũi Si has many rocks topped with rows of green moss, and brings something extremely wild, as do the rows of green casuarina trees dotted throughout the region. The brown-skinned locals here also warm the heart with their kindness and gentle smiles.

Mũi Treo is surely one of the pearls of the region, and not to be missed. VNS


The poetic green mossy mass in Mũi Si. — Photo luhanhvietnam.com.vn

In box:

To get to Mũi Treo from Đong Ha City, try the following two ways:

- Moving along National Highway 1A to Hiền Lương Bridge, head to Vĩnh Kim Commune and then ask people for directions to Mũi Treo.

- Moving along the Xuyen Á road to Cửa Viet Port, turn left and follow the coastal road to Cửa Tung, and then find Vĩnh Mốc Tunnel where you can ask people for help to Mũi Treo.