Delicious Phu Ly Ha Nam specialties famous near and far
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What to eat in Phu Ly? What to buy as a gift when traveling to Ha Nam? Top specialties of Phu Ly Ha Nam suggest you HOT dishes, worth trying and buying as gifts when coming to Phu Ly Ha Nam.

Located on the banks of the poetic Day River, Phu Ly is known as the cradle of many specialties of the Northern Delta. Phu Ly Ha Nam specialties attract diners by their rustic and delicious taste. Coming to Phu Ly, it would be a pity not to try the following attractive dishes.

1. Phu Ly Ha Nam specialties: Phu Ly rolls are famous near and far

Phu Ly city is known as a land with a long history and cultural traditions. The city is 60km south of Hanoi, 30km from Nam Dinh, 33km north of Ninh Binh city. As the confluence of 3 rivers, namely Day River, Chau Giang River and Nhue River, this place has poetic beauty and is a favorite tourist destination of tourists from near and far.

Delicious Phu Ly Ha Nam specialties famous near and far
A corner of Phu Ly seen from above 

Coming to Phu Ly, visitors will enjoy many famous Ha Nam specialties with the characteristics of the Northern Delta region, one of which must include the famous delicious Phu Ly Ha Nam specialty Banh Cuon .

Phu Ly Ha Nam’s specialty Banh Cuon attracts visitors by its thin layer of the cake made from the famous eight xoan rice flour. Inside the roll, cake has a wood ear, on top sprinkled with beautifully fried onions. The cake is served with meat rolls, Phu Ly grilled spring rolls made from delicious fresh pork, carefully marinated, skewered, and then grilled on fragrant embers. 

The special feature of Phu Ly Ha Nam specialty rolls is that it is cold but must be dipped with a hot dipping sauce with all the flavors of sour, spicy, salty and sweet. Therefore, anyone who has ever tried this plate of Banh Cuon imbued with Ha Nam culinary culture will fall in love with it.

Phu Ly specialties Ha Nam famous delicious rolls (source: Vietgiaitri)

Suggestions for a delicious restaurant in Phu Ly, Ha Nam:

   Linh Chi spring rolls

  • Address: 5 Tran Phu, Phu Ly City, Ha Nam
  • Reference price: 25,000 VND – 150,000 VND

   Huong Dinh spring rolls

  • Address: 120B Quy Luu, Phu Ly Town, Ha Nam 
  • Reference price: 25,000 VND – 150,000 VND

   Banh Cuon Cha & Bun Cha Thai Thang

  • Address: 273 Ly Thuong Kiet, Le Hong Phong Ward, Phu Ly, Ha Nam
  • Reference price: 20,000 VND – 25,000 VND

2. Other specialties must try when coming to Phu Ly, Ha Nam

2.1. Dong Fish Noodle Soup

Ro Dong fish vermicelli is a specialty of Phu Ly Ha Nam with a strong country flavor. The dish attracts diners by the crispy fatty taste of fried perch combined with the natural fresh and sweet taste of vegetables, tomatoes, aromatic …

The broth is simmered from sweet fish bones that are always eaten without being fed up. The dish has the typical flavor of the Northern Delta, and the vermicelli with perch is a dish that makes many diners flutter when they taste it for the first time. 

Phu Ly Ha Nam specialty Bun Ca Ro Dong with rich countryside flavor (Source: Times Magazine)

Delicious restaurant suggestions:  

  • Fish noodle shop: 157 Tran Hung Dao, Phu Ly, Ha Nam.
  • Fish noodle soup Hien Hoa: 196 Nguyen Van Troi, Phu Ly Town, Ha Nam

2.2. Ba Phong Tea

Having existed for nearly 20 years, Phu Ly Ha Nam specialty Ba Phong tea is a place that sweet lovers cannot ignore when coming to Phu Ly. This place is famous for many delicious and attractive tea dishes. Some delicious dishes worth trying such as sweet potato tea, sad tea, black bean tea,…

Ba Phong tea with famous delicious red bean soup (Source: Ba Phong Tea)
  • Address: No. 1 Chan Cau Street, Phu Ly, Ha Nam

2.3. Mountain goat meat – famous specialty of Ha Nam

Phu Ly Ha Nam specialty mountain goat meat is loved by many people because of its delicious taste, nutritious for health. Goats are grazed in the mountains, so the meat is tough, firm, very fragrant and sweet. Goat meat is processed into many delicious dishes such as lemon-lime goat, Nha-style grilled goat, stir-fried goat,… absolutely delicious.

Delicious mountain goat meat (Source: Ha Nam Restaurant)

Delicious restaurant suggestions:  

  • Northwest restaurant – Phu Ly, Ha Nam: Group 3, Le Hong Phong ward, Phu Ly, Ha Nam
  • Tree Khe restaurant: 250 Le Cong Thanh, Phu Ly, Ha Nam

2.4. Braised fish in Vu Dai village

Phu Ly Ha Nam specialty, Vu Dai village braised fish is a sophisticated dish with the main ingredient being black carp. After being cleaned, the fish is carefully marinated with many spices such as ginger, galangal, lemon juice, crab juice, … Then stored in an earthen pot for many hours. The finished fish dish has a beautiful color of cockroach wings, soft and attractive fish meat. Eat with white rice, delicious boiled vegetables hard to resist.

The pot of braised fish in Vu Dai village is delicious and beautiful (Source: Vu Dai village’s braised fish)

Vu Dai village is located in Hoa Hau commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam, about 40km from Hanoi. In addition to the famous braised fish dish, this place also has many places to visit such as the old brick kiln, the famous Ba Kien house, which appeared in literature. 

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2.5. Birds get bigger

Phu Ly specialty Ha Nam bird growing bigger is the common name of dishes made from the meat of birds such as: tiled birds, sparrows, cuckoos, worms, tu howling, lele, ginseng… When enjoying, diners will enjoy the taste of many different types of birds from baby to adult. With many different ways of processing, Kim Bang, Ha Nam’s specialty dishes bring people to enjoy many interesting and interesting taste experiences.

Delicious restaurant suggestions:  

  • Thu Co restaurant: Nhat Tan, Kim Bang, Ha Nam
  • Hoang Hung restaurant: Bien Hoa Street, Nhat Tan, Kim Bang, Ha Nam 

Phu Ly Ha Nam specialties “Birds get bigger” are delicious and attractive (Source: Phu Ly Media)

2.6. Tam Chuc mullet dishes

Phu Ly Ha Nam specialty Tam Chuc mullet attracts diners by the natural sweetness of mullet meat caught from the largest natural freshwater lake Tam Chuc in our country. Braised mullet, grilled mullet, cooked mullet, etc. are delicious dishes not to be missed when traveling to Ha Nam. 

Favorite dish of many diners – delicious crispy mullet (Source: Memorable Magazine)

Delicious restaurant suggestions:  

  • Kieu Gia Restaurant: Ngo Gia Kham Street, Le Hong Phong Ward, Phu Ly, Ha Nam
  • Hong Phu floating restaurant: Group 1, Quang Trung Ward, Phu Ly, Ha Nam 

2.7. Mong Duy Tien Chicken – Ha Nam delicacies must try

Ha Nam specialties Duy Tien claw chicken is a famous specialty of the Phu Ly lowland area. Chicken Nail has the highest quality of delicious meat with thick, chewy skin, crispy skin with absolutely no fat, moist and not dry meat.

Chicken is processed into many delicious dishes, from simple dishes such as boiled chicken with lemon salt to sophisticated dishes such as frying pan, stir-frying, steaming lotus leaves, etc. This is also a delicious dish that many people choose as a gift when traveling to Ha Nam. 

Boiled chicken dipped in salt, pepper and lemon retains the natural flavor of Mong Duy Tien chicken (Source: Top Vietnam)

Delicious restaurant suggestions:  

  • Vietnamese leaf restaurant: Ho Van Son, Phu Ly, Ha Nam
  • Ngoc Son restaurant: 255 Ly Thuong Kiet, Phu Ly, Ha Nam

2.8. Cooked banana puree

Banana puree, also known as banana shuffle, is a familiar dish of the villages along the Day River. Phu Ly specialty Ha Nam banana puree is made from green pepper banana. Pureed bananas have a mild sour taste of batch, greasy of green banana meat, faintly smell of spices, blended together to form a special delicious flavor that anyone who eats once will remember forever.

Specialty Phu Ly Ha Nam banana puree delicious, attractive (Source: ngoviet24h)

2.9. Phuc Ha rice paper

Banh Da is a familiar dish of many localities, but coming to Ha Nam, you will enjoy the unmistakable flavor of crispy rice paper. Phuc Ha rice paper is a specialty cake of Ha Nam with its own unique flavor with attractive aroma, fleshy and rich. This specialty of Phu Ly Ha Nam is loved by many tourists to buy as a gift.

Phuc Ha rice cakes are golden and delicious (source: Top Vietnam)
  • Address: Phuc Ha Village, Hop Ly, Ly Nhan, Ha Nam

2.10. Vermicelli with wine sauce – Ha Nam specialties

Phu Ly Ha Nam specialty vermicelli with wine sauce is a dish that many diners love to choose for breakfast. The dish is memorable because of its mildly sour taste, thinly sliced ​​beef, and fragrance. Enjoy the delicious vermicelli with wine sauce with a beautifully simmered wine sauce, fragrant with fried onions on chilly days, the “beauty of the world”.

The bowl of vermicelli with wine sauce has a delicious taste, beautifully presented (source: Collectibles)

Delicious restaurant suggestions:  

  • Breakfast restaurant with vermicelli with wine sauce: 39 Le Cong Thanh, Phu Ly, Ha Nam
  • Hong Hanh beef noodle soup: 278 VND. Nguyen Van Troi, Luong Khanh Thien, Phu Ly, Ha Nam

Phu Ly Ha Nam specialties captivate diners from near and far by their delicious rustic flavor, bearing the aroma of the countryside in the northern countryside. With the descriptions of Ha Nam specialties above, hopefully, visitors will have a better understanding of many delicious dishes in this land. Coming to the poetic land of Phu Ly, remember not to miss these delicious dishes! 

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