Rowing soup on the Perfume River is very fun and discover a different Hue
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Check-in in the middle of the river with beautiful moments, watching a different Hue city, or taking a dip in the green Perfume River is a memorable experience for anyone. 

Traveling to Hue , in addition to visiting temples, mausoleums, ancient temples, or beautiful landscapes, you should not miss the opportunity to experience rowing on the Perfume River and enjoy the scenery. Although this form of discovery tourism has only recently developed, it has quickly become one of the great experiences to explore and see Hue with a large number of tourists. Besides listening to Hue songs on floating dragon boats, watching Truong Tien bridge on both banks, when coming to the ancient capital, try once to paddle on the Perfume River to feel Hue closer, dearer and above all This is a special, unique experience of this romantic country. 

Rowing soup on the Perfume River is very fun and discover a different Hue
Rowing on the Perfume River to see a dynamic Hue. Photo:@vie_210

Rowing soup on the Perfume River – a special experience to see the ancient capital of Hue 

Referring to the sport of sub, many people will think of the rapids or the huge and majestic beach, but today, rowing has become one of the popular sports and is played on many different sports. Different water surface topography including the Ho River, typically in Hue city, rowing on the Perfume River is a form that is extremely developed recently. 

Rowing soup on the Perfume River is a popular activity in Hue recently. Photo:@bin.budabest

If prompted to Hue, you will think about the evening romantic stroll scattered across the bow green line or along the banks of the Huong Giang sightseeing, now the day paddle sup Perfume River and floating on the river poetry Dreaming is an experience where you can see the city from a different angle.

The experience brings excitement to visitors. Photo:@hoang.hanh.nguyen

The journey of rowing soup on the Perfume River will bring you to the beautiful frames of Hue city. Every morning, rowing soup on the river, you will feel the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of the city, the sun is shining on the river surface, the banks are the rhythm of urban life that gradually wakes up. When the brilliant sunset stretches, from the subs you will feel the peace spreading, watching the smooth water flow. 

If you paddle on the Perfume River in the evening, you will admire the image of the city crashing under thousands of sparkling stars, along with the shimmering, fanciful lights that make people fall in love. 

Every moment of the day is a different feeling. Photo:@mynguyen_98

Traveling to the Perfume River has helped change the perception of tourists about the city, which is considered a land of sadness, because besides the poetic melancholy, Hue has also begun its journey, adding more features. Young modern with interesting activities. 

There is no shortage of really chill check-in corners in the middle of the romantic Huong Giang river. Photo:@nami29.02

Experience of rowing soup on the Perfume River, traveling believers must know 

Sup paddle on the Perfume River is not a spontaneous activity, but now in Hue, there are companies that organize professional sup rowing services and have insurance for visitors to participate in the experience.

Sub rental service in Hue is growing day by day. Photo:@hoang.hanh.nguyen

When you want to experience rowing on the Perfume River, you can contact easily at Da Vien boat station with the price from only 100,000 VND. The sup rowing service here usually takes place with two main time frames, 5 am and 5 pm, each rowing will take place in 60 minutes to 70 minutes, enough for players to fully enjoy the route from Thuyen Da wharf. Vien to Phu Xuan bridge, Truong Tien bridge and back to Da Vien boat station. 

Time for each experience from 60 to 70 minutes. Photo:@hoangjon

You can flexibly choose 1 sup, 2 people sup or big sup, you can go 3 to 4 people. Before starting the journey, you will be given technical instructions as well as how to paddle sup for about 15 minutes and fully equipped with life jackets, along with that, throughout the journey the security team will accompany to ensure safe. 

You will be fully equipped with a life jacket and safety instructions before you begin. Photo:@dtth98

Each sub, depending on the size, can be used by 1 to 4 people. Photo:@nvquyen_95

Rowing soup on the Perfume River is not only a tourist activity to explore, but Hue city also makes this activity more meaningful with the program “Green Sunday”, whereby every Sunday the Hue soup festival with tourists. Guests and locals will come together to paddle and pick up trash on the river to preserve and protect the beauty of the river. 

Every Sunday, there will be a meaningful “green Sunday” program for sup hands. Photo:@mykaht_

Hue, not only the architectural works, but also the beauty of culture and cuisine in this place will make you fall in love and nostalgia, but also interesting experiences such as rowing soup on the Perfume River are also unique experiences. for you to enjoy moments of joy, refreshment and to be immersed in the nature and water of this beautiful ancient capital. If you have the opportunity to come to Hue, do not forget to experience rowing sup to admire the scenery of the Perfume River. 

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