Strange things that can only be found in Vietnam: Coconut shelled with water, meter-long jackfruit, longan fragrant dragon fruit,…
doyen1988 17-08-2021, 14:55

The fruit world of Vietnam is colorful and colorful, not only delicious, diverse, but not rare, but also strange and unusual fruits that cannot be found in any other country.

COCONUT LIKE A Slice of Orange

Recently, a clip from TikTok recorded a scene of a man chopping a strange coconut. Instead of taking water, the man chops the coconut like an orange. Then, except for the thin outermost shell, the inner shell is cut into bite-sized pieces and enjoyed.

Many people think this is just a clip, but no, this coconut variety is completely real! This is a very special type of coconut, called sweet coconut, there are places called sticky coconut, cotton coconut…

This type is not used to get water because their water is quite small and not very tasty, but mainly used to eat the shell. Sweet coconut is available in many places such as Ben Tre, Tien Giang, Ca Mau…

Each sweet coconut is only about the size of a bowl, the shell is soft, it can be easily cut with a knife. According to many people share, coconut is crispy, sweet, quite similar to the coconut bud.


Different from the oval-shaped jackfruit, 30-60cm long, rough skin, with small spines as many people often see, this jackfruit has an oversized size, about 1 meter long.

This is a super long-fruited jackfruit imported from Malaysia. This is a jackfruit variety with high economic efficiency, after planting for about 2-3 years, it can bear fruit. A special feature is that it has many advantages and is suitable for Vietnam’s soil and climate.

Strange things that can only be found in Vietnam: Coconut shelled with water, meter-long jackfruit, longan fragrant dragon fruit,…

Like a meter-long jackfruit like a “mutant”

It is noteworthy that the fruit when ripe is very long and heavy, each fruit can be more than 1m long and weigh an average of 25-40 kg, needing 2-3 people to carry. Inside there are very few seeds and fibers, the jackfruit has a very long and thick shape, crispy and delicious.

The “giant” jackfruit has a very long and thick shape, is crispy and delicious


Yellow-skinned dragon fruit is a rare fruit originating from Thailand, grown in Pleiku, Gia Lai. Compared with Thailand’s yellow dragon fruit, the Vietnamese golden dragon fruit is thoroughly researched and bred many times, so it produces larger fruits, each fruit reaching 500 grams or more.

The yellow dragon fruit has a clear white inside, thinner skin than other types of dragon fruit, when eaten, it will feel sweet, crispy like jelly and has a pleasant cool aroma very similar to the taste of longan. This type of dragon fruit is also known as jelly dragon fruit.


Yellow dragon fruit has a clear white flesh, sweet taste, crispy like jelly and has a pleasant cool aroma very similar to longan

With unique flavor and characteristics, yellow skin dragon fruit attracts consumers even though the price is many times higher than normal dragon fruit.

Tiny Purple Corn

This is a maize variety grown by the H’Mong ethnic group completely naturally on the upland, so it is clean and free of stimulants. Baby corn fits in the palm of your hand, the seeds are round, firm, and have a fancy purple color.

Although the appearance of the corn husk is ugly, it is not as fresh and green as the plain corn, but the seeds inside are shiny, soft and fragrant, with a rich and attractive taste… Especially, the taste of this corn is very different from other varieties. corn is planted in the lowlands.

Fancy purple tiny corn

Tiny corn produces only one corn a year, lasting from the beginning of July to the beginning of October of the solar calendar. The type of “tiny corn” has a very attractive time in Hanoi, the average price is about 30,000 VND/10 corn.


Kaolin is a white clay that is very friable and can withstand high temperatures. The main ingredients in kaolin soil are kaolinite and some other minerals. Kaolin is considered safe for humans. This type of land is located right behind Lap Thach town, Lap Thach district, Vinh Phuc province.

This village is also known as the “earth-eating village” or “specialty food village”. Because although today’s young people in the village no longer eat earth as popular as before, the elderly here consider tiled earth (also known as kaolin) as a favorite dish.

In the past, during the war years, the villagers competed to dig up the ground to feed themselves. They also consider making these “earth cakes” a livelihood.

Vinh Phuc people consider this as a “gift in the ground” because kaolin has many minerals such as zinc, calcium, silicon … very effective in the beauty of women.

In Lap Thach town, people often cut kaolin into small pieces like peanut candy, scrape the outside and only take the white inside, then smoke it on straw or myrtle leaves to “ripe”.

This type of soil when eaten has the smell of smoke, slightly aromatic but also a bit black, fleshy and a little salty. In the past, clay tiles could be found on many mountains, but due to the mining taking place over many generations, now the quantity is only very small.

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