Review of everything about Khe Ngang Lake, Hue
sonnguyen 17-08-2021, 14:28

Where is Khe Ngang Lake? What is the address of Khe Ngang Lake in Hue? This is an A to Z Review of Khe Ngang Lake, Hue will share with you from A to Z about the tourist attraction of Khe Ngang Lake Hue , and also the experience of going to Hue Khe Ngang Lake. 


1. Where is Khe Ngang Lake? Address and directions to Khe Ngang Lake Hue. 

If you are a die-hard fan of Son Tung MTP, you will probably be very familiar with the image above, appearing in the context of the MV “We are now” . That is also the destination today that Vinlove would like to introduce to you: KHE NANG Lake, HUE .

Review of everything about Khe Ngang Lake, Hue

Where is Khe Ngang Lake?

  • Khe Ngang Lake is a freshwater lake located in Huong Tra district, Hue city. Khe Ngang Lake is both a freshwater lake and a picnic destination for people in Hue as well as tourists who want to find a peaceful and fresh space here. 

Address and Directions to Khe Ngang Lake:

  • Address: Khe Ngang Lake, Hue: Huong Tra District, Hue City. (See location on map)
  • Directions to Khe Ngang Lake: To get to Khe Ngang Lake, you can follow the road to Thien Mu Pagoda, then continue through Avoid Street, there will be a signpost clearly stating the way to “La Khe Lake” Horizontal”. You just need to follow the signpost to get there. 

2. Experience of traveling to Khe Ngang Lake Hue

Khe Ngang Lake Hue is one of the new tourist attractions in Hue that you should visit if you have the opportunity. Located about 12 km from the city center, Khe Ngang Lake is a place where you can go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. 

Experience of traveling to Khe Ngang Lake Hue:

Some travel experiences to Khe Ngang Lake for you are:

  • Please pay attention to safety on the way to Khe Ngang Lake Hue
  • Remember to bring your phone or camera to take lots of beautiful pictures.
  • When going to Khe Ngang Lake, you can bring some snacks if you want, but remember to maintain general hygiene when eating and drinking at the lake area. 
  • Immediately share this article with your friends and relatives to invite them to come along too, right ^^

3. Thousands of beautiful virtual check-in corners are on fire at Khe Ngang Lake

Khe Ngang Lake is also a place where you can live virtual fire with thousands of shooting angles. Let’s take a look at nearly 1000 virtual living corners at Khe Ngang Lake from young people who have checked in here. 

Above is a review of everything about Khe Ngang Lake, Hue – An extremely fresh and beautiful picnic spot in Hue. If you don’t know where to go this weekend, don’t miss Khe Ngang Lake. Hope your trip is very happy and have lots of sparkling pictures. 

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