Experience going to Phuong Nam marine ecotourism area is super fun on the weekend
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Phuong Nam marine eco-tourism area is an attractive place for young people in Saigon on the weekend. Coming to this famous ecological area, you will experience luxury resort services, enjoy buffets and go shopping at the seafood market.

Where is Phuong Nam marine eco-tourism area?   

Phuong Nam marine eco-tourism area is located at 1227/65 Duyen Hai Street, Long Hoa Commune, Can Gio District, Ho Chi Minh City. If you are looking for a place to relax and relax on the weekend with family and friends, Phuong Nam Pearl Resort is the ideal destination that you should not miss. 

The entrance fee is 50,000 VND if using a swimming pool and 75,000 VND if visitors use both freshwater and saltwater lakes. 

Experience going to Phuong Nam marine ecotourism area is super fun on the weekend
Phuong Nam marine eco-tourism area attracts tourists on weekends. Photo: halotravel


How to move to Phuong Nam eco-tourism area? 

Experience going to Phuong Nam marine eco-tourism area , this place is located about 60km from the center of Saigon. You can choose from many different types of vehicles to move to this eco-zone easily. Most conveniently, you can go by motorbike from the center of Saigon in the following 3 directions: 

– First: The nearest route is to go in the direction of Huynh Tan Phat street to Nha Be town -> when you go about 30 minutes to the end of Binh Khanh ferry, buy sightseeing tickets -> Go straight through the ferry for about 1 hour. Within hours, you will reach the Phuong Nam eco-tourism area.   

– Monday: Or you can go through Sac Forest with 60km, it takes about 1h50p. 

– Tuesday: The furthest is along National Road 50 and Rung Sac with 79km, about 2h20p.

In case you do not know the way, you can travel by taxi from the center of Saigon to the resort directly with the price ranging from 500,000 VND – 600,000 VND / time. 

How to move to the Phuong Nam eco-tourism area? 

Room service at Phuong Nam Pearl Resort  

Where to go to the Phuong Nam tourist area ? Phuong Nam Marine Ecological Area includes all 58 rooms serving the resort needs of tourists. There are two-room classes you can choose from: 27 luxury rooms and 2 VIP rooms. All family double room types of the resort are impressive with traditional design, cool and fresh natural view and quality service.

Staying at Ngoc Phuong Nam Island, you will enjoy relaxing moments with nature and fresh air. Along with that are modern facilities such as hotels, bars, restaurant chains… What attracts visitors when coming to Phuong Nam Resort is its location separate from the outside world, between The sea and forest are ideal for a quiet getaway. 

Room service at Phuong Nam Pearl Resort 

What does Phuong Nam marine eco-tourism area have? 

Where to go, what to play when coming to Phuong Nam marine eco-tourism area? You will experience many quality services, enjoy a buffet by the beach and go to the seafood market. 

Experience high-class facilities and services  

The most interesting thing when coming to Phuong Nam Resort is the fresh and unspoiled natural space. Around the tourist area, there are many mangrove forests for you to explore. In particular, you will have fun with monkeys raised naturally in Phuong Nam. 

Fresh natural space at Phuong Nam resort. Photo: @k_hang93

Staying at Phuong Nam ecological area, you can also experience convenient services such as swimming pool. Immerse yourself with cool water to relax, dispel all fatigue and sunbathe. 

Relax at the resort’s swimming pool. Photo: jerrycute1208

Enjoy a delicious buffet

Discovering the Phuong Nam marine eco-tourism area, you not only enjoy the resort, but also enjoy a buffet with all kinds of fresh seafood. All ingredients are fresh and a variety of seafood for you to choose from such as: Lobster, blood cockle, red snapper, snail, squid, surface… The dish is prepared with steaming flavors. region-specific guide. The campus of Phuong Nam ecological area is spacious, suitable for organizing birthday parties, festivals… 

Enjoy a delicious seafood buffet by the beach

Go to the seafood market to enjoy shopping 

When you come to Phuong Nam marine ecological area, you can also go to Hang Duong seafood market about 5km from the resort. You will be spoiled for choice of all kinds of fresh seafood at attractive prices. In the market, there is a seafood processing service for visitors to enjoy on the spot. In addition, you can buy seafood in foam boxes to bring back as gifts. 

Go to the seafood market to enjoy shopping. Photo: @yunie.yuniie


Tourist places near Phuong Nam marine ecological area

Besides resort activities, buffet and shopping, you can combine visiting popular destinations near Phuong Nam resort such as:

– Can Gio Beach (1.4km away): The famous beach attracts tourists with beautiful natural scenery, clear blue beach. Besides, when coming to Can Gio beach, you can also participate in many attractive recreational games on the sea and take a walk to watch the romantic sunset. In the evening at Can Gio beach, you can open a seafood barbecue party, organize many attractive teambuilding activities. 

Combine to go to Can Gio beach. Photo: Photo: @_bominiekookie

– Can Gio Park (7km away): Can Gio Park has a total area of ​​100ha, integrated with many entertainment themes to attract visitors such as: Zoo, indoor amusement park, water park area , amusement park, adventure area and shopping area. 

– Can Gio Mangrove Forest (2km away): Dubbed the “green lung” of Saigon, attracting tourists with its wild beauty and rich flora and fauna. Exploring Can Gio mangrove forest, you will learn about the life of rare animals such as iguanas, wild cats, otters, wild boars, crocodiles, pythons…   

Can Gio Mangrove Forest

– Can Gio Monkey Island (6km away): It is a place to preserve and nurture more than 1000 monkeys with many different species. Visiting this place you will enjoy the fresh air, explore the ecosystem and feed the monkeys. 

Hopefully, the above advice will help you have interesting experiences when coming to the Phuong Nam marine eco-tourism area . Don’t forget to save your Saigon travel experience for the perfect next trip. 

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