Vietnamese food: 20 delicious dishes to try in Vietnam
duonghanhnguyen 29-07-2021, 14:35

Vietnam is always in the top culinary paradise of the world. The travel site The Culture Trip has put together a list of 20 most worth-trying dishes in Vietnam.

1. Quang Noodles

This dish is a specialty of Quang Nam province but is popular throughout the country. Ingredients include noodles, peanuts, rice paper, roasted pork and a yellow broth of turmeric. Many international tourists, when enjoying Quang noodles when coming to Vietnam, have praised this as the perfect dish.

2. Pho

Every day in Vietnam, millions of bowls of pho are served. This is always considered the most famous and most attractive dish of Vietnamese cuisine in the eyes of international tourists.

3. Spring rolls

This is the perfect Vietnamese snack, with key ingredients like shrimp, vermicelli, pork, and healthy greens wrapped in thin, chewy rice paper.

4. Braised beef

This dish is especially loved for breakfast or lunch. Chefs can replace beef with any other meat, simmering over low heat with fish sauce, sugar and fresh coconut milk, carrots, onions and coriander. The most common way to enjoy this dish is to tear each piece of bread and dip it in the sauce and serve it with the casserole.

5. Bun Cha

Bun Cha is a representative of Hanoi’s culinary style. The main ingredients include rice vermicelli, grilled pork, fish sauce and a variety of spices and herbs served.

6. Spring rolls (Southern) / Fried spring rolls (Northern)

The spring rolls are made from minced pork, eggs, cat ear mushrooms and vegetables wrapped in rice paper and deep fried in oil. This dish is popular all over the world with many different versions.

7. Noodles with fish sauce

This dish is modified by locals with many different ingredients, depending on the region, but the following ingredients are indispensable: rice vermicelli, seafood, pork, some spices and herbs. especially the seasoning sauce.

8. Grilled chicken with lemongrass

Grilled lemongrass chicken is similar to other famous Vietnamese vermicelli dishes, except that the main ingredient is marinated, grilled chicken with lemongrass, which is extremely attractive.

9. Broken rice

This is a very popular lunch in Saigon, with a plate of broken rice served with grilled pork or pork ribs, pickles and some spices.

10. Fried squid

Vietnam is a coastal country, so fresh squid is easy to buy and popular in Vietnamese cuisine. Usually, squid is ironed in medium pieces and deep-fried in breadcrumbs. This dish is loved by all ages and regions because it is very easy to eat.

11. Hue beef noodle soup

Hue cuisine is famous for its harmonious flavors of spicy, sour, salty and sweet – and Bun Bo Hue is a great example. The broth is made from beef bone broth simmered with lemongrass and fish sauce. The bowl of vermicelli is served with beef, pork, bigger and thicker Northern noodles and lots of spices. In particular, Hue people like to eat spicy food, so chili and pepper are two indispensable things to make up the special flavor of this dish.

12. Bread

Millions of loaves of bread are baked every day, not only delicious, cheap but also full of nutrients and portable for a breakfast rush.

13. Braised fish

The fish is continuously boiled in cooking oil, stock, garlic, onions, salt, fish sauce and coconut water inside the clay pot to create an extremely attractive flavor.

14. Pancakes

Banh Xeo flour is made from rice flour and turmeric powder, thinly coated, crispy, the filling is made from beef, shrimp, bean sprouts served with herbs, sweet and sour fish sauce.

15. Salad (Southern) / Nom (Northern)

The salad/mannequin dishes usually have the main ingredients from grated green papaya, shredded cabbage,… along various kinds of pork, chicken, peanuts, spices mixed with lemon and garlic. , chili, fish sauce. The dish is sour, spicy, salty, sweet and cool, very easy to eat.

16. Stir-fried morning glory with garlic

The green morning glory is stir-fried with garlic and greasy cooking oil. Even those who do not like to eat green vegetables are easily “fallen in love” with this rustic dish.

17. High floor

Cao Lau is a specialty of Hoi An. Although it is varied in many different styles and flavors, this dish is only most attractive when enjoyed in its homeland.

18. Fish cake

The fish is marinated with turmeric, ginger, garlic and fish sauce. When eating, diners will fry it on a pan with dill and green onions, served with rice vermicelli. Like other dishes of Hanoi cuisine, cha ca is the perfect balance of flavor and texture.

19. Snails

Vietnamese food: 20 delicious dishes to try in Vietnam

Vietnamese people love to eat snails and the types of snails here are also extremely diverse in both types and processing methods. Locals often eat snails when sipping with beer or a little rice wine.

20. Fried dough

Crispy dough with eggs and green onions is quite an attractive breakfast dish. This dish is often sold on trolleys in the streets of South Vietnam. Follow Theculturetrip