Instantly check delicious restaurants in Ecopark that fascinate gourmets
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Ecopark Hung Yen has long become a “mecca of delicious food” loved by many people, if you want to have a delicious meal, if you want to eat deliciously, please visit the delicious restaurants in the famous Ecopark.

Not only is Ecopark Hung Yen a green paradise with a luxurious – fine – smooth campus and countless virtual living spots that fascinate young people, but Ecopark Hung Yen is also a culinary paradise with countless attractive culinary addresses. The delicious restaurants in Ecopark have a very diverse culinary style, but they all have the common characteristic that the space is 10 points and the quality is 10+ points. That’s why tourists or locals often come here when they need to fill their “hungry stomach”. 

Instantly check delicious restaurants in Ecopark that fascinate gourmets

Ecopark has many delicious restaurants for you to fill your stomach. Photo: My Tuong Vien – Ecopark Urban Area

Delicious eateries in Ecopark that the ‘diners’ cannot be ignored 

1. At Fresco’s Ecopark Delivery

For those who love Western dishes such as pizza or steak, Al Fresco’s in Ecopark is the ideal destination. This is a very famous European-American cuisine brand in Vietnam with a chain of 40 stores across major cities. Al Fresco’s space is modern and luxurious, creating a comfortable feeling for diners. The dishes here are also very diverse, most notably pizzas, European-style salads, garlic bread, grilled ribs, pasta, steaks…

Al Fresco’s is the western paradise in Ecopak. Photo: Al Fresco’s

The menu of dishes here is extremely attractive. Photo: Al Fresco’s

Address: A17 Pho Truc, Ecopark Urban Area, Van Giang, Hung Yen

Phone: 024 6261 8622

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2. OSAKA Mushroom Hotpot

In the green city of Ecopark, OSAKA Mushroom Hotpot is an extremely popular brand of natural mushroom hotpot. The nutritious and delicious dishes with the typical culinary style of the land of the rising sun are very popular with foodies. 

OSAKA Mushroom Hotpot is a famous hot pot restaurant in Ecopak. Photo: OSAKA Mushroom Hotpot

Most of the dishes of this delicious restaurant in Ecopark are made from natural mushrooms that are good for health such as Tung Nhung, Golden Bo Liver, Cordyceps Mushrooms, Goat Belly Mushrooms, Ke Tung Mushrooms, Black Tiger Claw Mushrooms. … These mushrooms are selected and imported directly from Japan, Korea and in Vietnam, so the quality is very assured.

The mushroom table here offers quality and nutritious meals. Photo: OSAKA Mushroom Hotpot

With the business philosophy of taking customer’s health as the focus, OSAKA Mushroom Hotpot brings delicious food, effective health supplements. If you have checked-in at the restaurant at Ecopark OSAKA Mushroom Hotpot, do not miss the holy mushroom hotpot here. 

Address: 168 Villas Marina Ecopark Hung Yen, Hung Yen

Phone number: 088 672 11 08

3. Trau Ngon Restaurant

With a very own and unique culinary style, Trau Ngon Qua restaurant is one of the delicious restaurants in Ecopark that makes a strong impression on diners. Right from the name, it arouses curiosity and entices visitors to want to come and enjoy. 

Buffalo Ngon Too arouses curiosity right from the name. Photo: Delicious Buffalo

The style of the shop is rustic with wood tones and bright lights, this place creates a feeling of closeness and familiarity like home with a wooden gate as tall as a gate in the countryside, rows of green coconuts, jars, rocks Rocks or waterfalls… All give the other a feeling of peace and relaxation. The menu of Trau Ngon Qua restaurant is very diverse with more than 100 dishes from buffalo meat as the main ingredient, especially Northwest buffalo jerky. The processing method is also very diverse from salads, stir-fries, grilled, braised, stewed to extremely delicious hotpot. 

Attractive menu with more than 100 dishes from buffalo. Photo: Delicious Buffalo

The food is both beautiful and delicious. Photo: Delicious Buffalo

Address: Lot 149 – 150 steppe area, Ecopark urban area, Van Giang, Hung Yen

Phone number: 077 733 3866

4. My Tuong Vien

Check-in at Ecopark if you want to find a comfortable, clean, and secure dining space, My Tuong Vien is a great choice. This delicious eatery in Ecopark has a minimalist yet impressive space that is both traditional and modern. The kitchen space here is designed to be open, so diners can see first-hand the chefs’ skillful actions when cooking. 

My Tuong Vien has a bold Chinese space. Photo: My Tuong Vien

The restaurant offers diners famous Chinese dishes with extremely attractive flavors. Coming to My Tuong Vien, you will hardly be able to ignore the rice dishes, hot pot, Dimsum or attractive noodle dishes. 

Extensive menu with standard Chinese flavors. Photo: My Tuong Vien

Dimsum is one of the attractive dishes at the restaurant. Photo: My Tuong Vien

Address: 29 – 30 Pho Truc, Ecopark urban area, Van Giang, Hung Yen Hung Yen, Hung Yen

Phone number: 090 322 5455

5. AB sushi

Referring to delicious places to eat in Ecopark, you will definitely find it hard to ignore sushi and AB Sushi is the perfect check-in point for you to enjoy this typical Japanese dish. AB Sushi ecopark is not only impressed by the attractiveness of the dishes but also the limitless creative inspirations that bring new experiences to diners is what makes a strong impression.

AB Sushi has a small and delicate space. Photo: AB Sushi

The beautiful little shop located on the 2nd floor offers an airy and relaxing space for diners. The sushi here is very attractive made from fresh ingredients, not only that the sashimi from AB kitchen will also make you hard to refuse, the restaurant also has standard Japanese dishes such as rolls, grilled beef, fried dishes combo form. The thin, fat, smooth slices of fish are cut decisively with the original taste from the ocean at AB that will surely knock you out from the very first try. 

Attractive sushi with diverse flavors. Photo: AB Sushi

Address: 2nd floor Dien Bao cafe – 01 Thuy Nguyen, Ecopark

Phone number: 0867 622 669

6. Fuji Ecopark Restaurant 

In the heart of the green city of Ecopark, Phu Sy restaurant is a great rendezvous for those who like a simple but cozy and comfortable space. The restaurant operates with the criterion of Energy balance – Good for health, so all ingredients are 100% natural or raised in a farm environment that meets strict quality standards. 

Phu Sy Restaurant is a favorite meeting point for those who love Japanese food. Photo: Fuji Restaurant

The main dishes of this delicious restaurant in Ecopark are very diverse, from birds, lobsters, pork to ducks… all of which are skillfully prepared to create delicious dishes that are “please come and have a good time.” please go.”

Roast duck is the most expensive dish of Phu Sy restaurant. Photo: Fuji Restaurant

Address: No. 152 Thuy Nguyen, Ecopark Urban Area, Van Giang, Hung Yen

Phone: 0976 925 638

Traveling to Hung Yen , in addition to enjoying famous specialties, you should not miss the opportunity to check-in delicious restaurants in Ecopark to enjoy attractive cuisine in a luxurious – genuine – smooth space of the land of jokes. period. 

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