The attraction from the sunflower field in Gio Linh Quang Tri
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No need to go far, right at Gio Linh Quang Tri, you can delight with your sister’s association and check-in to live a beautiful virtual life with sunflower fields. Let’s “note” the experiences of going to the super beautiful sunflower field in Gio Linh Quang Tri below.

Locate the coordinates of the sunflower field in Gio Linh

The sunflower field in Gio Linh is located in Hao Son village, Gio An commune, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri province, also known as Gio An sunflower garden. Coming to this famous sunflower field in the Gio Linh district, you will admire the beautiful golden color of sunflowers. Let’s enjoy forming a team to check in shimmering virtual life right at this famous flower field as a souvenir.

The attraction from the sunflower field in Gio Linh Quang Tri
The sunflower field in Gio Linh attracts young people. Photo: tintuc

The best time to go to the sunflower field in Gio Linh

The best time to take beautiful virtual photos at the sunflower field in Gio Linh Quang Tri is early morning. You should depart at about 8 am and around 9 – 10 am will reach Gio Linh. At this time, it is sunny and not too harsh, you will be able to check-in in virtual life with shimmering pictures. In addition, you can also take pictures in the afternoon, but it is quite sunny and tired. One more note, you should check the weather forecast before going to avoid cloudy rainy days that will not take good pictures. 

Regarding the things to bring to take pictures, you should prepare a skirt, t-shirt, jeans or comfortable clothes. In particular, do not forget to bring your phone and camera to keep the best photos.

The best time to go to the sunflower field in Gio Linh

How to go to Gio An sunflower garden 

Gio An Sunflower Garden is about 25km from Dong Ha city center, so you can easily move to this place. The nearest distance is that you can go in the direction of National Highway 1A and DT 75 about 36 minutes to reach the sunflower garden. You can also follow Tel 74, but it will be about 2km further. In general, the road is beautiful and you can easily travel by motorbike. If you do not know the way, you can ask people on the road or look it up on google maps.

In case you do not know the way and want to move quickly, you can hire a taxi departing from the center of Dong Ha town. Taxi rental price fluctuates about 250,000 VND / way will go directly to the sunflower field in Gio Linh Quang Tri . 

How to go to Gio An sunflower garden 

Opening times and entrance fees

You should also “pocket” information about the opening time and entrance fee of Gio An sunflower garden as follows:

– Opening time: From 5 am to 6 pm daily

– Ticket price: 20,000 VND/adult 

Check-in ‘fired up’ at the sunflower field in Gio Linh  

If before, you need to move to Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, or far away from Da Lat to live a beautiful virtual life with sunflowers. Now, right in Gio Linh district, you will be satisfied with your hobby with a beautiful sunflower field that enchants people. The sunflower field in Gio Linh with a total area of ​​about 2000m2 is an attractive destination for young people when they come to Quang Tri to admire the scenery and take pictures. Although the area of ​​​​the flower garden is not too large, the special thing is that the flowers here are very large and more beautiful than in many places.

Check-in “fired up” at the sunflower field in Gio Linh. Photo: ipa.quangtri 

In order to have beautiful angles at the sunflower field blooming brightly, you should choose the right outfit. It can be a long shirt, skirt or jeans, t-shirt. Along with that, you should also combine with solo poses, couples or groups of friends. Experience to take beautiful pictures is that you should choose the time when the sunlight will shine more shimmering. In addition, in the flower field, there are swings and many other miniatures to serve the photography needs of visitors. 

Enough beautiful virtual living corners in the flower field. Photo: ipa.quangtri

Gio An Sunflower Garden not only attracts young people, but is also a famous wedding photography location that is loved by many couples. After taking pictures, you can walk around a flower garden to admire the beautiful scenery and breathe in the fresh air here. 

The ideal destination to live virtual with your aunt and uncle. Photo: ipa.quangtri

The sunflower field in Gio Linh is located in the Gio An ancient well system. So, after taking pictures, you can combine visiting the ancient well here with more than 5,000 years old. The special thing about these ancient wells is that, located at the foot of the slopes, are made up of stone embankments exploited through underground water sources. No matter how harsh the weather, the water in the well never runs dry. It is also an interesting and attractive thing for many tourists when they have the opportunity to come to Gio Linh Quang Tri. 

Sunflowers bloom beautifully. Photo: ipa.quangtri

Some notes when going to the sunflower field in Gio Linh

Here are some notes you should know when visiting and taking pictures at the sunflower field in Gio Linh district :

– Do not arbitrarily pluck flowers, step on flowers during the photoshoot. 

– If you want to buy sunflowers to take home or buy a bunch to take pictures of, you should contact the garden owner first. 

– Avoid going on a cloudy, rainy day, it will be difficult to move and not take pictures. 

– After taking pictures, if you want to eat and drink, you can move to the central area of ​​Gio Linh district with many restaurants.

Hopefully, the information shared above will help you own yourself the most beautiful and sparkling pictures at this sunflower field in Gio Linh . Besides, you can refer to: Quang Tri travel experience for useful knowledge for the trip.

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