Delicious dishes to try when going on a day tour to Saigon
daitranvan 14-07-2021, 14:42

Saigon is the intersection of many unique and unique cultures, so the cuisine here is also extremely diverse. If you have the opportunity to go on a day tour to Saigon, you do not have enough time to enjoy all the delicious dishes here, you can prioritize choosing to taste these dishes.

Crab soup cake

Photo: @chanlovefoods

Nutrient-rich with shrimp, peeled crab, lean meat, easy to eat flavor, soft chewy noodles mixed with hot, sweet and sticky broth is what makes crab soup become a delicious Saigon dish. Visitors to each other must definitely try. Crab soup is easy to eat and is available in every corner, from popular shops to luxury restaurants. So you can enjoy this dish at any time of the day.


Photo: Beef Stew

Quality breakfast with braised beef will make your day trip to Saigon more memorable. Famous for this dish is Bo Kho Round, a fairly famous restaurant located right on Truong Sa Street, District 3. A portion of the meal here is quite quality, the special bowl is added with flower corn. The muscle is soft, succulent, with alternating fatty veins and veins. The broth is cooked thickly, has a sweet taste, and smells of anise, but lacks a bit of aftertaste.

Rolled rice paper 1m

Photo: @thithi5597

Impressive with a length of up to 1m, rice paper rolls on Truong Chinh Street, Tan Binh District are dishes that attract many young tourists to buy and try every time they have the opportunity to travel to Saigon. This dish has the main topping of shrimp, quail eggs, mango, peanuts, fried onions, laksa leaves… When enjoying, the seller cuts each piece and coats it with beef jerky, fried garlic, peanuts, mayonnaise, soy sauce. chili with sauce.

Mixed rice paper

Photo: Ansapsaigon

One day exploring Saigon cuisine, you definitely do not miss the strange and delicious fried fish cake. Here, mixed rice paper can be varied in many ways such as mixing beef, spring rolls, crab, etc. The chewy red rice paper is the most important ingredient to make the soul of the dish. Peanuts, sauces, bean sprouts… combine to create an irresistible taste.

Fried bread

Photo: @mitsfoody Pha Lau

Bread is the perfect combination of two familiar ingredients, bread and crackers, creating a new but equally attractive taste. A loaf of bread filled with pork loin, sour foods and rich sauces brings an unforgettable aftertaste for all diners at first taste.