Top 10 Hanoi book cafes with the BEST BOOKS 2021
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The top 10 Hanoi book cafes below will give you a quiet space to sip coffee and immerse yourself in the pages of a book. In particular, the shops are highly appreciated for their unique and rich source of books.

1. Tranquil Cafe – The quietest book cafe to study and work

  • Address : 5 Nguyen Quang Bich, Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Get directions to Tranquil Books & Coffee
  • Fanpage of Hanoi book cafe Tranquil
  • Drinks reference price : From 40,000 VND
  • Opening hours : 8am – 10pm

Located at the end of a small alley in the heart of the capital, Tranquil Books & Cafe is a famous Hanoi book cafe, most sought after by its extremely quiet space. The shop has a lot of books in the genre of modern literature, foreign literature suitable for young people. Moreover, because it is located in an alley on a street not many people pass by, the cafe seems to be completely separate from the noise and hustle of life outside. The strange point here is that even at the time when the restaurant is most crowded, everyone seems to adhere to an “implicit rule” of not talking or whispering very softly. Visitors here are immersed in the pages of books or concentrated on the laptop.

Tranquil is a quiet book cafe in Hanoi, visitors come here all read books or study or work

You can see more detailed reviews of the book cafe below.

The space of the shop is very quiet, although it is crowded, everyone works in order shop has many titles of modern Vietnamese literature, foreign literature, and novels suitable for young people’s taste this is also a beautiful Hanoi book cafe with vintage design, red brick walls bring a warm feeling shop often organizes events such as talks, singing live music, …
The indoor space is a bit dark (especially in the evening), if you like a place with a lot of light, you should consider the shop is located in an alley, so visitors have to park their cars in another street and walk-in

What makes Tranquil Cafe different is the interesting events held here. It can be a discussion, guests come to the shop to discuss books together. It can also be a live music performance, guests can play Trinh, Jazz, and Ballad music by themselves, creating a relaxing and comfortable space for readers. 

Music exchange at Hanoi Tranquil book cafe. Source: Internet

Tranquil Cafe is definitely the ideal place for those who are looking for a Hanoi book cafe to study and work. The cafe currently has 3 locations in Hanoi:

  • 5/8 Nguyen Quang Bich
  • 18B Nguyen Bieu 
  • 15B Tran Hung Dao 

2. Nha Nam Book Cafe with many new foreign books

  • Address : 115/D1 Tran Huy Lieu, Giang Vo, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • Get directions to Nha Nam Book N’ Coffee
  • Drinks reference price : From 20,000 VND
  • Opening hours : 8am – 10pm

Nha Nam Books N’ Coffee is definitely a Hanoi book cafe for bookworms Nha Nam – the number 1 book publisher among young people today. Not only has a large and beautiful space, but it also features a wide variety of books, typical of the Nha Nam brand. Books are constantly updated, including many foreign titles of famous authors in the world today with all kinds of genres from literature, novels, non-fiction to comics, …

Hanoi book cafe Nha Nam

You can see more detailed reviews of the book cafe below.

The shop has a rich source of quality books from the prestigious book publisher Nha NamThe space is spacious, with 2 floors for guests to have enough privacy space
Because the bar is right in the reading area (1st floor), it’s a bit noisy on weekends, the book cafe is often crowded with people, including children, so there is little privacy There are few electrical outlets around the tables, so guests who want to use laptops for work should consider

The space of the Hanoi Nha Nam book cafe is designed in a modern and beautiful way. The huge bookshelves make it look like a big library. 

Eye-catching design inside Nha Nam book cafe in Hanoi

The book cafe currently has many branches in the South and in the North. In which, Hanoi has two addresses:

  • 115/D1 Tran Huy Lieu, Giang Vo, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • Shop House 10, Park 6, Times City urban area, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

3. Blue Bird’s Nest – Cafe for reading books and watching movies

  • Address : No. 13, lane 19, Dang Dung, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • Get directions to Blue Bird’s Nest
  • Fanpage of Hanoi book cafe Green Bird’s Nest
  • Drinks reference price : From 25,000 VND
  • Opening hours : 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m

Tucked away in a small alley leading to the old dormitory on Dang Dung Street, To Chim Xanh is a Hanoi book cafe with many cultural and artistic exchanges, especially in the field of movies. With this feature, the books in the shop also have a lot of topics on literature, culture – society, philosophy, art, etc. In particular, this place is not only a reading cafe but also a bookshop. a community of art film enthusiasts. The shop regularly organizes free movie screenings, bringing special foreign films with high humanistic meaning. 

A movie screening at Hanoi’s book cafe, Blue Bird’s Nest. Source: Internet

You can see more detailed reviews of the book cafe below.

The shop has a lot of books related to art, cultural fields and movies there is quite a large garden space and a balcony floor for guests who like to read books outdoors regularly organize free movie sessions, exchange and comment on movies there are also cultural events such as book fairs, crafts fairs, drawing classes, and more. Dogs and cats are allowed in the shop
Because it is located in a small alley, the way is a bit difficult to find, you can contact the shop first for instructions since the shop allows cats and dogs to enter, guests who do not like to be disturbed by animals should consider this

Although located in a dormitory, the cafe is still very spacious and spacious with 2 floors and a garden. The first floor is a warm space with melodious music for you to comfortably drop your soul into the pages of a book. The 2nd floor is an airy open space with an outdoor terrace, from here you can admire the ancient beauty of the old dormitories, inhale the strong scent of milk flowers emanating from the ancient trees planted in the middle of the area. home.

Hanoi book cafe Green Bird’s Nest with open space on the balcony and large bookshelves for reading needs

It can be said that Blue Bird’s Nest is a peaceful resting place for the soul of anyone who is caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are many interesting social events and workshops for guests to join for free, which you can follow on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

4. The most beautiful Hanoi book cafe: Work Cafe

  • Address : 4th floor, tower B, Vincom Shopping Center, 191 Ba Trieu, Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
  • Get directions to Work Cafe
  • Fanpage Work Cafe
  • Drinks reference price : From 50,000 VND
  • Opening hours : 9:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m

Work Cafe (also known as Nest by AIA) can be said to be the most beautiful book cafe in Hanoi. The space of the restaurant is designed in a modern and polite style, making the most of natural light with transparent glass windows on the wall. Because there are many large glass doors, located on the 4th floor, Work cafe has a beautiful view overlooking Ba Trieu street. In particular, inspired by the movie Inception, the unique highlight here is the bookcases pulled from the ground to the ceiling, you will have the feeling that you can see books everywhere, bringing the spirit of “knowledge is everywhere”.

Hanoi book cafe nice view Work Cafe

You can see more detailed reviews of the book cafe below.

The shop has an open space with large glass doors, beautiful view from above the shop has diverse working areas: sitting, lounge chairs, high tables and chairs suitable for many groups of customers menu of the restaurant is diverse and delicious, with an eye-catching layout suitable for young people who like to check-in in virtual lifeThe shop has many foreign books (both Vietnamese and English translations)Occasionally there are events to discuss and discuss issues in life
Drinks and side dishes have a high price because the restaurant is not only modernly invested but also has a prime location (located in Vincom Ba Trieu Shopping Center). Quite difficult to find the restaurant. You have to park the car in the Vincom basement, go to the 4th floor and then go through the horizontal corridor to the next building

Coming to Work Cafe, guests can order drinks and enjoy beautifully decorated cakes. The teas served here are all very special, selected from famous French brands.

Nice set of drinks and cakes at Hanoi Work Cafe book cafe

Work Cafe Hanoi is both a beautiful, quiet place for guests to read and work and a place for companies to organize seminars, talks, or social events.

5. Le Petit Cafe – Hanoi’s oldest book cafe

  • Address : 35 Ha Hoi, Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Get directions to Le Petit Cafe
  • Fanpage of Hanoi book cafe Le Petit
  • Drinks reference price : From 30,000 VND

Le Petit Cafe is an old Hanoi book cafe. The whole shop is an ancient house located in a small alley in Ha Hoi hamlet. Details such as worn wooden tables and chairs, confetti on the front porch, or cabinets for thousands of Vietnamese literature books with decades of age bring a classic and very peaceful space.

Hanoi book cafe Le Petit Cafe looks ancient

You can see more detailed reviews of the book cafe below.

The space is quiet and cozy, suitable for customers who like places with ancient beauty shop has a book exchange cafe offers old-fashioned snacks such as o mai, lemon nuggets, … that remind you of childhood
The address of the shop is a bit difficult to find because it is located in a small alley shop doesn’t have many new books, most of them are old books shop does not have air conditioning but only a fan, so if you come to the summer, it can be a bit hot

In particular, Le Petit Cafe book cafe offers childhood snacks of the 8x and 9x generations such as o mai xi soo, o mai string, lemon nuggets, C candies, etc. 

O mai xi soo dish reminds me of the childhood of the 8x and 9x generations. Source: Internet

Le Petit Cafe is the ideal place for those who need a peaceful place to read books, to nostalgic.

6. Moc Mien Cafe has a romantic view of West Lake

  • Address : 133 Nguyen Dinh Thi, lakeside road, Tay Ho, Hanoi
  • Get directions to Moc Mien Cafe
  • Book cafe Hanoi Moc Mien
  • Drinks reference price : From 15,000 VND

Moc Mien is a small Hanoi book cafe located on the shores of West Lake . The shop is located on Nguyen Dinh Thi street – the most beautiful and romantic street running along the lakeside with green coconut trees. Moc Mien cafe has large glass windows, creating an open space facing the cool lake. Here, guests can read books, sip a cup of coffee and drop their souls watching the blue sky and white clouds, watching the ripples on the lake.

Moc Mien book cafe in Hanoi has a view overlooking the romantic West Lake. Source: Internet

You can see more detailed reviews of the book cafe below.

Hanoi book cafe has a romantic view of West LakeThe shop has a variety of books, from literature to novels, comics of Vietnam and abroad space of the restaurant is simple and quiet, meticulously arranged by the owner for each small corner cheap Hanoi book cafe with very affordable drinks (from 15,000 VND)
Drinks here only have some basic coffee or soft drinks shop only has flat seats, so it may not be suitable for some elderly customers with back pain

Moc Mien space is just like its name: gentle, simple, and peaceful. Each small corner of the shop is meticulously and neatly arranged. Books are everywhere, on wooden cabinets, small bars are also used as bookshelves. The 2nd floor is where young people have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of comics and comics. The 3rd floor is a completely quiet space with bookcases filled with classic literary novels to hot books on the book street.

A corner of the 3rd floor of Hanoi’s book cafe Moc Mien. Source: Internet

Moc Mien book cafe Hanoi is a destination for guests who love the poetic beauty of the West Lake.

7. East West Book Cafe – The largest book space in Hanoi Ha

  • Address : In Hacinco Student Village, 99 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
  • Get directions to East West Book Cafe
  • Website :
  • Drinks reference price : From 20,000 VND
  • Opening hours : 7am – 10pm

Dong Tay Book Cafe is the largest book space in Hanoi today. This place is literally a book library, first-time visitors will be overwhelmed by the huge amount of books at the shop. The towering bookshelves are placed close to the wall, making visitors feel like the walls are built by books. The shop has many branches, of which the largest is the East-West Cultural Space in Nguy Nhu Kon Tum (Thanh Xuan district) with an area of ​​more than 1,000 m 2 and thousands of books.

The East-West cultural space is the largest book cafe in Hanoi. Source: Internet

You can see more detailed reviews of the book cafe below.

Book cafe has the largest area in Hanoi with many areas such as: a reading area for children, a sitting area, a wooden table and chairs, lounge area. The shop is designed like a real book library with a huge source of books, customers can buy or borrow books to read the shop also sells school supplies shop has many promotions for students, sometimes there are music events or cultural talks
The East-West cultural space has a reading area for young children, if you do not want to be noisy, you should choose a place far from this area. Drinks at the bar are simple, only basic coffee or juices

It is not an exaggeration to compare the Hanoi East-West book cafe to a library. This place not only allows guests to read books for free but also has a process to buy and borrow books. Currently, Dong Tay cafe has two forms of borrowing:

  • Register for a book loan card with the rate: 60,000 VND/card for 3 months.
  • Borrowing without a card: the reading fee is VND 3,000/book/day. Each loan can be borrowed up to 3 books within 7 days, can be extended once (3 days) / 1 loan.
Guests can read books at the shop, if interested, they can buy or borrow them. Source: Internet

Hanoi Dong Tay book cafe has 5 branches with specific addresses as follows:

  • In Hacinco Student Village, 99 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi Ha
  • 3, alley 41 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • House M5 (end of lane 95 Chua Boc)
  • House N11A, Unit 3, Dich Vong, Cau Giay
  • Villa 41 townhouses 13 Xa La urban area, Ha Dong

8. Group meeting, club meeting at Hanoi Book cafe Bookn’ Coffee

  • Address : No. 1, Lane 1, Truong Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
  • Get directions to Bookn’ Coffee
  • Fanpage of Hanoi book cafe Bookn’ Coffee
  • Drinks reference price : From 20,000 VND

Bookn’ Coffee is a Hanoi book cafe suitable for group meetings and club meetings. The shop has a cute and cozy space with many comic books for young people to relax together. The sitting area at the bar also helps you sit close together, easier to communicate with each other. At the shop, instead of just burying their heads in the pages of their own books, people often come here to talk to each other or discuss a certain book.

Friendly and cozy space at Hanoi Book cafe Bookn’ Coffee. Source: Internet

You can see more detailed reviews of the book cafe below.

The space is cozy, with flat seats, many comic books to relax, so it is suitable for groups of young people to come to group meetings, club meetings. In addition to books, the shop provides some toys such as seahorses, board games, etc. for groups of young people to entertain shop has a guitar for customers to exchange music with each other
The books in the shop are mainly comics, so if you want to read a lot about novels and literature, you should consider because the shop has many groups of students coming to group meetings, space can be a bit noisy for guests who like quiet shop has the policy to order drinks with the right number of people

The 3rd floor of Bookn’ Coffee book cafe has a lot of comic books of all kinds, entertainment toys (seahorses, Uno cards, all kinds of board games, …) and guitar. Therefore, young people who come here to meet groups and clubs can comfortably use and do not worry about boredom.

Book Cafe Hanoi Book’ Coffee offers an ideal space for young people to gather. Source: Internet

If you are looking for a Hanoi book cafe to relax and entertain, without worrying too much about keeping quiet, Bookn’ Coffee will be the most appropriate choice.

9. Book Coffee Shop is small and cozy

  • Address : 12/75 Nguyen Cong Hoan, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
  • Get directions to Book Coffee Shop
  • Fanpage of Hanoi book cafe Book Coffee Shop
  • Reference price : From 25,000 VND

Book Coffee Shop is a Hanoi book cafe with a nice and cozy little book space, bringing a sense of privacy. The shop has only 1 floor and 1 loft, the “nerds” coming here will love the feeling of being tucked into a quiet little corner to sip each page of old books. The shop has many books but mostly old books, but this is also a very unique point because many times you will find a unique and strange book that the market is no longer available.

A small reading corner at Book Coffee Shop cafe. Source: Internet

You can see more detailed reviews of the book cafe below.

The shop has a diverse source of books with many genres from many countries. In particular, the shop has many old and unique books cafe serves both fast food and lunch at affordable prices occasionally, there are events to donate to charity, exchange and buy books for customers in need
Loft area is a bit darkThe restaurant has a small space, large groups of people (5 people or more) should be noted the book system is not clearly classified, so customers may waste time finding the desired genre

Book coffee shop Hanoi Book Coffee Shop not only serves drinks but also has attractive lunch/dinner meals at affordable prices such as: bacon, shrimp rice, noodles, garlic bread,… menu varies by day). Guests who come here to read books can rest assured to “plugin” from morning to night without worrying about being hungry.

The dinner menu at Hanoi book cafe Book Coffee Shop. Source: Internet

Book Coffee Shop is definitely a Hanoi book cafe for those who want to find a cozy little corner to read books all day long.

10. Hanoi Encyclopedia Book Cafe

  • Address : 106 K6B lane 48 Ta Quang Buu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
  • Get directions to Hanoi Bach Khoa book cafe
  • Drinks reference price : From 20,000 VND
  • Opening hours : 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m

Hanoi Bach Khoa book cafe is the destination of many students. Due to mainly serving students, there are not only many books here but also textbooks and reference books for learning. This place not only has a convenient location (located in the Polytechnic University area) but also has a cozy and cute space. The shop has a double table, a long table or a sofa, suitable for you to work alone or study in a group.

The space of Hanoi Bach Khoa book cafe is diverse, suitable for students to read books and study in groups. Source: Internet

You can see more detailed reviews of the book cafe below.

The space of the shop is located in an alley so it is quiet, the space is wide with a cute design, suitable for students’ taste the shop has 2 floors: the first floor mainly displays books and the second floor has a movie theater The cafe also serves some snacks such as french fries, melon seeds, etc.
The location of the shop is a bit difficult to find because it is located at the end of the alley, moreover, in the alley, the house numbers are mixed with even and odd numbers 1st floor is a bit noisy due to the sound of the bartender, guests want to be quieter, so go to the 2nd floor

In addition to reading books, the shop is also a movie cafe complex. If the first floor is for you to read and study, the second floor is a more private space to watch movies. The second floor of the restaurant has more private rooms for guests to watch movies (paid), the space is very suitable for couples.

Private movie room at Bach Khoa book cafe. Source: Internet

With the top 10 Hanoi book cafes above, hopefully, you will find the most suitable destination to comfortably read, study and work. Do not forget to share with Vinlove about your experience in the comment section below.