Prenn Waterfall – A beautiful tourist area located at the foot of Prenn
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Located right at the foot of Prenn Pass, on the way from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat. Prenn waterfall is one of the waterfalls that still retains the wild beauty of the Central Highlands mountains. Let’s join Hoa Dalat Travel to visit this interesting waterfall.


The name Prenn is reminiscent of a distant time in the 15th – 17th centuries when the mountains and forests here were still the battlefield boundary of the wars of invasion and territorial defense. Prenn comes from the Cham language which means “invaded area”, while indigenous peoples such as Lat, Chil, and Sre call the invaders “Prenn people”. Reference: Da Lat Chicken Church

Prenn Waterfall – A beautiful tourist area located at the foot of Prenn

Gate of Prenn. waterfall tourist area

The way to the waterfall must pass through a stream with a beautiful small bridge. From a height of 30m, sparkling water glass beads drop to the lake surface forming a beautiful natural curtain of water.

The sound of rushing water, the sound of forest birds chirping, the sound of the wind rustling each thin pine branch, creating vibrant sounds like the joyful music of a spring girl rising to welcome visitors’ footsteps. At the foot of the waterfall, each petal shimmering and blooming makes the landscape even more charming.

Where is Prenn Waterfall Dalat?

The waterfall is located at the foot of Prenn Pass, about 10km from the center of Da Lat city

Address: Prenn Waterfall on Lien Khuong – Prenn Expressway, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong, Vietnam


To go to the waterfall is very simple because the waterfall is easy to find and the road is beautiful.

From the center, you go in the direction of Prenn Pass => at the end of the pass, look on the left-hand side, you will see the table of the Prenn waterfall tourist area in Da Lat.

Map to the waterfall

If you go for the first time, you can follow the following map to get to the fastest Prenn waterfall in Dalat

Prenn Waterfall ticket price

The current entrance ticket price of Prenn waterfall is as follows:

Adults: 30,000 VND

Children: 15,000 VND

What to play at Prenn waterfall?

Visitors can follow the paths leading to the zoo, orchid garden, or leisurely walk in the garden to watch the blooming flowers, the beautiful huts on the treetops, or swing with the suspension bridge across the small stream.From another angle, the rock garden of Thai Duong with an impromptu arrangement creates a pleasant surprise. Also, you can join other games such as:


To be able to see the waterfall and go into the waterfall, you can rent yourself a pontoon boat for 35,000 VND

Riding Elephants and Ostriches

If you love photography and a little thrill, you can try elephant riding or ostrich riding in this resort especially with the cable car system, visitors can cross the waterfall with the feeling of floating as if going into a fairyland… 

Since 1998, Prenn has been heavily invested, so it is a tourist attraction. In the waterfall campus, there is an ethnic suspension bridge, a crocodile-raising lake, and a few animals such as bears, crocodiles, and rubber rowing boats. Since Tet in 2003, this place has added Au Lac temple (based on the legend of Lac Long Quan and Au Co) on the high hill for visitors to visit and offer incense. Cable car on Prenn waterfall Rowing boat at the foot of Prenn waterfall. Famous places: Da Lat Clay Tunnel

In addition, Prenn waterfall also has a famous specialty, snakehead fish porridge. Fish is boneless, eaten with mustard (traditional Japanese dish) giving visitors an unforgettable feeling.

Located about 10km from the city center, next to National Highway 20 – at the foot of Prenn Pass, right at the gateway to the flower city – Da Lat. This is one of the most beautiful and charming waterfalls in the South Central Highlands.

Legend of Prenn waterfall Dalat

According to the legend told by the village elders, the name of the waterfall is derived from the first K’Ho language called Prenn – meaning Ca bitter after the people read the Prenn citadel.

The proof is that today, in the upstream area of ​​the waterfall, along both sides of the stream, there are still many wild Cacao trees growing wild. This type of eggplant has small and round fruit like eggplant, but the skin is green and has many white dots, yellow when ripe.

In the past, ethnic people used to process and eat bitter taste very delicious. According to ethnologists, the name of this waterfall comes from the Cham language. Prenn means encroached area.

This name comes from the rather persistent war of the ethnic minorities living on this land against the “Western advance” of the Cham people in Panduranga (Ninh Thuan) in the 17th century, and the people living in this land were fighting. The locality takes this name to name the majestic waterfall all year round, the water flows to create white mist in the whole area and since then the waterfall is called Prenn.

Prenn Waterfall is attracting more and more tourists to Dalat

Today, Prenn waterfall has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and granted a national cultural and historical relic certificate (in 2000). In the last few years, the waterfall has been embellished and opened to welcome tourists from  Da Lat with many types of waterfall tourism such as impressive cable car rides, boating, hanging bridges…

Especially in 2002, the management unit invested in building  An Lac temple on the top of a high mountain overlooking the waterfall.

The road to Au Lac temple was built of concrete in the form of three steps. The symbol of Lac Long Quan and his mother Au Co was carved right in front of the Thuong temple (the middle and lower temples are about to be built), while the symbol of 100 eggs is 100 pebbles (with stones weighing over a ton) transported from Ninh Binh. Thuan used a crane to bring up the temple carefully and quite elaborately.

It can be said that Prenn waterfall is the first highlight of tourists on the way to discover the wild nature of Dalat. Sights not to be missed: Cu Lan Village Dalat

Entertainment services at prenn . waterfall

If you want to travel with clouds and wind, you can sit on the cabin of the cable car system to find yourself the feeling of adventure when surfing through the waterfall. Not only that, coming to Prenn waterfall, visitors can also participate in unique games of indigenous people: shooting crossbows, shooting arrows, drinking can wine…

Or you can play elephant rides, take pictures of the ostrich to show off the unique pictures of  Da Lat city for your friends to admire.