Con Son – a unique community-based tourism village in Can Tho
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After stressful working days, you want to relax and travel to the West for a trip to have a new experience of Western life, Con Son Can Tho is an ideal destination for you. The unspoiled beauty of Son islet is like a jewel in the middle of the city and with the type of community tourism, Son islet has created a new identity for the tourism industry of Can Tho. Favored by nature with luxuriant fruit trees, abundant fish, and shrimp, coming here visitors can mingle with nature, learn about the simple life of the people of the South.

Con Son tourist pier

Con Son is a floating land in the middle of Hau River, also known as isle. Con Son is located in Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City. According to the map of France in 1949-1950 saved, Con Son is called “Tra Noc islet”; There is a document called Con Linh because, in ancient times, Binh Thuy was plagued by an epidemic, many corpses were washed in the river, buried by people, then many strange phenomena appeared, saying that people Due to the spirit of drowning, it was called Con Linh. 

In the 5th reign of King Tu Duc (1852), the mandarin Huynh Man Dat sat on a boat to patrol the Hau River, just arrived at Con Linh when he encountered a hurricane. The week government asked the elderly who needed shelter, they were only able to find the aisle with “peaceful canals, without big waves. The crops are prosperous, the people are happy and safe”. Tuan government agreed to name this area Binh Thuy, with Con Son islet lying horizontally. 

According to the seniors on the dune, before 1930, this island, formerly called Con Linh; Later, a lot of gardenia trees grew. The name Con Son was created for that reason. The gardenia trees are harvested from the sap used to paint wooden furniture. The original traditional occupation was harvesting the sap of the gardenia tree and making wood. Gradually, this profession gradually disappeared. People started to switch to growing fruit trees and raising fish.

Con Son tourist map

From the city center. In Can Tho, you go in the direction of National Highway 91. To Co Bac wharf (Binh Thuy ward, Binh Thuy district), then catch a boat to Con Son only takes about 5-10 minutes to arrive or rent a Can Tho boat at Ninh Kieu wharf . From a distance, Con Son looks wild when it is surrounded by cork trees, four sides are immense rivers.

Country road lined with green trees

Con Son has an area of ​​about 70 hectares of fertile land, alluvial deposits all year round, green gardens. In particular, the people of the country are honest, simple, and likable, but they are hospitable and enthusiastic, bringing closeness and affection that captivates any fastidious visitor when visiting this place.

Small bridge over the canal

Not far from the mainland, but Con Son has a completely different space. Visitors seem to step into another world, quiet and fresh with a simple and rustic beauty like the open world.

The typical monkey bridge of the Western River

The most attractive point of Can Tho Con Son tourism is the community-based tourism model that brings a new experience on every discovery journey. Community-based tourism is all households working together to do tourism. People here associate with each other on the basis of village love.

Peaceful natural scenery

Each household has its own character. Households with orchards are offered for visitors to choose from. Households with fish rafts will bring guests to visit. Households with skills will guide guests to make cakes. Each household has its own job and function. All make collective support, fully compensate for each other for Con Son tourism to develop and leave good impressions in the hearts of tourists.

Visitors enjoy the experience of canoeing

From raising fish rafts to supplying restaurants, the people of Con have taken advantage of their own production facilities on the river to turn them into attractions for tourists. Be fish farming village is located at the gateway to Con Son and is currently visited by delegations before officially stepping foot on the dunes. Here, in addition to learning about the care and processing process… visitors can also experience feeding fish. As soon as guests drop a handful of food prepared by the raft owner into the water, hundreds of fish will gather and splash in the water, creating an interesting and beautiful scene.

Con Son raft fishing village

At Song Khanh garden house, visitors are taught how to “feed rice” to fish.. At Cong Minh garden house, visitors can learn how to explode, visit how to make the fish sauce and be directly hosted by the host… Specialties of Con Son must mention the “jumping snakehead fish” located right in a garden house. In order for the fish to perform, the owner of the garden must form them to respond to the sound, by dividing the food daily, each feeding is using a knocker. This activity is repeated many times, causing thousands of fish to throw themselves into the air like “jumping” to grab the bait every time they hear a noise.

See snake fish flying at Tin Hoa garden house

Coming to Con Son, visitors will feel like walking among the endless green. The green color from the hyacinth strips, the cork trees along the river; green from the orchards and vegetable gardens of the households. Enjoy moments of great relaxation, breathing in the cool fresh air without noise and dust.

Cycling on Con Son

The land on the dunes is alluvial all year round, so it is very fertile, the fruit trees are lush all year round, this place is the land of rambutan, milkweed, Ha Chau strawberry… The season with the ripest fruit is around March. 4-5 Lunar Calendar. The feeling of enjoying fruit picked by your own hands right in the garden is really great, you will fully feel its delicious, crispy, and fresh flavor. And really regret if you don’t buy some fruit as gifts for relatives or friends because it is rare to have the opportunity to buy fruits with excellent quality, safe without chemicals and extremely cheap prices right in the garden.

Longan garden full of fruit

Red ripe rambutan garden

Visitors are free to enjoy fruit right in the garden

When traveling to Can Tho to visit Con Son, visitors also have the opportunity to make famous cakes of Western people such as: banh khot, pancakes, grilled sandwiches, printed cakes, etc.

Con Son – a unique community-based tourism village in Can Tho

Visitors can join the owners to make cakes of the people of the West

You can participate in every stage from preparing ingredients, kneading dough, manually processing delicious, beautiful cakes with Southern characteristics. After making the cake, guests wait a few minutes to steam, boil and then enjoy. Each tray of cakes brought to customers has all kinds, colors, and is presented beautifully. Western cakes have in common is simple processing, using local ingredients and fragrant coconut milk. You will feel both sweet and salty, depending on the type of cake.

Attractive folk cakes

In addition, visitors can also experience the life of farmers through activities: fishing, catching crabs, catching snails, slapping ditches to catch fish… After many hours of diving, covered in mud, the results obtained are animals. field fish (snakehead fish, tilapia, catfish…) struggled, making many people happy. From this result, visitors can work with local people to process on the spot with ingredients available in the garden, into wonderful country dishes such as: grilled fish with straw or banana peel, grilled snails.

Become a farmer slapping ditches to catch fish

Coming to Con Son, do not forget to enjoy local specialties at the people’s garden houses. The dishes are made from products right at the alcohol. A special thing is that in the meal, the dishes are because many households voluntarily bring a dish that they cook the best. For example, stir-fried frogs at Chinh Nho’s house; field crab, grilled snakehead fish from Song Khanh garden house; snail hot pot, coconut water pigeon from Nam Cong garden house; Banh xeo, banh khot from Ms. Minh’s house, and fish dish from Ms. Nam’s house….

The rustic dishes that are attractive

Tourist gardeners will cycle to bring their typical dishes from house to house on the dike under the cool green trees to bring their signature dishes to the rice tray for you. Just like that, the “community tray” has more and more dishes, colorful and attractive, unforgettable

Gardeners ride bicycles to bring typical dishes to form a “community rice tray”

After the meal, visitors rest in hammocks in the garden, letting their souls relax in the wind and clouds. Swinging and listening to birdsong is also a difficult thing to find in the city.

A special thing here is that you can visit the stork garden, see with your own eyes hundreds of white and black storks flying in flocks at the top of Con Son at sunset. What could be more wonderful than seeing a peaceful scene and resting time amidst the cool and quiet space of the countryside of Can Tho?