Curious 100 things must try when coming to Da Lat
duonghanhnguyen 4-07-2021, 14:29

” Da Lat can’t be pale” is always the catchphrase of many travel followers. “Not pale”, simply because once you come back, you want to come back for the 2nd, 3rd time, … even move things up and stay! Not only possessing a cool and fresh climate, many beautiful landscapes, the foggy city is also a “witness” to many love stories, soulmates, soulmates, or even beautiful sorrows. !

Da Lat gives us a few moments to pause in the midst of a busy life. It is the dream of many people who have never come, the nostalgia of those who are about to be separated. Whether it’s the first time encountering or “nth time” arriving, the following 100 small things will encapsulate the whole soul of Da Lat during your long trip.

Curious 100 things must try when coming to Da Lat

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Sit down, have a drink, eat a piece of cake and read how many things you have done!

100 must-try things when coming to Da Lat:

1. Go to Da Lat with your lover to feel the following 99 things more fun!

2. If you don’t have a lover, try going to Da Lat alone, maybe there will be a couple when you come back?

3. Go to Dalat with your best friends or old friends from high school!

4. Love Da Lat boys/girls, because of the rumor that “other regions have no doors”?

5. Walking around Da Lat night market, feeling the warmth from… the flow of people!


6. Spend an evening watching Trai Mat “valley of lights” at night

7. Get up early to hunt clouds in Cau Dat tea hill đồi

8. There is a check-in photo on the yellow wall of Coi Xay Gio Bakery

9. Drive the car to climb all the way up Doc Nha Bo (try it if you have the guts!)

10. Set an alarm at 5 am, go for a jog around Xuan Huong Lake for… healthy!

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11. Rolled up in a blanket and slept at homestay

12. Overcome the above to get up early to catch the sunrise

13. Eat grilled rice paper in the evening, sitting around the fire burning pink sizzling smoke

14. Try a train ride from Da Lat station to Trai Mat station

15. Virtual life with artichoke flower buds and “supergiant” wild sunflowers in Lam Vien Square

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16. Drink cow’s soy milk at the corner of Tang Bat Ho street

17. Check-in corner “Hongkong beside Da Lat market”

18. Going to Big C supermarket to buy things to make barbecue party

19. Let’s organize an outdoor BBQ party at the homestay

20. Drink coffee at Ba Nam restaurant

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21. Eat beef hot pot in the “legendary” Ba Toa hamlet

22. On the way to visit “Little Venice” in Ba Toa Hamlet, is it “beautiful” as rumored?

23. If you have eaten beef hotpot, you should always make a pot of chicken hot pot with Tao Ngo leaves for a full set!

24. Buy stupid things at Am Phu market

25. Paying for woolen clothes at Da Lat night market


26. Try “sort of” and find out what it is?

27. Sitting at coffee Tung watching the line of people crowded together outside the yellow wall

28. Stop to live virtual on the roads to see the whole city from above (Tran Hung Dao, Phu Dong Thien Vuong,…)

29. Leave the car and walk “face down” through the typical slopes of Da Lat (Slope No. 7, Nha Lang slope, Nguyet Vong Lau slope, …)

30. Eat Canh Canh Chung, Banh Can Root Of Avocado Tree

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31. Thử vao ben trong Doha Cafe ở nụ bong Atiso khổng lồ (quảng trường Lam Vien)

32. Walking in the typical pine forests of the mountain town

33. Eat strawberry shake at Da Lat night market chợ

34. Virtual living in the famous hydrangea garden

35. See cherry apricot blossoms bloom on Da Quy slope when spring comes


36. Howling while playing the slide at Datanla waterfall

37. Overnight camping on Thien Phuc Duc hill

38. Visit Light Hamlet to eat Hue specialties

39. Eat wet cake with chicken hearts (Trang restaurant, Long restaurant, …)

40. There is a virtual life image on the ladder to heaven (Sunny Farm, Valley of the Lights Cafe, …)

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41. Driving through Prenn Pass (if you have the guts, go at night!)

42. Drive down to the Tuyen Lam Lake area and then run back!

43. Visit and experience strawberry picking at the garden

44. “Hunting” wild sunflowers on the road to Ta Nung – Cau Dat – Don Duong in November

45. Take you to a bar in Da Lat (The Fog Bar, Fox’s Den, Woody Classic, …)


46. ​​Eat grilled spring rolls Ba Hung

47. Go down Mimosa Pass to see Da Lat from above

48. Take a photo to check-in at the Y-Bridge of Xuan Huong Lake

49. Duck riding on Xuan Huong Lake

50. Breakfast with Hoang Dieu shumai bread


51. Try all kinds of jam at the night market (beware of curses!)

52. Challenge to find the Korean white wall Soul&Story

53. “Night owls” play werewolves with friends

54. Virtual living with “power chair” watching the hill view at Gau Garden

55. Take a ferry to check-in the “legendary” lonely pine tree of Suoi Vang lake

56. Visit the Mo To bag to visit the chrysanthemum garden

57. Eat famous stuffed snails on Hai Ba Trung Street

58. Visit the Japanese-style estate space at Still Cafe said!

59. One day working as a “lotus” at a dog farm cafe (Black Rock Garden, Puppy Farm, …)

60. Wear group and couple outfits and take pictures everywhere

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61. Eat cheese yogurt (almost every shop sells it)

62. Explore abandoned villas on Tran Hung Dao street đường

63. Ride the Robin Hill Cable Car

64. Eat Nhan Ngai bread to satisfy your curiosity: What is “Nhan Ngai”?

65. See the snowy grass hill, pink grass in winter


66. Visit unique churches: The Church of the Chicken and the “Pink Church” Domaine de Marie

67. Try “chip milk tea” to see what’s special?

68. Looking for a “cucumber” in Cu Lan Village

69. Don’t waste money choosing a homestay with glass doors overlooking the hill to stay

70. Virtual life in the giant hand of Hoa Son Dien Trang


71. Drinking coffee at Co Bong Shop

72. Eat Thanh Thao avocado ice cream

73. Boat trip on Tuyen Lam lake to the forest to see red maple leaves

74. Check-in the floating glass house in the middle of the lake at Doi Mot Nguoi Cafe & Homestay is floating!

75. Explore the entire Palace I-II-III


76. Check-in is full of ghosts at the railway tunnel

77. Sitting and watching the streets at An Cafe

78. Transform into a farmer and discover Green Box farm cafe cafe

79. Enter the magical world at Harry Potter Coffee

80. Visit a school of Koi fish at Kokoro Cafe


81. Find your own way to Tuyet Tinh Coc Ankroet

82. Watching the sunset on top of Langbiang

83. “Challenging the heart” at Da Lat Biology Sub-Institute

84. Visit Ve Chai Pagoda (Linh Phuoc Pagoda) to pray for you!

85. Driving through the fog in the early morning or evening on the streets of Da Lat


86. Take virtual photos at the window of the Coffee Shop in March

87. Finding peace in Yen Garden

88. Check-in corner of Hong Kong at Xuyen Tieu Hot Pot

89. Virtual living with white flowers on Tran Phu Street in spring

90. Learn about animals at Zoodoo


91. Check-in giant face statue in Infinity Lake is as crowded as rumors?

92. Experience sauna and hot spring bath at D’LATS . coffee shop

93. Hunting for tickets to the show Ha Anh Tuan (if there is a chance)

94. Check-in Bali Dalat Heaven Gate to find out the secret of virtual living?

95. Visit the rose garden in the season to see “withered” like the lyrics?


96. Visit Lavender Hill at F Flower Field Cafe

97. Visit pine hill with two graves

98. Shout out ex-lover’s name on Da Phu hill

99. Pretend to break up with your boyfriend in Da Lat (at your own risk!)

100. Imagine being on Da Lat, skipping all deadlines and doing all of the 99 things above!

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Believe me, “Da Lat can’t be pale”! Now it’s okay to write the 101st article onwards, but let’s try to “mist” before the 100 most memorable and typical experiences like the one above to see how many pots of banh chung will it take?