Climbing and discovering Ba Vi mountains and forests
tranthuy02 1-07-2021, 10:36

Discovering creatures in the forest and experiencing waterfall climbing in Thien Son – Suoi Nga is a suggestion for those who are “crazy feet” this summer.

At the beginning of June 2021, photographer Le Cao Hai (commonly known as Hai Le Cao), 37 years old, had a trip to explore Thien Son – Suoi Nga eco-tourism area, located in a natural forest of 450 hectares, belonging to the province. Van Hoa commune, Ba Vi district, more than 50 km west of Hanoi center.

When Covid-19 is complicated, Thien Son – Suoi Nga with three discovery points is Ha Son, Trung Son and Ngoan Son is an appropriate choice because it is close to but still be in harmony with nature.

On the photo is “Vong Lau”, where visitors go to admire the scenery and the blue lake in Ha Son. This area has charming landscapes and small streams, surrounded by blooming flowers and grass.

From Ha Son area to Trung Son is a forest ecological route stretching 1.5 km, visitors can listen to birdsong and murmuring streams. Then, Ngoan Son impressed with the blue lake and the bridge leading to the lake with the shape of an arm designed from woven bamboo. From this position, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Thien Son area and the majestic Ba Vi mountain range.

The stick beetle (Phasmatodea) was recorded by the author in Thien Son – Suoi Nga area. This is an insect belonging to the group of arthropods with a stick-like shape, branches…

Due to going in right at the time of Covid-19, so there were no customers, the shops and entertainment services in the ecological area were closed, in return the couple fully enjoyed the fresh air and the wildness of nature.

“Everything in the ecological area is still wild, especially many trees, streams, waterfalls and diverse wildlife. While walking around taking pictures, I met many species of birds, squirrels and insects. In addition, we also saw wild cats and salamanders sunbathing.”

A small snake of the family of water snakes (Chironius exoletus) crawled across the author’s lens.

Mr. Le Cao Hai said: “I was very interested and caught up in the biological world, going all the way around the forest about 7 km and still excited. It is true that only when we slow down can we see the small and interesting things and lovely all around.”

Panorama of the waterfall flowing through the vast primeval forest. After discovering the creatures, photographer and Vietnamese cave expert, Toan Lanh spent a day trekking up and down the rope at an 80 m high waterfall in Thien Son – Suoi Nga forest. The day of trekking, climbing the waterfall has high humidity and it is about to rain, making the experience more interesting.

The area at the foot of the waterfall, where there are big trees with roots clinging to big rocks. Climbers often have to tie ropes to roadside trees as markers to avoid getting lost.

This waterfall climbing is not for people who are afraid of heights and people with a history of cardiovascular disease. Mr. Toan Lanh, who has experience in cave exploration and waterfall climbing, said the principle of tying the rope is to tie a rabbit ear shape, with two equally divided points, in case one side accidentally breaks, the other side will keep it. With the terrain with trees around, tie the rope to the tree trunk firmly.

After the safety points are fixed, drop the rope along the waterfall to climb down. According to Mr. Toan Lanh, those who play this swing should always be accompanied by an experienced person or an expert. Absolutely do not play spontaneously, without guidance and without adequate safety protective equipment.

“When going down the waterfall, feeling excited and dramatic, I used my hands to untie the rope combined with bouncing my legs to let the gravity pull down, the best sliding position is to kick the wall, face facing the wall and back out. straight legs,” said Le Cao Hai.

A waterfall in the middle of Ba Vi’s wild mountains was recorded on the way down. Experts note that the climbing process only turns sideways to judge the direction, absolutely limit turning out to cause danger because there is no clinging position.

Mr. Le Cao Hai and his group of friends ended a wonderful experience of discovering green forests, creatures, and climbing waterfalls. For those who are new to climbing waterfalls who are not used to controlling at high altitudes, it is easy to be nervous and a bit scared, but after getting used to it for a while, it is normal. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Hai Le Cao