Trekking Ta Chi Nhu Mountain in Yen Bai has a dreamy view and beautiful sightseeing
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Temporarily leave the waves or the crowded check-in points of the coastal city to come on the journey to explore Ta Chi Nhu Mountain in Yen Bai to explore the mysterious green nature.

Carrying a backpack at the request of the fastidious leader, female – 7 kg, I started with the first difficult trekking trip in my life to climb the sunny and windy Ta Chi Nhu peak, ending Ending the long days of struggle, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to walk, that I would trip my beloved companions because my knee was still a little sore after my careless fall in Moc Chau at the end of the year .

Ta Chi Nhu, also known as Phu Song Sung by the Thai people or Chung Chua Nha by the Mong people, is a mountain peak in the top 10 highest mountains in Vietnam, ranked at No. 7 with an altitude of 2,979 m in Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province, but in terms of difficulty, Ta Chi Nhu is ranked in the top because the path is mostly steep, with few trees and lots of gravel.

Trekking Ta Chi Nhu Mountain in Yen Bai has a dreamy view and beautiful sightseeing

Young people are afraid to not challenge themselves.

The group departed in the direction of Son Tay in the late afternoon, ran straight to Tram Tau with a distance of more than 230 km to stay overnight, keeping strength for two days of climbing. I don’t know how other groups have a climbing
or hanging out style, but in our own group, the food is put on the top by the leader of the group.
Instead of bringing dry food and a few bottles of water to make the backpack less heavy, we carried a kimchi hot pot full of meat, eggs, and vegetables to the top of Ta Chi Nhu, and even brought hot milk. , bread and coffee, to serve the whole group’s hearty breakfast. Therefore, the group’s belongings to be carried up the mountain are also quite heavy, 10 kg for men, 5 kg for women is the minimum, and no porter (carrier) is accompanied.

Surrounded by white clouds.”In Winter Spring we go to the mountains – In Summer we go to the sea”

According to the experience of climbing Ta Chi Nhu of the seniors in the group, the most suitable time to climb the mountain is from October to the end of March next year. Because of this time, the weather is cool, with little rain, climbing does not sweat too much as well as the ability to hunt clouds is extremely high.
Early in the morning, get up and prepare all necessary equipment, look outside, it seems that this time, the weather is not favorable, the sky is cloudy, dark, I am afraid that there will be rain, the climbing will It will be extremely difficult due to the soil structure in this area, heavy rain will be very slippery along with wet clothes hindering. The leader of the group led the group to a familiar pho restaurant, to eat for strength.

The whole group sat down, drank Glucozo sugar water to regain strength after struggling with the first steep slope

The first time I was able to eat a dish called “Pig Pho”. It sounds quite funny, but this is the best bowl of pho I have ever eaten, also for this reason, when I go out from time to time, I always ask the shop owners in the places I go to make me a full bowl of pho. poached pork. Pho in the morning is still warm, freshly cut pork, sweet and tender meat, mixed with a few stalks of onions mixed with green onions, which makes it even more fragrant.

The group has finished warming up, preparing for the steep journey to Ta Chi Nhu

After the group finished breakfast, started the journey with more than 10 km of bad roads to reach Mo Chi, where the journey started to reach the peak of 2,979 m. The road is covered with lots of dirt and stones, going through rocks and hitting the engine of the car making a scary thud sound, it is not known when both people and things will fall on the road, or the car may break down in the middle of the road, hands and feet. only know how to cling to the person first, legs curled up for fear of kicking the feet. It took nearly an hour to reach the mine, the whole group parked the car and started climbing the first steps of the journey.

The path was initially steep, but at this time the fog is still fuzzy because of the early morning

Ta Chi Nhu welcomed me with a few steep slopes as soon as I came up from the foot of the mountain, when climbing, I had to cling to a tree by myself, my boyfriend behind me pushed me to pass. The red dirt path and rocky slopes began to appear behind each road, passing as tantalizing. The two sides are the same mountains hidden behind the clouds, the sun begins to shine on the ground because it is already past nine o’clock in the morning.

The scene when the whole group took a break for lunch and regained strength.

Climbing halfway, people were tired, some people showed signs of heatstroke even though the sun was not too bright, so the group decided to rest at a distance of 3 km from the landmark to have lunch. From here, looking around, you will see vast clouds and mountains, looking down at the roads that have just passed are covered by mountains and forests, looking up, the road is high, feeling like you are being separated. warping between heaven and earth.

In the distance are the overlapping mountains hidden behind the clouds.

After taking a lunch break and eating for more than an hour, we continued to drag our heavy and aching legs forward, cheering each other on, we were halfway there anyway. The next stretch of road begins to be as gentle as the spine, the two sides are flooded with ferns, walking will not be as tiring as the first part. But at this time, it started to rain, the road was more slippery, going through was quite difficult and took time.
Dusk is also the time to reach the 2,400 m section, which is the camping spot before reaching the top of Ta Chi Nhu. The most beautiful place here is at the beginning of the beach, the land is flat, from here you can see the whole majesty of the mountains, but unfortunately there was a camping group there, so we retreated and chose a place. wind for yourself. Although already tired, but each one single-handedly prepared their things in time before it was completely dark, the one who set up the tent, the one who cut the wood, the one who prepared the food, and so on, so he only had what he had. a fragrant kimchi hot pot to enjoy in the cold dew.

At this time, dark clouds are gathering in.

The whole group happily ate and talked, passing each other a glass of pickled apple cider from last year that they had worked hard to bring up here to warm their stomachs. Sports people talk about forest trips, share experiences of climbing Ta Chi Nhu in the past, others shake their heads, contribute to the fun with stories they encounter along the way in some highland villages, the girls just keep going. eyes wide, listening and responding, bursting out in admiration from time to time.
The most horrible night for me, probably the night sleeping at the top of 2400 m. Because the more the night, the heavier the rain, the campsite is lower than the ground in this area, so all the rain water pours in. The whole night was bitterly cold because of the rain, the water began to overflow into the tent, I just slept and was afraid that the rain water would wet the camera and some personal items, so I stayed awake, basking in the rain all night.

The group is grilling food.

Near morning, woke up, stepped out of the tent, it was still raining lightly. Outside, the brothers who probably couldn’t sleep came out to chat with the two porters of the group next door. I quickly put on a raincoat and ran to the pile of firewood still smoldering in the middle of the land to warm, make milk and bake bread for breakfast. The whole crowd of laughter, the fatigue of last night seemed to disappear.
Looking up, from here to touch the 2,979 m milestone, it takes another two hours. But because we didn’t sleep all night, struggled with the weather, and it didn’t show any signs of stopping the rain, so me and a few people decided not to climb. Gain strength and go down the mountain. It’s a bit regretful to say it, but I told myself I’ll come back here again, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Drink coffee and eat toast in the rain early in the morning.

Going up took time, going down thought it would be easier, but it was not as I thought. The rain poured down all night and made the ground soft. Even though it didn’t rain now, the dew was thick, soaking the whole shirt, so the road was slippery, sloping down, only earth was soil, a few more groups were down first, so many sections of the road were plowed by the shoes of the previous people.
I fell several times because the road was slippery, many parts were too frustrating, I even sat down on the ground to slide to avoid using my legs. Only heard echoing that some other crew members teased “Oh, this yellow shirt girl has a really good way of going down the mountain!”, and then laughed with delight.

Surrounded by dense fog, the three of us stopped at this area for nearly 30 minutes to expect a sea of ​​clouds, but there were none, so we had to leave to catch up with everyone.

After struggling for 5 hours, I was able to drag my body and things down to the foot of the mountain, seeing that the brothers and sisters had sat down to eat noodles and dry their clothes an hour ago. Legs tremble, hands are tired from clinging to trees, the feeling of sitting under, slurping a bowl of cooked noodles and a few leaves of cabbage, but feeling that there is nothing happier in the world than that.
To regain strength, that night the group decided to stay in Tram Tau again, take a relaxing hot mineral bath and eat duck hotpot, waiting for the next morning to drive back to Hanoi. Although I could not reach the top, I could not carry out the “Welcoming the Western New Year at the top of Ta Chi Nhu” as originally planned, but I feel that I can do so – at least for one person. lazy and all day friend with swivel chair, computer like me. The first trekking is considered to have loaded up to 80%. Ta da!

See you again in Ta Chi Nhu on a winter day not far away!

Some other small Ta Chi Nhu climbing experiences you need to prepare things for climbing such as climbing shoes, clothes that are easy to dry and absorb sweat, rain clothes (for rain), hat (when it is sunny because the road to Ta Chi Nhu is not at all there are trees during the journey), climbing sticks, flashlights (if going at night), light food (such as chocolate, sweets, glucose, ..) and drinking water,…Having to pass a bad road more than 10 km long to reach the lead mine, it is quite difficult to go, so pay attention to keep this road safe. In Tram Tau, there is a hot mineral bath, which is an ideal place to relax after climbing. Follow traveloka