Experience going to Hon Roi Phu Quoc to cool off, watch the sunrise and eat seafood
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Phu Quoc is one of the places worth relaxing or relaxing with relatives and friends, On the beautiful and charming pearl island by the wild beauty that is hard to find anywhere, visitors will not be able to forget. velvet, agitated. In particular, the wild beauty that is hard to find is also evident in Hon Roi because it has not been affected by too much human influence, let’s learn about the beauty of this island with Vinlove

Where is Hon Roi in Phu Quoc? 

Hon Roi Phu Quoc is located in the An Thoi archipelago, located in Hon Roi hamlet, Hon Thom commune in the south of Phu Quoc. Hon Roi is also known as Ask Roi, Hon Roi… This is an island that is still quite wild and little known in Phu Quoc pearl island. Hon Roi attracts tourists to visit with clear blue sea, participate in many interesting fun activities and fresh seafood. 

Experience going to Hon Roi Phu Quoc to cool off, watch the sunrise and eat seafood
Hon Roi Phu Quoc is an attractive destination for tourists

How to get to Hon Roi Phu Quoc? 

Experience going to Phu Quoc, to get to this beautiful island, the only way is to hire a boat. You can rent a boat at nearby resorts or Duong Dong town center. It takes about 30 minutes to travel from An Thoi port to Hon Roi. 

Exploring Roi island by boat, visitors will enjoy the fresh air and admire the beauty of the surrounding islands. Note, if you go on weekends or New Year holidays, you should contact to book the train 5-7 days in advance to avoid the situation of running out of tickets. Besides, for those of you with motion sickness, you should actively buy anti-inflammatory drugs before going. 

Take the boat to move to Hon Roi Phu Quoc 

Interesting experience when exploring Hon Roi Phu Quoc

What is there in Hon Roi Phu Quoc ? Many interesting experiences that you should not miss when coming to Hon Roi must mention: Fishing, walking on the seabed, watching the sunset, eating seafood…

Enjoy the cool blue water

Visiting Hon Roi, tourists will be overwhelmed by the wild beauty and cool blue water. The water on the island features a beautiful jade green color, ideal for soaking in the relaxing cool waters or sunbathing. You can rent a boat to go around the island to see the beautiful scenery here. Or take a walk to the beach to enjoy the scenery, participate in many attractive recreational games on the beach. 

Swim in the sea and enjoy the cool blue water. Photo: havanatravel

Fishing on the boat   

Visiting Hon Roi Phu Quoc, you cannot ignore an extremely interesting experience that is fishing on a boat that is loved by many tourists. To participate in this experience requires you to have a lot of patience and concentration. To catch sea fish you need to have your own skills and should choose an area with few reefs to easily have large catches. You can buy bait from the boats of the fishermen here. In particular, you will enjoy your fruits right on the fresh boat. You can fish during the day or evening with the fishermen’s boats or buy a private tour. 

Fishing on the boat. Photo: phuquocsinh

Exciting experience when walking on the seabed 

An interesting experience that you should not miss when coming to Hon Roi is walking on the seabed and admiring the beautiful ocean world. To join the sea walking tour in Hon Roi, you need to rent equipment and know the safety precautions during the visit. Let’s explore the ocean world together and don’t forget to keep memories when participating in the sightseeing tour under the ocean at Hon Roi. 

Exciting experience walking under the sea. Photo: phuquocsinh

Admire the romantic sunset  

You can wake up early in the morning to admire the beautiful sunrise on Hon Roi. Or in the afternoon with a romantic sunset, take a walk around and check-in with beautiful pictures. If possible, you can stay overnight at Hon Roi to enjoy the fresh air, quiet and go for a walk at night with many interesting things. 

Admire the romantic sunset. Photo: wecheck-in

Enjoy fresh seafood

Experience going to Hon Roi Phu Quoc, you can also enjoy a lot of fresh seafood caught from the sea here. Among them are grilled sea urchin with onion fat, steamed crab, herring salad, grilled bien mai horn with salt and pepper, snails, crab blood soup, grilled mackerel, etc. In addition, at Hon Roi, there is an area for marine aquaculture. The most famous product of the people here is lobster farming. If you want to eat cheap seafood, you can wake up early and buy it from fishing boats. 

Enjoy fresh seafood at Hon Roi
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Notes when going to Hon Roi Phu Quoc 

Please refer to the following notes when planning to explore the beauty of Hon Roi, pearl island: 

– You can spend 1 day combined with other places or 2 days 1 night to explore the beautiful scenery in Hon Roi. 

– If you want to stay overnight, you can rent guest houses of people living on the island.

– Services on Hon Roi island have not been developed much, so you should bring all necessary personal belongings, drinks … 

– You should check the weather forecast before going, because if there is a big wave, the boat will not be able to move. 

– Bring your camera, waterproof bag for electronics, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimwear.

– Do not throw garbage indiscriminately into the sea. 

– The dining experience is that you should buy homemade seafood that is both delicious and cheap. 

– Buy gifts to take home with fresh and dried seafood. If you buy in bulk, you can ask people to pack foam boxes to bring home. 

If you have the opportunity to visit pearl island, once come to Hon Roi Phu Quoc to admire the beautiful scenery like a fairyland here and have interesting experiences for your trip. 

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