Top 3 places in Moc Chau to beat the summer heat
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With summer temperatures climbing up to 38-39 degrees Celsius in Hanoi, here are three top places in Moc Chau to escape from the heat.

Top 3 places in Moc Chau to beat the summer heat

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Le Chalet Du Lac

A swimming pool is surrounded by wooden houses. Photo: Tam Bui/ VnExpress

Le Chalet Du Lac is a newly-opened accommodation area in Po Pip hamlet, Ban Mon sub-area, Moc Chau town, about 190 km from the Hanoi city center. It consists of small houses with white-painted walls and mainly wooden interiors with white and yellow colors, creating a cozy atmosphere. A highlight of Le Chalet Du Lac is a swimming pool which serves as a place to beat the summer heat.

Le Chalet Du Lac is seen from the outside. Photo: Booking

A vintage check-in corner. Photo: Booking

A room in Le Chalet Du Lac can house 2-4 people and is fully equipped with a television, refrigerator and air conditioner. Standing at the balcony, tourists will have the chance to admire the green pine forest nearby.

A room at Le Chalet Du Lac. Photo: Booking

Since June 18, Le Chalet Du Lac has launched a promotional program with a price of VND 400.000 (US$ 17.38) a person a night including breakfast, swimming pool, kitchen and washing machine. If you are a Son La resident, you will receive an additional 5% discount on the room rental price.

The Nordic Village

Villas in the Nordic Village are built in the Nordic style. Photo: Dinh Quoc Hung/ VnExpress

The bathroom overlooks the pine forest. Photo: Dinh Quoc Hung/ VnExpress

Located amid a cool and green pine forest in Hua Tat village in Van Ho commune, the Nordic Village is an ideal place for those wanting to seek luxury and tranquility. Like its name, the Nordic Village has villas built in the Nordic style, boasting a serene and spectacular beauty.

Breath-taking sunset seen from the Nordic Village. Photo: Dinh Quoc Hung/ VnExpress

Villas are surrounded by trees and flowers. Photo: Dinh Quoc Hung/ VnExpress

If you book between June and September, you will only need to pay VND 1.15 million for combo 2 day 1 day for a person. The combo includes breakfast, food voucher, tours visiting pine hill, H’Mong Hua Tat village, Dai Yem waterfall and Tay Tien memorial site.

A green space. Photo: Dinh Quoc Hung/ VnExpress

Apart from exploring fruit-laden gardens, unwinding at the bathtub, or enjoying BBQ parties, visitors can stroll in the Van Ho pine forest, contemplate seven-story Chieng Khoa waterfall or visit Na Ka plum valley.

Moc Chau Retreat

Moc Chau Retreat is a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Photo: Booking

A murmuring stream. Photo: Booking

More than a three-hour drive from the Hanoi city center, Moc Chau Retreat is surrounded by cool clear streams and lush greenery. Seen from above, it looks like a miniature village in the heart of Chieng Di village in Moc Chau Farm Town.

Photo: Booking

Photo: Booking

Houses at Moc Chau Retreat are mainly constructed with natural materials such as stones, bamboo, palm leaves, bringing visitors a feeling of closeness to nature. The balcony in each room overlooks gardens and mountains. Swimming, fishing, enjoying BBQ parties and checking in are among not-to-be-missed experiences at Moc Chau Retreat. The price of the rooms is from VND 650.000.

A room at Moc Chau Retreat. Photo: Booking

In addition, visitors have the opportunity to immerse in the daily life of the Thai ethnic group and savor the local specialties.

How to get to Moc Chau from Hanoi?

Moc Chau is about 180km from Hanoi via Route6, and 260km via Route 32, Route 37 and Route 43.

By private car: the road trip by private car is the most convenient way to travel from Hanoi to Moc Chau. The road is mostly good and the scenery on the way is beautiful. The road is mostly flat near Hanoi, hilly near Hoa Binh and goes up all the way to Moc Chau Plateau. The total one-way trip should be around 5 hours.

By local bus: There are several local buses from Hanoi to Moc Chau from the bus stations: My Dinh, Yen Nghia. The ticket cost is VND 100.000- VND150.000/one-way ticket. All buses have air-conditioning nowadays. A bus trip should take about 4-5 hours to get to Moc Chau from Hanoi, according to Travelnewsnow.

By motorbike: Route 6 from Hanoi to Moc Chau is fairly good and not too busy. The motorbike trip should take about 5-6 hours one-way. On the way, you’ll start to have a feel of the wild mountains in the Northwest of Vietnam close to Hoa Binh City. Then the road goes up and up. The gradient descends briefly at Mai Chau then goes up again more steeply. You’ll quickly feel the freshness and coolness of the temperatures as you climb your way up the Moc Chau Plateau. The forests by the roadsides are wilder and the scenery is amazing. When you find yourself traveling on a flat road again, then you are in the center of Moc Chau Plateau. There are flower farms and organic vegetable farms all around you.

Alternatively, you can travel via Route 32 from Hanoi to Thu Cuc Township (Tan Son, Phu Tho), then turn into Route 37 for Phu Yen at Thu Cuc (Tan Son, Phu Tho), then turn into Route 43 at Gia Phu traveling along the Da River for Moc Chau Plateau. You’ll have to cross the Da River on a ferry at Van Yen before entering an uphill road with the spectacular landscape all the way to the center of Moc Chau Plateau.

There are a few spots en route that you can spend a night at before continuing the journey: Hoa Binh City, Tan Lac or Mai Chau Valley. Most gradients on the way are not that steep along Route 6. The road conditions are excellent from Mai Chau uphill to Moc Chau Plateau which makes cycling a wonderful experience.

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