Ru Linh primeval forest – ‘Green lung’ of Quang Tri tourism
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In addition to famous historical sites, Quang Tri tourism also allows visitors to discover a diverse and unique ecosystem. In particular, it is necessary to mention the Ru Linh primeval forest, which is an attractive place to “change the wind” for tourists every time they have the opportunity to visit Quang Tri.        

Where is Ru Linh primeval forest in Quang Tri?  

Ru Linh primary forest is located in Vinh Hien and Vinh Hoa communes, Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province. This place is known as the “green lung” of Vinh Linh district in particular and Quang Tri province in general. Ru Linh is a very few primary forests remaining in the plains in Quang Tri, characterized by basalt red soil at an altitude of 94m in the coastal plain. Ru Linh forest has a total area of ​​170ha, of which 100ha is green forest covering the rest of natural forests and plains. 

Ru Linh primeval forest – ‘Green lung’ of Quang Tri tourism
Ru Linh primary forest in Vinh Linh district

How to move to Ru Linh primeval forest 

Ru Linh forest is about 3.2km from the center of Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri travel experience to get to this attraction first you need to go to Vinh Linh. There are many different ways to get to Vinh Linh, for those in the commune, you can take a plane to Quang Binh, Da Nang, or Hue, and then take a bus to Vinh Linh. For those who live nearby, it is very convenient to travel by bus or motorbike to Vinh Linh district.       

When you reach the center of Vinh Linh district, you will follow the direction of Minh Phat agricultural supply store -> Ho Xa – Cap Lai -> Vinh Hien gas station -> Vinh Hien center about 5-7 minutes by car. motorbikes or self-driving cars will reach Ru Linh primary forest, Vinh Linh district .  

How to move to Ru Linh primeval forest 

Note : If traveling by motorbike, remember to bring all the necessary documents and keep the safe speed. If you are not familiar with the road, you can look up google maps or ask the people here they are very willing to advise you. 

Discover the primeval forest of Ru Linh Quang Tri 

From Cua Tung beach and Hien Luong bridge about 6km, you will reach Ru Linh forest. This place is famous for its vegetation type of evergreen closed forest and rich types of flora typical of the ancient Asian tropical flora. Visiting Ru Linh primeval forest in Quang Tri , visitors will learn more than 200 species of 72 types. The most prominent are the woody plants such as: mahogany, green ironwood, forest market, forest chestnut, five houseplants, agarwood and many kinds of trees are exploited to make medicine. 

Lots of old trees in Ru Linh primeval forest

What does Ru Linh primeval forest have? Besides flora, Ru Linh also attracts tourists to visit with animals with more than 73 species. In which, there are 60 species of birds including cypress, stork, starling… about 12 species of animals are civet, porcupine, pangolin, red-bellied squirrel. Ru Linh is also famous for its rare and precious wildlife, including snakes, chickens, pythons, roe deer, wild boars, gills, and crows. According to the people here, before 1945 in Ru Linh, there were wild animals such as leopards, tigers and lions. 

Explore the diverse ecosystem in Ru Linh primeval forest

Visiting Ru Linh forest , visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the diverse ecological system here. The most ideal way to explore the beauty of Ru Linh forest is to take a walk to enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy the fresh air here. Besides, you also have the opportunity to check-in virtual life with beautiful pictures with the nature of the mountains and animals at Ru Linh. 

A place to preserve wild animals
Ideal location in Vinh Linh district
The diverse ecosystem in Ru Linh primeval forest

Ru Linh primeval forest is associated with many famous landmarks such as: Ben Hai river – Hien Luong bridge, Cua Tung, Truong Son cemetery, Vinh Moc tunnels, system of ancient wells in Gio An… When coming to Ru Linh, you should not miss these famous attractions.  

– Cua Tung Beach: Famous for its clear blue water, white and fine sand, ideal for visitors to immerse themselves in a relaxing bath. Besides, you can also enjoy a lot of fresh seafood when coming to Cua Tung beach . 

Cua Tung beach bath

– Ben Hai River and Hien Luong Bridge: Two famous landmarks in Quang Tri associated with the nation’s war in the period 1945 – 1975. This place is also famous for its beautiful natural scenery that attracts tourists to visit. . 

– Gio An ancient well : One of the attractive destinations that you can combine when coming to Ru Linh forest is, the system of ancient wells in Gio An with ancient design attracts tourists. 

Learn about the ancient well system of Gio An

Notes when visiting Ru Linh primeval forest

You should also refer to the following essential notes when exploring Ru Linh primeval forest for your upcoming trip:

– Should wear loose and airy clothes and sports shoes for convenient travel when exploring the natural beauty of Ru Linh forest. 

– Do not throw garbage indiscriminately and maintain general hygiene. 

– Absolutely do not arbitrarily break trees, hunt flora and fauna within the forest premises. 

– If you plan to visit the forest over noon, you should bring food and water with a tarp to rest. 

– You can hire a guide who is a local if you are not familiar with the roads here. 

Ru Linh primary forest plays the role of providing agricultural water for the eastern communes of Vinh Linh district and is considered the “green lung” here. If you have the opportunity to travel to Quang Tri, once come to Ru Linh to learn about the wild nature and have the opportunity to better understand the people here. 

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