Top 10 most beautiful tourist destinations to come in May
tranthuy02 4-06-2021, 21:40
In May is a beautiful time of year when the Rays of sunshine are also gentle, but the rain has not yet appeared regularly. Therefore 5 months is the ideal time to travel. So the most beautiful tourist destinations to come in January 5 here. Take a look at the tourist attractions below and make a beautiful 5 month trip planning.

Northwestern Highlands

Top 10 most beautiful tourist destinations to come in May

Northwestern water season spilling the colored umbrella

In May in the northwest, the water season is spilled and it is also the time that attracts the most tourists to visit.

You will be able to admire the picturesque terraced fields of Cang Chai and the majestic mountain beauty of the place. Where you can see the most beautiful water season terraces to mention is the area of the Khau pass,, such as distensioning, tendencies, or prose. In the northwest, there are many interesting things that await you to explore, so don't miss out on the most ideal tourist destination in this 5 month.

Tìm hiểu them

Lý Sơn Island

The beauty of Ly Son Island

Ly son Island in May is very beautiful with gentle sunlight, cool breezes, with a few rains (but not prolonged) watering the vegetation in the greenery between the immense sea of heaven. An extremely ideal setting for you to visit and resort, away from the noisy in busy city.
To the island of Dali, you have a chance to visit famous sights such as: The Gate of the temple, the cave, Hang Pagoda, pronunciation, the national flag Tower on the Summit,... And many other famous temple families.
And it will surely be an omission if we do not indulge in specialty delicacies such as Huynh Emperor crab, snail, fish evil,....

Nam Du Island

Pristine beauty of Nam Du Island

To date Nam Du Island remains an attractive tourist destination by its own natural and pristine beauty. Nam Du is an island suitable for tourists visiting the holiday, here you will enjoy the complete fresh air, beautiful natural grass and the clear sea of water because there is not any artificial works built at all.

Here you can immerse yourself between the blue waters, which can be looked down, like a beach and a beach. Or you can also board the boat to go offshore, exploring the beautiful islands around here such as the islet, Ngang islet,...

Tìm hiểu them

Trang An-Ninh Binh

Trang An-Ninh Binh

Trang An-Ninh Binh will be a better choice for this 5 month. If you miss 5 months in Ninh Binh You will never see the beautiful force of Ninh Binh at the last moment. Because at this time Ninh Binh is the cooked rice season, You will admire the vast fields of the mountains, gold is blended into the limestone mountain range, Majestic, extremely powerful. That images of this bowl of gold Paddy you only see into the march in the 5th month exhibition, by the people here every year there is only one season of rice, if you want to see this wonderful scenery, You will have to wait for the exhibition in April 4, 5 years later see. Therefore, you should not ignore this beautiful, impressive and memorable tourist destination in this 5 month.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

If you want to see all the beautiful scenery in Halong, please go there on the Jun 5, which is the most appropriate time. The weather in Halong is quite cool, convenient for bathing as well as sightseeing activities. If you travel halong at different intervals such as Sep or winter, it will be quite unfavorable as there may be storms or cold weather. In Ha Long, there are 1,969 islands, floating on the sea, most famous are the Hon Huong, chicken fighting, sail, Raspberry, Ngoc Sesame Island, Ti top, Tuan Chau. Ha Long is a giant, gorgeous painting, worthy of the Vietnam tourism symbol.

Hoi An

Hoi An sparkling at night

In May, the time period in Hoi An is near the end of the dry season. This is a very great time for you to explore this land and go snorkeling in the nearby Cham Island. Hoi An Ancient town appears like 1 very simple painting, rustic and poetic. Hoi An during the day or night all have different interesting and attractive touches that you can only see when you come here to explore.

Phu Quoc Pearl Island

Phu Quoc Attractions by the Beach

Phu Quoc is named as one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam, Phu Quoc attractive visitors by the clear beach. Phu Quoc is always 1 destination extremely attractive for many tourists especially in the 5 months – months of summer. In this wonderful time, Phu Quoc has very little rainfall, waves are also not strong so it is convenient to travel as well as bathing activities or other sea sports activities.

Coastal city of Nha Trang

Bãi biển Nha Trang trải dai xa tắp

Nha Trang is one of the most favorite destinations in 5 months. Well-known for its fresh nature, cool climate, white sand beaches stretching along offshore islands, stunning coral ecosystems and ancient temples...

The most beautiful time to travel in Nha Trang from May 5 to August, at this time sunny, little storm, occasionally appear the rain suddenly. In Nha Trang There are many tourist attractions, such as: Vinpearl Land, Hon Mun, Hon Tam, Ninh van Bay, Institute of Oceanochemistry, Ponagar Tower, Hon Chong-wife, Dai Lanh Beach, Dam market....

Co to Island

Co to Island

In May in the island she appeared with a green color of the heavens, of the water. For those who love traveling and passionate about exploring, she is a paradise.
Tourism Island Co to is famous for many beautiful beaches, pristine white sand, clear waters, green forests and trees along the sea like Hong Van, Bac van, flowing with airy space, clear, she is the ideal place to resort, relax as well as to camp, have fun with friends.

Con Đảo

Con Đảo

In May in Con DAO cool weather, less rain and gentle sea so you can also comfortably go snorkeling or explore Con Dao National Park, go to the temple of six and the martyrs of the Chinese cemetery in row Duong... Without worrying about anything.

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