Top 11 popular tourist Attractions in Singapore
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When traveling anywhere in the world to each location each individual has an unforgettable feel when coming to each country. You come to Singapore's one of the most beautiful countries in the world and dubbed the Blue City. It gathers beautiful natural landscapes along with popular tourist resorts that attract thousands of visitors to this country. Here you get to explore, experience on the islands or the neighborhood, the shopping malls... And lots of different locations. So that you can easily know which locations they are in. Please read through the article below are popular tourist attractions in Singapore.

Sentosa Island

Top 11 popular tourist Attractions in Singapore

Popular tourist spot in Singapore-Sentosa island. (Photo: Internet)

Not only the poetic island with the peaceful white sand beaches, the island itself is an entertainment complex with the nature park and famous sights of Singapore. There are countless exciting games in the island, from underwater games, adventure games or butterfly parks, insect kingdoms, the Singapore Imaging museum, and so on.

Sentosa Island is a poetic island located about 15 minutes from the heart of Singapore, about 500 m from the Continental coast of Singapore, the total area of about 5 km2, the forest has occupied 70% of the island, Sentosa is Singapore's fourth largest island.

Sentosa is the most impressive tourist resort by combining Entertainment, Heritage Center and Nature Park. Every year the island attracts more than 5 million people, Sentosa has a 2 km long Beach, Siloso Fort, two golf courses and 2 5-star hotels, every year Sentosa island is encroaching on the sea at a few unique buildings designed by tourism investors.

Sisters' Islands

Popular tourist spot in Singapore-island Sisters ' Islands. (Photo: Internet)

Sisters ' Island or more are called the island of billions. This is the destination for those who love water activities and camping. The sister Island is located south of Singapore's main island, about a 20-minute train ride from Sentosa Island, including two islands, Sister Island and Em Island The two small islands are separated from each other by a canal.
Travelers traveling to Singapore can camp under the shady shade trees by the canal, unleash the diversity of marine biology or scuba diving. The blue sea, the exotic coral reefs, and the dazzling sun make the island a great place for travelers to discover the life of the ocean.

Jurong Bird Garden

Popular tourist spot in Singapore-Jurong bird Garden. (Photo: Internet)

The Singapore Juron Bird Sanctuary preserves over 500 birds including many species of bird named in the Red Book, where it is Singapore's largest tourist body. To be able to observe birds, walk around the bird garden or go to Panorai Monorail is the best way.

Visitors will visit the night life of wild animals such as seeing rhinos, hearing the howling of the hyenas or catching the giraffe to eat overnight. One more special point you can feed the birds, watch the unique circus performances of birds such as human speaking, singing, flying through the fire...

Singapore Botanical Gardens

Popular tourist spot in Singapore-the Singapore botanical Garden. (Photo: Internet)

In Singapore business activities are open at 11h. So in the meantime, what are you going to do. The answer is to the Singapore Botanical Gardens. The garden is open from 5am. You'll wander through the wetter roads of the rainforest and go to the National Orchid Garden to see the collection of over 1,000 species of natural orchids and 2,000 species of orchids.

Merlion Park

Popular tourist spot in Singapore-the Merlion park. (Photo: Internet)

Merlion Park is Singapore's most famous park with an area of 2500 sqm, located on the coast of Marina Bay, where it is considered as a welcome gate for visitors to this beautiful island country. It features a Merlion statue – a signature symbol of Singapore Island. The statue with a very special shape with the upper half is the lion's head, the lower half is the fish-tail, which symbolizes the courage, tenacity and power of the Singapore National people. This is the most popular Singapore tourist attraction today.

MacRitchie Park

Popular tourist spot in Singapore-the MacRitchie park. (Photo: Internet)

The MacRitchie park in Singapore is a great place for nature-lovers and the fresh air in the dusty metropolis. MacRitchie is a green pearl in the heart of Singapore and is an ideal place to watch the sunset.

Along the sides of the hiking trail about 11 km in length, the park is two rows of old trees and pristine flora. Don't forget to try the slow feeling on foot on the 250-metre TreeTop Walk between Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang – the two highest peaks at MacRitchie Park. You can admire the panoramic view of the forest and the life of a variety of wild animals. The lush vegetation by the freshwater lake is an interesting resting destination.

Enthusiasts of water sports can take part in the kayaking or canoeing activities in the area. Around the lake, you can save the incredibly romantic photos on the surrounding paved road. Going to the end of the road, you'll find the most ideal sunset spot at MacRitchie. The sunset here is beautiful and peaceful is no different than the scene in the paintings. The pale sunlight makes the colour patches on the sky. The tranquil lake, the peaceful space makes time as endless, the heart is also made the scene.

Haji Fashion Street

Popular tourist spot in Singapore-Haji fashion Street. (Photo: Internet)

Although a small street in the center of the Muslim District, Haji is famous as a "fashion paradise". Do not exhibit monumental, clothes usually to in small shops tight. These are fashion outfits that have been performed and taken back from Le Marais area in Paris or Meatpacking New York.

Here, you even see the collection of Garni or Austin Powers... And if you feel hungry you can enjoy a Middle Eastern lunch at the Cafe le Caire located right on the street corner.

China Town Shopping Center

Popular tourist spot in Singapore-China Town Shopping centre. (Photo: Internet)

This is an extremely attractive shopping spot that anyone traveling to Singapore can not ignore. If you have a chance to come here, you will find a colourful space with a wide range of items sold in Chinese architecture booth. The neighborhood is probably the most bustling at the time of the Lunar New Year, at that day, the food market is buzzing with the neighboring dancing drums, traditional dishes as well as handicrafts that bold the culture of the people who live in this neighborhood.


Popular tourist spot in Singapore-Geylang. (Photo: Internet)

If you are familiar with a modern Singapore, you will surely be surprised by a particular corner of the country. Geylang is considered a social separation between Singapore's prosperity, located just a 15-minute walk from the centre and the National Sports area. It is not difficult to catch up on the sides of the streets are telephone stores, clothes, small shoes, not in order. Even many areas and shops are overflowing with roadsides.
Geylang is famous as the red light district operating under the permission and management of the local government. In the evenings, especially on weekends, the whole neighborhood becomes bustling, far more crowded. The city's activities take place under the rules and are closely monitored by the police.
To the Geylang district, remember to enjoy the famous frog porridge. The aromatic sweet flavor of the frog meat is cooked with porridge and vegetable spices in the ground pot to satisfy the hunger of each guest.


Popular tourist spot in Singapore-Zouk. (Photo: Internet)

Although quite strict with the rules, the nightlife of the island nation is also quite vibrant. After nearly two decades, Zouk is still the focus of night fun activities. Zouk is active with the lights, dance floor, fashionable people dress up with the dance. In particular, the giant sound system will immerse you.

Kusu Island

Popular tourist spot in Singapore-Kusu island. (Photo: Internet)

Kusu Island is located in Singapore 000704. Is the island of South Singapore, about 6.5 km south of the main island of Singapore. Kusu Island is also not very large, the data has not provided exactly the area of Kusu Island, but Kusu Island is said to be very famous, because the divine here is called the Holy Land, every year tourists poured on the onion from the 9th to 11th months every year.

On this article are popular tourist destinations in Singapore that you want to send to readers. Hope to help you read more about this country. Hope to bring you to read the places filled with interesting and novel when coming to this beautiful country. Thank you for reading your interest in the article and don't forget to like and share to everyone who knows about this popular Singapore tourist destination.
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