Top 9 most popular tourist destinations in Cam Ranh
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You like traveling and exploring with your family or friends and relatives. You are looking to a tourist destination to have fun and visit the resort. Cam Ranh will be a great choice for you and your loved ones. Cam Ranh with many tourist and entertainment destinations is mentioned such as: islands, beaches ... amusement parks with famous temples and diverse cuisine. This place will bring you and your family a trip full of interesting experiences. Cam Ranh with many tourist destinations and in this article I will send to you to read the most famous tourist destinations in Cam Ranh, dimly read through.

Binh Ba Island

Top 9 most popular tourist destinations in Cam Ranh

Popular tourist destination Cam Ranh - Binh Ba Island. (Image source: internet)

Located in Cam Ranh city, Binh Ba island is known as "lobster island". Although the island is still quite small and unspoiled, in recent years, with the upgrading of the government, the island has gradually come into operation and attracted the attention of many tourists who want to explore this place. Here, you will have unforgettable sunrise and sunset watching.

Binh Lap peninsula

Popular tourist destination Cam Ranh - Binh Lap Peninsula. (Image source: internet)

Located in the waters of Tu Binh - Cam Ranh but Binh Lap is less known to tourists because of its almost isolated position. Traveling here does not cost too much, but it gives you the experience of a sea full of pristine and natural. It feels like getting back to the roots. The sea here is extremely clean, each season giving you different experiences.

Bai Nom

Popular tourist destination Cam Ranh - Bai Nom. (Image source: internet)

Located in the south of Binh Ba Island, Bai Nom is one of the attractive beaches for tourists coming to this island. Chosen by two rocky mountains, the coast here is calm throughout the year. Coming to Bai Nom you will be spoiled for diving in the cool blue water.
Or have fun with exciting games such as riding a water motorbike or riding a banana float. After hours of fun and delight. You can enjoy the delicious fresh seafood dishes right here.

Bai Chuong

Popular tourist destination Cam Ranh - Bai Chuong. (Image source: internet)

When traveling to Cam Ranh, you should not miss Chuong beach. Bai Chuong is quite wild, when you come here, this place appears in front of you as a beautiful landscape picture. With bunches of sea spinach growing long in the sand or clear blue sea. So much so that you can see the sand bars below. Besides, just going to the sea about a dozen meters can see the gray coral reefs of all shapes.

Long Beach

Popular tourist destination Cam Ranh - Bai Dai. (Image source: internet)

Bai Dai is just over 20 km from the center of Nha Trang city, about 12 km from Cam Ranh airport but this place has a surprisingly pure natural space. Other than the road from the airport to the city center, which was paved and planted flowers, this area had nothing called modern. On this 10-kilometer beach, there is only the blue sea and dreamy white sand. Along this coast are high sand hills of pure white. Rarely has there been such a fine white sand hill.

Tu Binh island cluster

Popular tourist destination Cam Ranh - Tu Binh island cluster. (Image source: internet)

Tu Binh island group including Binh Lap - Binh Ba - Binh Hung - Binh Tien in Khanh Hoa has been famous for young people who are passionate about traveling. You can come here at any time of the year, except on stormy days. And above all, you will not have to spend too much money on tourism services, because this area is quite pristine.
Coming here, you will be immersed in a completely different space than the city, you can swim in the clear blue water to the bottom, dive to watch the coral, watch the sunset on the sea, and enjoy the types of Delicious seafood!

Tu Van Temple Pagoda

Famous tourist destination Cam Ranh - Oc Tu Van Pagoda. (Image source: internet)

Tu Van Pagoda was built in 1968 on 3/4 Street, Cam Ranh City. Due to being built mainly from shells and corals, this temple is also known as Oc or Coral Pagoda. Thanks to its unique architecture, the temple has become an extremely attractive attraction. The most impressive for visitors is Bao Tich tower up to 39m. The tower has a sophisticated structure with 49 small pyramids on the outside, in each sub-tower there is a thousand Buddha statue, thousand eyes and on top of each sub tower is a small stupa. Hundreds of different large and small Buddha statues are carefully arranged on this tower.
In addition to Bao Tich tower, the journey to "18 stories of hell" is another very interesting experience at Oc Pagoda. The road to "hell" is only about 500m long, but it is still built very carefully from shells, coral stones, surrounded by eye-catching dragons. Due to deep penetration deep underground, the walkways here are quite dark, narrow, winding bends. Along the way are 12 large signs recording the crimes of the world and the punishment in the prison, just like advice that people should live in a kind and benevolent way. Entering here perhaps sometimes you will be startled because the scene "gruesome torture" in the underworld is looming in the flickering light.

Hon Ba Nature Reserve

Hon Ba Nature Reserve. (Image source: internet)

Hon Ba is a mountain located between two communes of Khanh Phu, Khanh Vinh district and Suoi Cat commune, Cam Lam district. It is about 60 km southwest of Nha Trang city. Hon Ba is 1578m high above sea level, the road from the foot of the mountain to the winding mountain top is winding, like a snake wrapped around the top of the mountain, but the average slope here is only 8 degrees, so It is also quite easy to run to the top of the mountain.
Due to being higher than Da Lat, the temperature in Hon Ba ranges from 10-20 degrees C and cloud-covered year round. Near the top of the mountain, you will see a special scene, one side of the mountain clear blue sky, the other side is vague clouds. More than 8 years ago, Hon Ba was paved by Khanh Hoa province and Yasaka Nha Trang hotel invested in tourism development. But so far, Hon Ba is just a destination for people to visit the place where the respected doctor Yersin once lived and worked.

Sealife- famous amusement park in Cam Ranh

Popular tourist spot Cam Ranh-Sealife-the famous amusement park in Cam Ranh. (Photo source: Internet)

Sealife Beach amusement park in Cam Ranh has a total water surface of 5,000m² in Cam Hai Dong commune, Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province. In particular, Sealife is located in beautiful waters with fine sand and clear blue sea at Bai Dai. Coming to this amusement park, you will surely be surprised at the largest floating park in Vietnam, up to 2000m² with lots of new experiences. At Sealife- a famous amusement park in Cam Ranh, you will experience sports services on the sea such as water jet riding, parachute flying, banana float at sea, windsurfing. In addition, you can also go scuba diving to see corals, see sea fishes by basket boat ... With a strong investment in new types of games such as motorcycling on the seabed (motor driving) or public Floating pontoons, Sealife has become a famous place of Cam Ranh which is loved by many young people.

On this article are the most famous tourist destinations in Cam Ranh that I want to send to readers. Hope to give you the best places to prepare for your trip. Thank you for reading the article and do not forget to share for everyone to know.
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