Carpet of hydrangeas on the top of Mau Son
thamnguyen99 26-05-2021, 07:58

LANG SON – Thousands of hydrangeas bloom on Mau Son mountain, attracting tourists in the summer.

Every May to June is the time when Mau Son mountain (Loc Binh district) is adorned with hydrangea flowers, concentrated mainly on the resort site here, located at an altitude of more than 1,000 m. The author of the photo series, Mr. Hoang Lang Huy (Lang Son), said that the flower garden has officially welcomed visitors for about two years.

Hydrangeas in Mau Son appeared around the beginning of the 20th century, when the French came here to build resorts and plant them around the garden. Since 2011, the locality has replicated this species to create a highlight for the tourist area. Flowers are commonly grown in restaurants, hotels, and in front of people’s houses for decoration.

Mau Son hydrangea has the dominant blue color. This flower can change color during bloom, depending on the alkalinity of the soil, when it blooms it is usually blue, turquoise, pink, purple.

In addition to the blue flowers, there are also blue purple, pink purple and white flowers. Young people often choose costumes corresponding to the color of flowers to take more eye-catching photos.

The flower tree is as tall as an adult body, planted in the sloping terrain of the mountainside, from the outside looking in like a flower wall. Visitors can step in between the beds, but need to be gentle to avoid breaking the cotton.

Some motels and hotels located in the middle of the pine forest with flower gardens also welcome guests to take photos, charging 10,000 VND/person

The campus of Mau Son tourist area covers an area of ​​nearly 15,000 hectares. Most of today’s hotels and restaurants are built on the foundation of old French villas. In addition to the flower gardens, visitors can take a walk to visit some surviving villas and castles containing wine cellars at the resort. Besides, the Dao Khuoi Level, Khuoi Tang, Long Dau streams, and Mau Son ancient spiritual land are some famous destinations that attract tourists during this trip to the northern cloudy country.

If you have time to linger here, from about 4 pm, visitors have the opportunity to watch the romantic scene of the hydrangea garden in the sunset. Hostels and hotels in the tourist area pick up guests overnight for 250,000 – 350,000 VND.

The road to Mau Son tourist area often appears cloudy even in the middle of the day, if lucky, visitors can also admire the sea of ​​clouds. In the summer, the more the afternoon the temperature on the mountain drops below 25 degrees Celsius, visitors need to pay attention to prepare appropriate clothes. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Hoang Lang Huy