Tell you 6 delicious restaurants in Co To fresh seafood, super reasonable prices
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Although it is a famous beach tourism paradise in the North, the restaurant in Co To has not developed well, making it difficult for tourists to choose the right address. Here are suggestions for delicious restaurants in Co To that are famous and loved by tourists that you can refer to. 

Top 6 delicious restaurants in Co To 

Let’s take a look at the famous delicious food addresses in Co To with the following reviews : 

1. Ngoc Quynh beach restaurant

  • Restaurant address: Van Chay beach, Dong Tien, Co To, Quang Ninh

If you are looking for a delicious restaurant in Co To with an atmosphere on the beach, Ngoc Quynh restaurant is one of the great choices. The advantage of this restaurant is the large space on Van Chay beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Co To. About the food here is considered to be fresh and delicious with many other services such as team building on the beach, karaoke on the sea and even cultural exchange services for the whole group.

Tell you 6 delicious restaurants in Co To fresh seafood, super reasonable prices
Restaurant on Ngoc Quynh beach biển

When coming to Ngoc Quynh restaurant, do not forget to enjoy fresh seafood dishes such as: Co To squid, surface, Co To jellyfish. Will definitely never let you down.

Ngoc Quynh beach restaurant specializes in fresh seafood hải

2. Hai Au Restaurant

  • Address: Nam Hai, TT. Co To, Co To, Quang Ninh

Another restaurant address in Co To that you must definitely enjoy when coming here is Hai Au restaurant. When entering this restaurant, you will immediately see a large fresh tank serving visitors. You can freely choose many famous fresh seafood dishes in Co To such as nail snail, shrimp, abalone or tofu.

Hai Au restaurant

Not only that, when enjoying food at Hai Au restaurant, you will feel really satisfied because the restaurant has enthusiastic service staff. The restaurant is clean, the space is large, suitable for those who go in large groups.

Menu at Hai Au restaurant

3. Breakfast restaurant in Co Nghia

  • Address: The shop is located in area 3 of Co To town

Instead of having breakfast according to the menu at the hotel residence. When coming to Co To, you can change your taste through the breakfast restaurant in Co Nghia. This is a delicious restaurant in Co To that is extremely famous for many attractive breakfast dishes for visitors. Can name some delicious dishes at the restaurant such as: Seafood porridge, seafood sticky rice, seafood pho. The broth here is very deliciously prepared with a unique flavor that not all restaurants have. Especially, the price is quite cheap, only ranging from 30,000 VND to 40,000 VND / bowl.

Breakfast restaurant in Co Nghia specializes in seafood porridge chao
Along with Quang Ninh specialty is sticky rice with squid

4. Restaurant on the premises of Van Chay hotel

  • Address: Van Chay Hotel: Bai Van Chay, Nam Ha Hamlet, Dong Tien Commune, Quang Ninh

You can enjoy delicious food at the restaurant on the premises of Van Chay hotel. There is a team of chefs with many years of experience in the field of processing a lot of delicious dishes to serve visitors. Besides, the restaurant at the hotel also has a beach BBQ ordering service. The food is delicious, fresh, and attentively served. 

Restaurant on site of Van Chay hotel
The restaurant on the premises of Van Chay hotel has a delicious menu

5. Uy Thanh Co To Restaurant

  • Address: Nam Hai, TT Co To, Co To

Where is the best place to eat in Co To tourism ? On many travel forums, Uy Thanh restaurant has received a lot of positive feedback from tourists who have enjoyed it here. 

Út Thanh Co To Restaurant

The food at Uy Thanh restaurant is evaluated as diverse, the main dishes are seafood. The strong point of the restaurant is that the fresh ingredients can be selected by yourself and the restaurant prepares it on the spot. The service attitude of the staff is well appreciated, enthusiastic, attentive and friendly to customers. This restaurant is quite crowded so it is recommended that you book a table in advance.

The menu of the restaurant Uy Thanh Co To
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6. Co To island cuisine restaurant

  • Address: Area 4, Co To, Quang Ninh

A delicious restaurant in Co To with reasonable prices voted by tourists is the Co To island cuisine restaurant located right next to the town market and about 7km from Van Chay beach. This restaurant has good service quality, there are many delicious Co To specialties such as jellyfish salad, grilled pork belly or fried squid. Especially the price here is quite cheap.

Co To island cuisine restaurant

When coming to Co To, it is not difficult for you to choose a good restaurant. However, according to Co To travel experience, you should find out first by referring to the reviews of tourists who have enjoyed it. On travel forums, where to play is discussed by people quite enthusiastically and with many realistic opinions.

Food at Co To island cuisine restaurant

In addition to choosing restaurants, when coming to Co To , visitors can choose popular restaurants with extremely cheap but delicious prices. For example, a popular restaurant with the main meal of one person only ranges from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND. Or with a beachside restaurant to eat extremely delicious fresh seafood with a price of only 150,000 VND. 

When dining in Co To, a small note that you need to ask for the price first to avoid being hacked. And do not forget to choose a reputable restaurant to ensure delicious food processing and to ensure food hygiene and safety.

So with the above information, everyone knows a good restaurant in Co To . Hopefully, visitors will find a reputable address to enjoy delicious food and make the trip more enjoyable.

Update Quang Ninh: Top 5 famous delicious seafood restaurants in Co To

Co To is an island in Quang Ninh province, this is an emerging destination that many tourists are interested in. If you want to go to Co To to explore the scenery, nature and cuisine here, but you are not sure about this land. Today, Restaurant Magazine will share with you a list of the top famous delicious seafood restaurants in Co To, Quang Ninh so that you can supplement yourself with delicious, cheap places to eat. For first-time visitors, it is not surprising to find the best place to rest and eat.

1. Restaurant on Ngoc Quynh Van Chay beach, Co To

This is a restaurant located on Van Chay beach – one of the most beautiful beaches on Co To island. This place is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, but it also has many rich services. The restaurant not only has famous delicious food, but it also has a karaoke service on the sea, or organizes Team Biulding on the sea.

2. Uy Thanh Restaurant – Seafood restaurant in Co To

Address: Nam Hai, Co To town, Co To, Quang NinhUy Thanh Restaurant is a restaurant with a long history in Co To and has large fish tanks containing fresh seafood to serve visitors, you can choose from fresh seafood and prepare it right at the restaurant. place. Because this is a famous restaurant, it is usually very crowded because you should call to book in advance by phone so you don’t have to wait too long.

3. Seafood Restaurant Hai Au – Co To

Address: Zone 3, Co To town, Co To districtHai Au Restaurant is also one of the famous delicious restaurants in Co To no less than Uy Thanh restaurant – this is one of the most luxurious and modern restaurants in Co To. The restaurant also has a large fish tank containing all kinds of seafood on the island for visitors to admire and enjoy. The price of each dish at the restaurant is about 150,000 with a full range of seafood such as abalone, squid, shrimp, scallops, nail snails…

4. Coto Eco Lodge restaurant – an interesting experience in Co To tourism

Address: Hong Van Beach, Hong Hai Hamlet, Dong Tien Commune, Co To, Quang NinhCoto Eco Lodge consists of 18 bungalows facing the sea, located on Hong Van beach, Dong Tien, Co To. … at an “acceptable” price, which has existed “quietly” for several years in Co To. Beach restaurant At Eco Lodge: Serving seafood dishes and regular dishes according to the menu, which is known to many young people. … 

5. Blue Sea Seafood Restaurant

Address: Zone III Co To Town, Co To, Quang NinhAs the most luxurious restaurant in Co To Island, with the best location, the entire restaurant facing the sea, Blue Sea Restaurant can serve up to 200 guests at a time. The restaurant has a water tank containing fresh seafood, you can choose directly and request to cook as you like and organize a barbecue on the beach (BBQ).These are the famous dishes and restaurants in Co To pearl island that you can have the opportunity to enjoy when visiting and exploring the island. myself.

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