Top 7 most checked-in universities in Hanoi
doyen1988 20-05-2021, 14:28

With countless “cool” virtual living corners, the following beautiful view universities in Hanoi will never let us down!

1. Thang Long University – The famous university with beautiful views in Hanoi 

Address:  D. Nghiem Xuan Yem – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi

Thang Long University is considered the version of RMIT in the North, this is one of the  most famous beautiful view universities in Hanoi  . Although the school has a small area, the campus and architectural style are very cool and modern. Thang Long University is equipped with many modern equipment, youthful and dynamic architectural design towards the convenience of students. 

Thang Long University

Top 7 most checked-in universities in Hanoi
(Photo: vwyiiiiii_)

(Photo: tranghoangth)

When entering the school, you feel like you are lost in a certain university in Europe. The inner campus is planted with many trees, has poetic landscapes, and also has a lovely private garden for students to come to “chill”. The garden is likened to a “garden of paradise” with many flowers and trees creating a lot of check-in for students. This famous school has been chosen by many film crews and singers as a setting for filming and filming MVs such as: The  film The opposite of tears, the movie Heart is sunny, … 

(Photo: tkuy.duong)

(Photo: _hniljun_)

2. National Economics University – A university with a beautiful view in Hanoi cannot be missed 

Address:  207 Giai Phong, Dong Tam, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Referring to  universities with beautiful views in Hanoi  , it is impossible to forget about National Economics University (NEU). This is one of the leading educational institutions in the country for training in economics, finance and business administration. As long as you walk around the school, pick up your phone to take a photo, there are countless “luxury – genuine – smooth” photos that make many of you who have not been there to gato. 

(Photo: hobee19)

(Photo: _.huencutie._)

In NEU, there are many holy virtual living corners, if you have the opportunity, don’t miss any corner. Prominent places can be mentioned: the wall of youth, the NEU royal garden, the century building, the parking basement, the lake – the road of love, the skylight, the tuition tree,…

(Photo: cent._.44)

Century building (Photo: qnglinh)

3. Vietnam Agricultural Academy – University with a large and beautiful campus in Hanoi 

Address:  Trau Quy, Gia Lam, Hanoi

Vietnam Agricultural Academy  is the university with the largest campus in Vietnam. There are many super sparkling check-in corners here. Stepping into the academy, you will be amazed at the countless colorful gardens. In addition, if you go deep inside, you can also enjoy the fruit-laden gardens such as: pomelo garden, apple garden, … Just spend about 15k, you can freely eat delicious fruits here. 

(Photo: jihn_1802)

(Photo: ntphuong.98)

Apple orchard at Vietnam Academy of Agriculture

In particular, if you have come here, do not miss the most beautiful check-in corner which is the cabbage garden. Tickets to the garden are 20k. The modern administrative building is also one of the beautiful check-in points that students love. 

European-style photo (Photo: kin_kin_11)

(Photo: anhu_hmu)

4. FPT University – A university with a beautiful view in Hanoi owns 1001 sparkling beautiful virtual living corners sống 

Address:  Hoa Lac High-Tech Industrial Park, Km29 Thang Long Road, Thach That, Hanoi 

Among the  universities with beautiful views in Hanoi  , FPT University is the most prominent name. This school trains many diverse professions such as: IT, business administration, languages,… FPT University is famous for owning many modern and beautiful architectural corners “no dead corners”. No matter where you stand, you can buy “heart-stopping” pictures. The most typical is the dragon-shaped amphitheater designed by famous architect Vo Trong Nghia. 

(Photo: nguyenduyen_05)

Green, modern campus at FPT University

The hot-hit check-in mirror at FPT University 

From the garage, the school yard, the sports area to the lecture hall, there are super landscapes to take pictures. European-style pictures, lotus ponds in West Lake, etc. are all available at FPT. 


Flower garden at FPT University Hanoi (Photo: helen_hoang1310)

5. Academy of Journalism and Propaganda – a favorite university with a beautiful view in Hanoi 

Address:  36 Xuan Thuy – Cau Giay – Hanoi

Referring to the Academy of Journalism and Propaganda, people will think of this as the cradle for training famous MCs and journalists. However, few people know that there are many cool virtual living spaces here. 

Academy of Journalism and Propaganda (Photo: Linhtinaaaa)

(Photo: _biichngoc__)

(Photo: phamthuha_09)

The school owns an area that is not too large like other universities, but inside the campus is planted with many trees. The walls, steps in the school, the stump of the ban tree, the red car, the electric pole, … have all become the ideal corners for students to come to live virtual. Especially for students of journalism, taking an artistic photo is too easy. 

(Photo: Thu Ha)

Sorrowful check-in corner at School Newspaper (Photo: ahngx_)

6. Hanoi National University of Education – University with a beautiful view in Hanoi should visit once ghe 

Address:  136 Xuan Thuy – Cau Giay – Hanoi

Hanoi National University of Education is one of the  beautiful view universities in Hanoi  with a long history. There are many trees throughout the school grounds. Therefore, when entering, students do not feel stuffy and secretive. Especially in the school, there is a very poetic road called the road of love. This is the dating spot for many students. This beautiful road is covered with rows of sesame trees extending to the school library. Although only about 100m long, but in the season when the trees change leaves, the road becomes extremely romantic like in Korea. 

The campus of Hanoi National University of Education (Photo: changcongchua_)

The road of love at Hanoi National University of Education (Photo: cam_14s08)

(Photo: cam_14s08)

Just be clever to choose the shooting angle, you absolutely own a lot of photos like industry. In addition to the road of love, the University of Pedagogy also has many different beautiful photography angles waiting for you to explore. 

Sitting in the fog on a chair, it’s also sparkling enough on the photo (Photo: tien_han99)

(Photo: tien_han99)

Have you chosen for yourself a university with a “right” design style? If you have free time, invite a few friends to come and check in at the  universities with beautiful views in Hanoi  just introduced above!

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