Visit the ancient house of Tran Ba ​​The Can Tho to find traces of time
duonghanhnguyen 17-05-2021, 18:59

On Cu Lao Tan Loc, you should not miss the destination of Tran Ba ​​The ancient house – a house with bold ancient architecture of the Mekong Delta imprinted with traces of a golden age.

More than 40km from the center of Can Tho city with about 15 minutes by ferry, Tan Loc islet ( Tan Loc ward, Thot Not district) not only attracts tourists with its lush, green fruit orchards, but also impressive with ancient houses, imbued with the culture of the Southwest region. Tan Loc still preserves about 10 large old houses with many different architectural styles. In which, it is impossible not to mention Tran Ba ​​The Ancient House, which is one of the many old houses that are hundreds of years old, imbued with ancient architecture in the Mekong Delta, but still quite intact, from the ancient architecture. French hybrid architecture to home furnishings and many ancient trees.

About Tran Ba ​​The ancient house

Distance from the city center. About 40km from Can Tho, visitors will travel by ferry for about 15 minutes to reach the old house. Originally, Cu Lao Tan Loc not only attracts tourists by its rustic, rustic Western character with lush, fruit-laden orchards. But subtly around that beauty is imprinted with ancient houses imbued with the cultural beauty of the Southwest region.

Currently, Tan Loc still preserves about more than 10 old houses with many different architectural beauties. And certainly, the old house that many tourists come to visit and the name on the list of unique destinations of Tay Do is the ancient house of Tran Ba ​​The .

This is a house that is hundreds of years old with ancient and old architecture typical of the Mekong Delta. However, that ancient beauty is still preserved intact from the French hybrid architecture to the furniture in the house and the ancient trees planted around.

It is known that Tran Ba ​​The house was built by the Council of Tran Thien Thoai – Long Xuyen (who is Mr. Tran Ba ​​The’s father) and completed in 1935. Coming here, visitors will feel the beauty. Nostalgic, contemplative of the house according to the traces of time. 

Visit the ancient house of Tran Ba ​​The Can Tho to find traces of time
The whole house

The typical beauty of Tran Ba ​​The ancient house

Western architecture

When visiting this old house, visitors will clearly feel the ancient beauty exuding the wealth of the owner of the house.

The house also has the beauty of Western architecture. That is shown most clearly in the architecture of the roof system, the arches are carved with artistic patterns and reliefs with delicate and unique patterns. That is also the aristocratic beauty showing the role and tycoon of the richest Southern people in the past. Or it is often said that Tran Ba ​​The house is the old standard of Southern house in its heyday.

Western-inspired architecture

The architectural structure of this house is designed with high doors and high ceilings. In addition, the appearance of lanterns made from sophisticated wood has helped the space of the house become more airy and very artistic in the old Southern style.


The campus in front of the house

The campus in front of the house is very peaceful and fresh when it has a very large yard. Painted on it are ancient ornamental plants with many years of age that are cared for, trimmed with artistic and flying designs. Therefore, making the scene here become more peaceful, helping visitors find the feeling of adventure and lost when coming here.

The campus in front of the house
The green tree is gently bent

The interior of the house

Tran Ba ​​The ancient house has 3 apartments, the layout of the house is continuous with a fairly spacious and airy campus: the front house, the back house and the kitchen. The biggest difference of this old house compared to other old houses in Tan Loc is that the two porches belong to two wings. The two sides of the house have 2 small rooms with an area of ​​​​about 10m2 to use as a family reading room.

Antique dishes are displayed in a glass cabinet
The furniture of the bed is neatly arranged

The interior is designed to be airy and very clever to highlight the function and use of each item. The antiques decorated in the house are like miniature antiquities museum. On the ceiling are decorated with wooden lanterns in Chinese style in the late 19th century such as: American kerosene lamps, mandarin lamps in the early 20th century. In particular, dishes, tables and chairs, Flower vases and many other items are meticulously and delicately carved.

The ancestral altar is beautifully decorated

For the worshiping room of ancestors, parents and relatives, 5 wooden altars are decorated with delicate chiseled patterns and are decorated with conch that looks very elaborate and sophisticated. The altars, altars, altar paintings… are meticulously decorated at the ancestors’ altars, which has exalted the dignified and ancient beauty of the place of worship.

Opposite the worshiping room is the living room wall hung with a table of ten generations of the owner’s paternal and maternal clans. This is as a reminder to children and grandchildren to remember the birth and upbringing of their ancestors.

Next, a large black-and-white photograph of the Voice Council’s family was hung in front of the house about 80 years ago – when Mr. Sau was about 30 or 40 years old. This is a vivid and true proof of the long-standing existence of Tran Ba ​​The ancient house over time.

Visiting and traveling to Can Tho , visitors will surely admire the ancient beauty of the old houses marking a golden age. In particular, the ancient house of Tran Ba ​​The is a vestige of the memorabilia and documents left by the ancestors, and also contains the soul of the ancient house of the land of Cu Lao.

Photo: Internet, Tan Man Architecture Fanpage