The house with 1,000 pots of porcelain flowers attracts young people who like ‘virtual living’
duonghanhnguyen 17-05-2021, 18:47

A house in Ho Chi Minh City with nearly 1,000 blooming and colorful porcelain flower pots attracts many young people who like to “live virtual”.

The house planted nearly 1,000 porcelain flowers in Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City. PHOTO: TAN DAT

Attracted by the scent

We were present at the house in Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City during a business trip in early May. Here, hundreds of porcelain flower pots in full bloom, all colors from yellow, pink to red are brilliant and stretching tens of meters from the gate all the way to the inside.

The porcelain flowers in this yard are less than 1.5 m high, planted in pots. They give off a sweet scent when a gentle breeze passes by. The leaves of the flower are dark green, have prominent veins that are very thick and not too big. And porcelain flowers spread out like a funnel, racing with each other.

The road is full of porcelain flowersPHOTO: TAN DAT
From pink…
…even red blooms in the sunlightPHOTO: TAN DAT

We caught two sisters Nguyen Thi My Phuong and Nguyen Thi My Dung busy taking a . PHOTO with porcelain flowers.

My Phuong and My Dung (on the right)PHOTO: TAN DAT

My Phuong said that she was an acquaintance of the owner, so she was “set to” take pictures here. Before that, Phuong used to come here to attend a wedding and was impressed with the porcelain flowers, but at that time there were many people so it was difficult to take a satisfactory picture.

My Phuong came to play on the weekend
The way home is the most beautiful wayPHOTO: TAN DAT

“I love taking pictures with beautiful scenery , especially flowers and grass, so when I come here, I am free to “live virtual”. For me, each porcelain flower pot has its own color and I am attracted by the scent of flowers when entering the yard,” said My Phuong.

Many pictures “virtual life” Phuong got when coming herePHOTO: TAN DAT
Porcelain flowers are like a funnelPHOTO: TAN DAT

And My Dung confided: “I like porcelain flowers because it is very gentle and delicate. I like pink flowers the most, the owner also gave me a pot to bring back when I came here to play at the beginning of the year. I also want to have my own porcelain garden.

Planting for passion

The owner of the garden “her porcelain flower”, Mr. D.V Ket (67 years old) said that the flower garden has a total of nearly 1,000 trees, with many types such as anaconda porcelain, pyramidal, cinnamon vein, rosemary, sand wall… In which, there are some trees over 20 years old.

“I plant because of passion and see beautiful porcelain flowers. Many times, when relatives come to play and ask, I let them plant to try it out, but they don’t buy or sell anything,” said Mr. Ket.

Nearly 1,000 porcelain flower potsPHOTO: TAN DAT

Spread across the yardPHOTO: TAN DAT

According to Mr. Ket, porcelain flowers are easy to care for, not as difficult as orchids, so if he is too busy, if he doesn’t water for 2 to 3 days, the plants will still live.”Porcelain plants tolerate drying, so if they are watered too much, too wet is not good, can cause root rot. The tree’s long life is also due to natural planting, not using root stimulants and about 1-2 years to uproot to replace manure People should also replace the new soil when it has been planted for 1 to 2 years, then the new trees will be lush and produce a lot of flowers, otherwise they will die from damaged roots,” Mr. Ket shared.

Many trees have unique roots
Uncle Ket planted porcelain because of his passionPHOTO: TAN DAT
flowers bloomPHOTO: TAN DAT
Many tree shapes were created by Uncle KePHOTO: TAN DAT

Besides, Mr. Ket also planted a lush vegetable garden such as lettuce, papaya, herbs… at home just by taking care of daily watering in the morning and afternoon and periodically fertilizing once a week.

“Going to water the porcelain flowers early in the morning, watching them grow well and then harvesting vegetables to have a meal with my family, I find this life happier and more meaningful than ever,” Mr. Ket Tam said. the.

Fresh herbsPHOTO: TAN DAT
To the clean salad
Yellow papaya
In addition to porcelain flowers, Mr. Ket also grows a vegetable garden
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