Come to Quang Tri to admire the majestic Dakrong suspension bridge between the mountains and forests
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Dakrong Suspension Bridge is located across the Dakrong River. This bridge is part of the complex of the Dakrong scenic area. This is also a famous attraction that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit the land of Quang Tri. 

Where is Dakrong suspension bridge?

Dakrong suspension bridge is located on Ho Chi Minh road in Dakrong commune, Dakrong district, Quang Tri province. This is the starting point of Highway 14 connecting from Quang Tri to Binh Phuoc. The bridge is located between the mountains and forests with majestic natural scenery and is associated with famous historical sites here.   

Come to Quang Tri to admire the majestic Dakrong suspension bridge between the mountains and forests
Dakrong suspension bridge is located on Ho Chi Minh route

To get to this suspension bridge, you first need to go to Quang Tri by means of transport such as passenger cars, buses, trains, motorbikes, etc. If going from the North, you can choose open bus routes. Bus to Hue, but will go through Quang Tri, you can get off at any point you want. For those of you from the South, you can take the open bus route from Quang Binh to Quang Tri, which is also very convenient and the quality of the car is assessed as stable. In the case of going to the train station, it will take about 12 hours to reach Quang Tri. You should ride in the time frame from 20 to 22 hours. That will be in Quang Tri in the morning.  

After arriving at Dong Ha Quang Tri, tourists who want to visit the tourist site of Dakrong suspension bridge can choose to travel by taxi, motorbike taxi or 7-seater car. Going along Highway 9 and Ho Chi Minh road takes about 1 hour. If you do not know the way, you can look up google maps for convenience in moving.  

How to get to Dakrong Suspension Bridge?

Admire the majestic Dakrong suspension bridge

During the war , Dakrong Bridge was an iron bridge, which was very important for transportation in the southern battlefield for national liberation. After 1975, with the help of Cuba, the old iron bridge was replaced by a suspension bridge with a length of 100m and a width of 6m. In 1999 this bridge collapsed. After that, once again, with the help and concern of our friend Cuba and the central government, a very modern cable-stayed tree was erected for travel and became a tourist destination that many people came to visit. Dakrong River winding along the historic National Highway 9 is an important connection point between Dong Ha and Lao Bao. This is an indispensable part of the complex of Dakrong scenic spots . 

Admire the majestic Dakrong suspension bridge amidst the mountains and forests 

Dakrong Quang Tri suspension bridge under the poetic river has created the harmonious beauty of the mountain landscape of Dakrong district. Many people liken this bridge as a breakthrough in the magnificent natural picture in Quang Tri. The bridge stands firmly in the middle of the majestic mountains, making the scene more poetic than ever.

Dakrong Suspension Bridge is located in the middle of a natural forest

A special feature of this bridge is completely designed by Vietnamese engineers. This is considered an impressive architecture among the mountains and forests of Quang Tri. Visitors here can take a tour to see the Dakrong River and take super beautiful pictures. With a majestic landscape background, the winding road slopes between mountains and hills on one side and valleys on the other. The bridge stands with horns creating a unique beauty for the land of Dakrong Quang Tri.

Dakrong suspension bridge crosses the majestic river

Traveling here, visitors can not only admire the beautiful scenery around the bridge but also have the opportunity to exchange and learn about the culture of the Pa Co and Van Kieu people. They are all resilient people in the fight against foreign invaders and have many unique cultural features. 

Dakrong suspension bridge is associated with historical stories

When visiting the place to visit Dakrong suspension bridge, you can go to nearby tourist attractions such as Klu Hot Spring . This hot spring site is located not far from the suspension bridge where the Klu stream originates. This mineral water mine is very special with calcium and carbonate content from 300 to 400mg / liter, which has great effects in anti-inflammatory, anti- heartburn, good digestion. Or go to other places in Dakrong scenic area such as: Ta Lung mountain range, Klu mountain, starting point 14A Truong Son road, national highway 9 section km50. These are all very famous tourist attractions in Dakrong that visitors should not miss.

Dakrong suspension bridge is the pride of Quang Tri people

Some notes to know when visiting Dakrong suspension bridge

When visiting Dakrong Bridge, you should also understand the following notes: 

– Pay attention to the signs on the bridge such as the number of people allowed to cross the bridge, the permissible tonnage of the bridge. These signs are very important visitors need to follow.

– Ensure safety when traveling on the bridge. 

– Do not play near the edge of the bridge because it is very dangerous. 

– When on the bridge, it is necessary to pay attention to vehicles moving on the bridge to ensure safety during the sightseeing journey.  

Dakrong suspension bridge is likened to a symbol of the mountains and forests of western Quang Tri. This bridge is associated with the history of liberating the south and reunifying the country. To this day, it still stands tall, creating an indispensable perfect break in the overall picture of Dakrong in general and Quang Tri province in general.

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