An emerging virtual living hill in Da Lat
duonghanhnguyen 14-04-2021, 11:38

The check-in complex located in the flower village attracts young people by the view of the open mountain forest and many novel angles.

Van Thanh Hill is located on a hill, 3 km from the center of Da Lat city (Lam Dong). Check-in point is on Van Thanh Street. From Dalat market, you follow the direction of February 3, meet the intersection, turn right on Hoang Van Thu, run about 2.5 km more to reach the tourist area. You can combine exploring many places on the same route such as Cam Ly waterfall, Voi waterfall, Linh An pagoda, Hoa Son Dien Trang … Photo: Long Nguyen.

This is a combination of cafes, restaurants, gardens, swimming pools, campsites. Admission ticket is 80,000 VND / person (including a selection of water). The resort can book a party for events from 30 people with prices from 280,000 to 310,000 VND / person. Photo: Van Thanh Hill.

The check-in areas combine with natural scenery, flower gardens, creating a harmonious overall. Seating area ranges from outdoor to indoor. If you like open space, you can take a walk in the garden, watch many kinds of flowers. Indoor area, awning suitable for midday sitting. There is also a camping area, organizing a BBQ for guests to check-in at night. Photo: Van Thanh Hill.

The flower gardens are designed in different areas, combining stone paths, warm pine-paneled walls, making visitors feel lost in miniature Europe. The location is open from 7am to 9:30 pm. Guests often gather crowdedly to take pictures in the morning from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. Photo: Van Thanh Hill.


From above, the photos can be obtained from the valley and the greenhouse below. Guests can rent photo equipment for 80,000 VND / set. Photo: Long Nguyen.

The campus here grows a variety of flowers such as chrysanthemum, butterfly wings, pink … radiating a gentle scent. Long Nguyen account shared: “The space here is like a giant flower garden. My friends and I gather a lot of virtual life pictures. Fruit tea is a must try when chill in the coffee area”.

On clear days, you can come here to hunt clouds. The aerial bed, with the backdrop of the mountains and forests in the background, is the suggestion of virtual life. Photo: Van Thanh Hill, thao_sammie_.

Large space with a capacity of more than 500 people, the resort is suitable for organizing big events such as gala dinner, prom party … Photo: Van Thanh Hill.

At night, the garden will open with multi-colored lights. Visitors can rent a BBQ venue for 100,000 VND / person. Visitors can bring food at home here or order food at prices from 40,000 to 280,000 VND. Other services can also be booked, such as a dormitory tent or campfire. Photo: Tam Huynh.

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