Explore the unique architecture of Thai Binh Cathedral
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Going to Thai Binh to explore the famous cathedral here is also very interesting. A unique work, with impressive architecture, records a deep impression on the heart of each visitor.

About Thai Binh cathedral

Thai Binh Cathedral, built on an empty land, is located at 8 Tran Hung Dao Street, Le Hong Phong, Thai Binh with a total area of ​​more than 1,500 square meters. The church has conferred the title of Sacred Heart of God Giesu. This place is known as one of the most beautiful and unique architecture churches in Vietnam. Both modern and ancient beauty bring bold architectural styles of Gothic and Oriental. All this brings harmony, helping the church become an extremely impressive destination.

Explore the unique architecture of Thai Binh Cathedral
Overview of Thai Binh cathedral

History of Thai Binh cathedral

Regarding the history of the church’s construction is quite complicated, previously in 1906, the famous priest Phero Munagorri Trung – Holding the position of parish priest of Sa Cat, had an invitation to the Spanish priest Andres Kien to return home. designing a Gothic church building in Thai Binh province. Until August 17 – 1908, the Priest Phero Munagorri received the Sacred Heart of God Giesu as teacher and gave the same name to the church. It was not until 1936 that the Sacred Heart of God Giesu Church became Thai Binh Cathedral .

Over time, the church has deteriorated severely, although it was restored twice in 1967 and 1995, but not much improved. Therefore, the new bishop Phanxico Xavie Nguyen Van Sang decided to rebuild the church and officially inaugurate on July 13, 2007.

Evening at Thai Binh church

Architectural design of Thai Binh church

When you arrive at the cathedral, in front of your eyes is a pretty catchy architecture. Although designed only 2 floors, but running to nearly 70m long and 18m wide, enough to display the interior of the church and the ceremony. Outside the church also leaves an additional 3m in the hallway, so that visitors can come and walk, visit the full beauty of the church. The eaves are carefully shielded, so even on rainy and stormy days, processions are still held inside the church as usual.

Activities and events at the cathedral

When you come to Thai Binh Cathedral,you will get rid of the bustling space of the city, but feel a peaceful space, but a peaceful moment to relax after a series of hard and tiring working days. Indeed, this is an ideal destination for you to easily get in touch with God and rediscover your true self.

The destination is loved by many young people. Photo: @ im.phuc_vu

Many people coming here, are impressed by the two gate posts of the church, with a height of 46m and straight up to the sky. The image of the tower is like 2 candles shining with magical light, bringing luck to all people.

Admire the magnificent beauty of Thai Binh Cathedral

Go inside the church compound, you will see the monument of Our Lady of Lavang. A monumental statue is modeled after the holy place of Lavang and this is also a highlight, attracting the attention of visitors when coming to Thai Binh Cathedral . The process of building this castle is not simple at all. Artisans spend a lot of time going to the holy place of Lavang, measuring, recording, to get information and data on the construction of the statue of Our Lady of Lavang in the most authentic way. Looking at the statue, you will see the spirit of Our Lady in it, bringing the best to the people of Thai Binh, as well as dispelling the bad luck and bad luck for everyone here.

The statue of Our Lady of Lavang at the cathedral

Overall, the church is one of the  great spiritual tourist spots in Thai Binh . Although not too massive or too prominent, it brings peace, sacred space, making anyone passing by will be attracted. And also because of its beauty and uniqueness in design, the church is also a virtual live check-in point for many young people. In which many couples are about to get married, they also choose the church to be the most memorable image in life.

Photo: @phamtuenn
Wedding photography at the most beautiful church in Thai Binh

Above is the information about Thai Binh Cathedral that you should know before coming here. Hopefully, this article will partly help you understand more about the history of its formation, as well as the unique architectural beauty of the church. Have a nice trip.

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