What should I buy as a gift in Thai Binh that is both meaningful and memorable?
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In order to make a trip to the countryside “Ms. Hai Nam Tan” become meaningful, what to buy as gifts in Thai Binh for relatives and friends is always a question that many people think about. Let’s explore those specialties!

Thai Binh is located in the North of our country, always peaceful and gently displayed by the image of immense rice fields accreted from the alluvium of the Red River. On weekends or tired days, if you want to find a sense of peace and tranquility, visiting Thai Binh is still the choice of many travelers. So when returning, what should I buy as a gift in Thai Binh that is both meaningful and memorable for my friends? Answer that question with Vietnam Travel Forum!

What to buy as a gift in Thai Binh?

Nguyen village rice cakes

Nguyen village in Nguyen Xa commune, Dong Hung district, Thai Binh province is famous for being a famous confectionery village, in which, the cake is not only one. For generations of Thai Binh people, this is a gift associated with childhood memories. The name of the cake comes from the sticky rice seed of a yellow flower, soaked, then mixed with red sticky rice, pressed, cut pomegranate seeds, and then dried. After drying, the cake will be yellow like a small egg, so it is named the familiar folk cake. 

What should I buy as a gift in Thai Binh that is both meaningful and memorable?
The name of the cake is derived from the golden flower sticky rice seeds

To complete a batch of Thai Binh cake, it takes at least 1 month with familiar ingredients from home gardens such as lard, peanuts, sesame … If you need to choose what to buy as a gift in Thai Binh, it is meaningful and close enough. The cake is always on the top list. The best taste when enjoying cake is accompanied by a cup of hot green tea to eat in cold weather, this is also a cultural feature of enjoying home gifts of the Northern people. 

Cake is a familiar dish, close to Thai Binh people

Dai Dong hemp cake

Like Nguyen village cake, Dai Dong village hemp cake is also a specialty of Thai Binh countryside . It has been present in the life from very long ago and has formed a village that has been passed down to now. The history of Dai Dong gai cake more than 400 years ago, only in Dai Dong could a gai cake with its black color, inside its golden filling and fragrant sweet bean paste. 

The history of Dai Dong gai cake over 400 years ago

Dai Dong gai cake is usually eaten on Tet holidays, this is also a dish that the Northern people often use to present to the family altar. Gai cake is made from very familiar ingredients such as sticky rice, green beans, coconut, diameter, hemp leaves .. 

Gai cake is made from extremely familiar ingredients

When looking for specialties to buy as gifts in Thai Binh , people often prefer dishes that can be preserved for a long time, but gai cakes do not preserve for long, only 1-2 days but still attract customers to buy as gifts. . To eat delicious pancakes, you need to know how to roll the cake with the leaves just to eat so that it does not stick to your hands. 

To eat delicious pancakes, you need to know how to roll the cake with the leaves just eaten so that it does not stick your hands

Candy pea

In Dong Hung, Thai Binh is also famous for its peanut candy. Peanut candy is a specialty of the North , especially on occasions like weddings and Tet, peanut candy is often placed on the tea table, opening up funny stories. 

Peanut candy is a specialty of the North, especially on occasions such as weddings and Tet

In each peanut season in Thai Binh, people choose the best peanuts after red to remove mold and small seeds. The roasted peanuts are combined with the chewy malt to create the flavor of the peanut candy. This is a dish that both adults and children like, so it is easy for you to choose gifts when coming to Thai Binh. 

Peanut candy is a food that both adults and children enjoy

Nuggets Thanh Huong

A suitable gift to the question of what to buy as a gift in the Pacific means anymore that’s Thanh Huong nuggets, rice specialties of each season when. Thanh Huong is a famous profession of making rice in Thai Binh, different from other places it is that it is produced year-round here. 

Thanh Huong pottery is produced all year round

If you want to choose the best rice gift, you should buy it during the July – October of the lunar calendar, at this time it is made of new rice and smells of young rice with perfect plasticity. Thanh Huong village pays attention to the time of harvesting rice as com, not too early nor too late. 

If you want to choose the best gift of nuggets, you should buy them on the occasion of July – October of the lunar calendar

Here you can choose to buy 1 of 2 types of nuggets: green rice and colored rice. Nuggets are often used to make tea, cereal, etc., and colored nuggets are used for immediate consumption. Choosing a gift wrapped in lotus leaves, opening inside, aromatic milk like nuggets is a specialty suitable for friends and relatives. 

Choose a gift wrapped in a lotus leaf, opening up to a milky aroma inside

Guava Bo

Including Thai Binh specialty , it is impossible not to mention bo guava because this is the type of guava that can only be grown in Thai Binh. The feature of Bo village guava is usually the fruit of a fist, small but few seeds, the inside has an eye-catching pale pink color. 

Guava Bo is a type of guava that can only be grown in Thai Binh

The way to eat Bo guava with Thai Binh people is also different, people recommend biting it straight and enjoy it, not using a knife because it will feel sour. Initially, when you eat, you will feel a slight tingling, gradually sour and then sweet and fragrant throughout the mouth. You can buy Bo guava in all markets in Thai Binh to bring back as gifts. 

Bo guava fruit round with fist, few seeds

Sticky rice wine from Keo village

If you are looking to buy something as a gift in Thai Binh for your father or grandfather, don’t forget the sticky rice wine from Keo village. The wine cooked from Cai hoa vang sticky rice is only available in Keo village, and is prepared because it is only in Keo village that it is possible to grow such sticky rice. After harvesting the sticky rice, through each harvest season, the rice is cooked into rice and brewed with yeast and 36 medicinal herbs for 2-3 days. The process of making wine requires meticulousness and attention to achieve the standard flavor of wine. 

Wine cooked from yellow flower sticky rice is only available in Keo village

Sticky rice wine from Keo village is also famous for hundreds of years, people do not need to advertise or bring it far, but visitors still come to buy them as gifts. 

Keo village is also famous for hundreds of years

Chieu Hoi Hung Ha

A meaningful gift when you come to Thai Binh that you can choose is Hoi mat, this is a meaningful object for people in the Red River Delta for many generations. Previously, when every newlywed couple were given a pair of Hoi Hoi mats with the wish of happiness for a hundred years, people still come to buy mats with that wish. 

Hoi Hung Ha mat craft is more than 1000 years old, woven carefully and carefully in each line. A subtle view that can feel the sophistication and meticulousness of the weaver, wanting to bring the perfect shade to the receiver. 

Hoi Hung Ha mat craft is over 1000 years old, well woven and sophisticated

With some gifts mentioned above, we hope that the question of what to buy as a gift in Thai Binh is both meaningful and memorable no longer a difficult question for you. If you have the opportunity to visit Thai Binh, you can personally enjoy more of the delicious dishes, specialties of the northern countryside, which contain the imprint of human culture. 

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