Visit the stone village of Khuoi Ky – where there are enchanting stone stilt houses in Cao Bang
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In Khuoi Ky Cao Bang village, people considered stone as the source of life and rock in their minds as a god protecting everyone from the harshness of nature. 

Traveling to Cao Bang and visiting famous destinations such as Ban Gioc Waterfall or Nguom Ngao Cave, visitors will surely not be able to ignore an attractive destination in this population that isKhuoi Ky stone village, a village tradition of the Tay people.

Visiting Khuoi Ky stone village, visitors will admire the very unique stone stilt houses. The stone village with the look of a majestic Mac dynasty in the past has now become a check-in place that is hard to ignore when coming to Cao Bang. 

Visit the stone village of Khuoi Ky – where there are enchanting stone stilt houses in Cao Bang
Khuoi Ky Village is an attractive destination for tourists in Cao Bang. Photo: vov

Traveling to Cao Bang, do not forget to check-in the stone village of Khuoi Ky 

Locate coordinates of Khuoi Ky village 

Khuoi Ky Cultural Village is located in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province, in the middle of two famous destinations, Ban Gioc Waterfall and Nguom Ngao cave . If you go from Ban Gioc, you only need to move to Nguom Ngao with a distance of about 2km. Khuoi Ky stone village is located on provincial road 206. 

The village is located near Ban Gioc Waterfall and Nguom Ngao Cave. Photo:

To get to Khuoi Ky stone village, visitors can easily move by motorbike or car because traffic to this tourist destination is quite convenient. On the way, visitors also have the opportunity to admire the beautiful natural scenery of Cao Bang with green mountains, small hillside villages.

In the village there are 14 houses on stilts. Photo: xukien

Khuoi Ky stone village stretches over an area of ​​10,000 square meters with the topography leaning against the rocky mountain, in front of it is the romantic Khuoi Ky stream. The village has 14 stone stilt houses stretching about 10,000m2, leaning against the rocky mountain, in front is the Khuoi Ky stream.

The uniqueness and beauty of stone stilt houses in Khuoi Ky 

Traveling to Khuoi Ky Cao Bang Village , you will feel extremely surprised by the village with a very strange architecture and landscape, completely different from the usual villages of ethnic minorities in the Northeast.

Khuoi Ky village has a very special and unique beauty. Photo:

Right from the entrance you will see the stone paved roads even the road sides are made of stone, the stone walls are very solid creating a mossy and ancient beauty. Entering the village of stone stilt houses will overwhelm the visitors’ eyes.

In addition to the stone roads, stone stilt houses, in Khuoi Ky, people also use stone to make mill, dam, and daily living items are also made of stone. 

The paved road in Khuoi Ky. Photo: @ thuongdinh97

The stilt houses in Khuoi Ky stone village have the look of the houses in the Mac Dynasty that seemed to be forgotten according to the ups and downs of history. In the years 1594 to 1677, when the Mac dynasty went to Cao Bang land, stone stilt houses were built to live for nobles, at that time these stilt houses were considered as exclusive fortresses. the most luxurious. 

The scene inside the stone village. Photo: @ an.hyhy

To build a complete house on stilts like in Khuoi Ky stone village, the people at that time took 2 to 3 years. The rock used comes in a variety of sizes stacked and bound by a mixture of limestone mixed with sand. House walls with a thickness of more than 30cm are extremely solid and solid. The height of each house on stilts is from 7m to 8m. 

The roof is tiled with yin and yang. Photo:

The roof of the stilt houses is roofed with yin and yang tiled roofs, this type of tile gives the stilt houses in Khuoi Ky Cao Bang stone village a rare ancient look. 

The structure of each stone stilt house usually has 3 compartments with different functions, depending on the owner’s family with few or many people, people will build houses with different sizes for convenience. . 

Stone and special things in the Tay people’s beliefs in Khuoi Ky 

Traveling to Khuoi Ky stone village of the Tay  , visitors not only have the opportunity to admire the stone stilt houses with unique architecture, admire the poetic and peaceful scene here, but also have the opportunity to The association learns about the cultural and religious beauty of the people here. 

Stone stilt house in Khuoi Ky is very beautiful and unique. Photo: Architecture and Life Magazine

Khuoi Ky stone village is famous for a unique custom that is the worship of stone god. Despite many changes and ups and downs of history, in the Tay people’s mind in Khuoi Ky stone village, the stone god always exists, is attached and is an indispensable part of each person’s concept. 

Stone with the people of Khuoi Ky also has a soul. Photo: vovworld

For them Khuoi Ky is a sacred land, a place of attachment to cultural crystals passed down from generation to generation. Stone with the people of Khuoi Ky as the center of the universe is the origin of life, people are born from rock and when lost will also turn into stone. The stone here is extremely sacred, is a god that helps protect the peaceful life of people from all the harsh and difficult winds of life and nature. 

For the people of Khuoi Ky, stone also has a soul. Photo: dantri

Traveling to Cao Bang and visiting the stone village of Khuoi Ky Trung Khanh is a wonderful journey that brings visitors into another world, the world of rock with great sacred things. In the midst of the harsh remote areas, stone stilt houses are still constantly covering and protecting people, the stones here are also soul and life. If you have a chance to come to Cao Bang, you should not miss Khuoi Ky stone village.

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