Admire the strange flower of Krong Pa “fire pan” region
ChandraGarran04 30-03-2021, 15:48
When returning to the Krong Pa (Gia Lai) “fire pan”, each visitor is fascinated by the strange flower-like female mountain girl blooming among the mountains and forests. Seeing this flower bloom is also a good year.

Krong Pa district land, which is known as a “fire pan” of the Central Highlands because of its hot climate and arid land. Despite the extreme weather, there is a flowering tree named Mlah blooming red in the Krong Pa range.

According to indigenous people, Mlah flowers, also known as gays, neighbors, fall in forest, have a seed … often bloom in the summer. The location where the Mlah flower blooms is usually in the dipterocarp forests. Timber tree, resistant to hot weather in the “fire pan”.

Admire the strange flower of Krong Pa “fire pan” region
Mlah flowers glow red on the fire pan of Krong Pa district.
At first, people mistakenly thought that Mlah flower was a rice flower. However, Mlah flower has 4 different shaped petals, rice flower has 5 same petals.
Mlah flowers have a solid wooden body, often growing in the dry dipterocarp forest.
When seeing Mlah flowers blooming, the villagers of Ja Rai believe that a peaceful and lucky year for the whole village.
Mlah flower is compared to the female mountain girl of the Great Highlands.
Despite the inclement weather, it did not prevent the Mlah flower from growing. This flower usually blooms in the summer, the season of the bee for honey.
This is a favorite place for weaver ants to live.
Mlah flowers covered the Krong Pa soil carpet red.

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