Honeycomb charcoal bread, guests compete to enjoy in Saigon
thamnguyen99 28-03-2021, 20:39
Although it has just appeared not long ago, the “dark” bread with the shape of a unique honeycomb charcoal is attracting a lot of attention from the online community.

There is no denying the creativity of culinary devotees when launching a series of unique and attractive dishes. Only bread – the “national” dish of the Vietnamese people is also transformed into many different versions such as “Fatherland” bread, shadow bread, dragon fruit bread, …

And recently, adding “honeycomb charcoal” bread has been named to this list and quickly received a lot of attention from young people.

Honeycomb charcoal bread, guests compete to enjoy in Saigon
Honeycomb charcoal bread is easy to confuse for the culinary fanatic.

As the name suggests, this bread is shaped like a honeycomb charcoal pellet from color to shape and size. This is a creative product of a pastry shop in Ho Chi Minh City.

To Linh Nghi – the owner and chef shared: “Once I happened to look online, I found the honeycomb-shaped biscuits and orchids quite interesting. I like to eat bread, so I came up with the idea of ​​making honeycomb charcoal bread “.

The cakes are hand-shaped.

Nghi said that in the baking process, the most difficult stage is shaping. Because it is difficult to buy a specialized mold, the young mother has to make iron bars to skew on the cake when baking to form round holes like honeycomb charcoal.

Each honeycomb charcoal bread measures 10x10cm. To make the product look like the “original version” as much as possible, Nghi uses bamboo charcoal to create an eye-catching black color for the cake.

In addition to the fancy black color, the honeycomb bread is also made green (from matcha powder) and pink (from beetroot, dragon fruit).

Not only are these interesting shapes, but these honeycomb charcoal sandwiches are also memorable because of the fragrant, fragrant filling made from a special sauce with 3 types of cheese inside.

Breaking the cake in half, the layer of golden color melts beautifully, making diners unable to hold their hearts.

The owner revealed that each batch of cakes can be made from 15-20 pieces, taking about 2 hours. Many diners are curious and want to enjoy the unique taste of the cake without hesitating to order it even though it is far away.

Thanks to some private secrets, the cake is still soft and delicious when transported long distances. The cake can be kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 days without losing quality.

It is known that each honeycomb charcoal bread is sold for 95,000 VND. Follow Dan trí