Huynh Dao pagoda – a beautiful pagoda in An Giang
thamnguyen99 26-03-2021, 20:51

Compared to other provinces in the Mekong River Delta, An Giang is home to many famous temples of the Northern Buddhism sect, built on a large scale and monumental, attracting tens of millions of pilgrims each year. In which, to mention Huynh Dao pagoda, the temple has an artistic architecture bearing bold Chinese-Vietnamese culture.

Overview of Huynh Dao Pagoda

Huynh Dao Pagoda is located at Vinh Dong 2 hamlet, Nui Sam ward , Chau Doc city, An Giang province. With unique architecture and not large stretching, Huynh Dao Pagoda is the place where many tourists and Buddhists come to admire.

Entrance to the temple

The pagoda was built in 1928, in 1962, Mr. Ngo Van Du built a solid pagoda named Thien Khai Huynh Dao at 105 Thu Khoa Nghia street, Chau Doc town. In 1996, Venerable Thich Ton Tran relocated the pagoda to a 12-hectare land plot in Nui Sam ward , Chau Doc city today to build and complete in 2018.

In 1996, the pagoda moved to the land of Nui Sam ward, present day Chau Doc city

At first, the pagoda had only Tam Bao temple. In the following years, building more bells, Guan Yin and many other works to create a majestic, solemn and beautiful campus.

The temple is majestic and solemn

Inside the main hall

The main hall of the temple is very large and spacious with a large lotus lake, fragrant flowers in the summer. On the surface of the lotus lake there is a picture of nine large powerful dragons symbolizing the Mekong Delta. On the lake, there is also a water drop house, making the scene more poetic.

Large lotus lake, fragrant flowers in summer.

View of Kowloon at night

Image of nine powerful large dragons – Photo: Đỗ Tình

Attracting young people to check in – Photo: Hien Nguyen Thi

In the 3,000 square meter campus, there are more than 50 pure white stone Buddha statues in various poses and costumes, adding to the majesty of the temple.

Statue of Buddha Guanyin on the lotus

Pure white stone Buddha statues in Quan Am Truc Lam Vien

In which, the statue of Quan Yin Buddha in the sitting meditation position of over 30 meters high creates a very impressive highlight in the heart of visitors.

Statue of Buddha Guanyin in a sitting meditation position over 30 meters high

Visiting the campus of Huynh Dao pagoda, you will see the meticulousness and care of the craftsman placed on each elaborate and sophisticated statue. The colors and scenery here are arranged in a delicate and beautiful way.

Pure and peaceful space

Having the opportunity to travel to An Giang , to Chau Doc, you definitely cannot miss this destination. Huynh Huong pagoda is located right on the way to Ba Chua Xu Temple .

The scene of the temple shimmering at night

Here you will feel the tranquility, tranquility and comfort. If you want to fully explore the temple, you should go early in the morning. In this sunny time, you can take many impressive photos, more than in the morning without people, you can freely walk, explore and learn more about the temple.

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