The unique model of the smallest mahogany communal house in Vietnam
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Spent 5 years researching and manipulating, a 67-year-old craftsman in Huu Bang village (Thach That, Hanoi) gave birth to a unique, micro-mahogany village communal house with a scale of 1 / 1,000, weighs only 60kg.

Mr. Phan Lac Hung next to the model of Huu Bang village by his own hands – Photo: PHẠM TUAN

The owner of that unique mahogany house is Mr. Phan Lac Hung – 67 years old, Chua village, Huu Bang commune, Thach That, Hanoi. Born and raised in a village with traditional woodcraft, his family’s family works in carpentry, his family is well-known in the village, many generations have been associated with “the pestle, the chisel”.

Mr. Hung himself has had 50 years of experience in carpentry, near the communal house of Huu Bang village dating back nearly 350 years. So since childhood, all ups and downs, happiness and sadness in life almost like a communal house is a place to “witness” with him. Therefore, the village communal house is always given a special affection by the old artisan.

The above reasons prompted him to come up with the idea of ​​crafting a miniature wooden village communal house, taking the original architecture and design from the Huu Bang village communal house.

“I am proud that up to now, my hometown still maintains an ancient temple with relatively beautiful architecture, for my villagers this is a memento of the homeland. “So I cherished and hurt the shrinking of my village into a model made from wood”, Mr. Hung shared.

The overview of Huu Bang communal house model was explored, conceptualized and completed by Mr. Hung, similar to 95% of the real house

It was these desires that prompted Mr. Hung to explore and study carefully the architecture of his village’s communal house. Every day every morning, after going out to the gym to exercise, Mr. Phan Lac Hung spends 30 minutes after the practice to see the overview of the house, take pictures of small details by phone, then go back to meditate. , calculate how to do it.

However, the most beautiful and unique thing can be mentioned is “how to draw it, not leaving a specific design”.

“There are nights when I can’t sleep because I think about how to make the house by model, because it is so massive and detailed. It is very difficult to shrink the house to suspension by one model. Besides, it also took me a lot of time to make those details look like the original temple ”, Mr. Hung added.

It is known that, from the time of the idea to the completion of the village with a micro-model, the 67-year-old man has spent more than 5 years from finding materials and the implementation process.

Mahogany wood is the main material that the artist aged 67 above chooses to craft this unique family model – Photo: PHẠM TUAN

Mr. Hung also spends 6 to 8 hours alone every day, with complicated processing steps , from the smallest details such as making laminated wood tiles so that they are exactly like the roofing tiles in the communal house. ; to the small dream on a column that is delicately crafted; longevity-shaped door frames; to the stage of gluing, adding pine trees, real and super small trees.

The details that Mr. Hung cared the most were the door tenon, key and the tile roofing on the roof …

“Making 100,000 bricks, but the model version of Huu Bang communal house only uses about 70,000. Every day, only 1,500 pieces are stamped and it takes about 2 months to complete the tile roof details,” said artist Lac Hung.

According to research, the communal house model above has a ratio of 1 / 1,000 compared to the village of Huu Bang, weighing about 60kg and is considered the smallest wooden house model in Vietnam.

According to Mr. Hung, this model creates part of the reason because of the desire to preserve and preserve the architecture of the communal house of the old village, leave it to their children and grandchildren in the future, so that they can appreciate the beauty and beauty. traditional chemistry.

“When I finish, I feel very happy, someone asks to buy billions, but I do not sell, I want to spend this legacy for my children and grandchildren in order to educate the children and grandchildren in the family to love the traditional literature of the homeland” Hung added.

Dinh Huu Bang belongs to Huu Bang commune, Thach That district, formerly known as the Nom communal house, was recognized as a historical-cultural relic in 1989, about 30km west of Hanoi city center.

Built in the Le Trung Hung period of the Chinh Hoa era, the temple worships the three kings of Nam Hai Dai Vuong to become the village royal, Huu Bang communal house is located on a high, airy mound, in front of which there is a lake as a “gathering water , congregate ”.

At present, in the communal house, there are still 27 paths of ordination through feudal monarchs, and the king of superiority and god to the three citadels.

According to: Hanoi Cultural – Historical Relic

The house is viewed from the left corner, at first glance, I thought it was a real house, not a model.

View from the middle of the “communal court”

Micro drums and gongs are placed on both sides of the entrance to the main hall

All the details such as the pavement tile, the main entrance horse, the main entrance to the main hall are meticulously completed and made of mahogany

The Ta vu part of the temple is meticulously completed

The roof was sampled from the roof details of the Huu Bang village communal house

Huu Bang village today – Photo: PHẠM TUAN

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