Chi-Bu Resort – peaceful place close to Saigon wall
hanguyen0409 23-03-2021, 10:53

If you belong to the group of delights near Saigon, the “brand new” super product named Chi-Bu Resort right in Dong Nai will surely make you fall at first sight. Come on, join Vntrip to discover what this place has that makes people so passionate.

1. Where is Chi-Bu Resort?

Chi-Bu Resort is a kind of eco-tourism resort, located in Vinh Thanh, Nhon Trach, Dong Nai province, about 32km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City (District 1) (about 1.5 hours). driver). This ecotourism area is located right next to a peaceful and clean river, which is Rach Ong Keo, ensuring to bring you a feeling of freshness and closeness to nature.

Chi-Bu Resort Dong Nai. Photo: Chi-Bu Vietnam

Space in harmony with nature. Photo: Chi-Bu Vietnam

There are many different ways and routes from Ho Chi Minh City to Chi-Bu Resort. However, the closest way is to follow the Cat Lai road, cut the Dong Nai river, and run a little more to come. However, if you go into the rain, the way to Chi-Bu Resort will be a bit difficult.

2. What’s special about Chi-Bu Resort?

With an area of ​​up to 2.5 hectares, Chi-Bu resort is designed with a beautiful, close space, combining modern features but very “love” when owning a charming riverside landscape. This is a fairly new place, is a kind of eco-tourist resort, suitable for family, group of friends to visit, stay overnight on weekends or play during the return day.

Ecotourism area, suitable resort on weekends. Photo: Chi-Bu Vietnam

Staying at Chi-Bu Resort will definitely be a wonderful experience in the idyllic, peaceful river and canal area of ​​Dong Nai province, away from the city’s bustling life. Here, you will be fascinated by the shady houses that are covered with rural straw, creating a sense of comfort and coolness for guests. In addition, all bungalows are built from materials close to nature such as bamboo, neohouzeaua, wood … with a direct view to the cool river and wind. In addition, all are equipped with modern and comfortable interiors with the main color tones of white, black, and brown wood which are both classic but youthful and fresh.

The rooms are built from materials close to nature such as bamboo, bamboo, wood … Photo: Chi-Bu Vietnam

The design is simple but close and friendly. Photo: Chi-Bu Vietnam

All rooms have views for you to enjoy the view. Photo: Chi-Bu Vietnam

Not only that, the living room of Chi-Bu will also make you “ecstatic” because not only does it have spacious and airy space, but the owner is also very psychological in placing “super big” sand pillows. giant ”, where you can comfortably chat with friends, read books or admire the scenery.

The living room is placed with “super big” sand pillows. Photo: Chi-Bu Vietnam

Super good shooting angles. Photo: Chi-Bu Vietnam

In addition, with the diverse services, facilities, cleanliness, service at Chi-Bu Resort is also extremely professional. The staff from Vietnamese to overseas are extremely friendly and enthusiastic, the food here is very tasty, quality, all food is prepared when customers request, not prepared so it is delicious. There, bring it to the room. Not only that, Chi-Bu Resort also has an extremely diverse menu of vegetarian dishes.

Typical dishes of Vietnam. Photo: Cao Doan Lunar

All food is prepared upon request, not prepared. Photo: Cao Doan Lunar

Especially, at Chi-Bu Resort, there is a separate outdoor activity area for you to participate in improving skills in canoeing, pinic swimming, or just simply lying in the sun after swimming, relaxing, and relaxing. I enter the natural scenery with the romantic river in front of me.

Enjoy taking part in outdoor activities. Photo: Chi-Bu VietnamIn the evening, you can also organize a small BBQ party, barbecue and sip a few glasses of beer with your family and friends. But you should note that you should immediately notify the staff here when booking to be carefully prepared.

3. Service price at Chi-Bu Resort

– 8 dorm rooms – each room has 8 beds: 3,600,000 VND / whole room or 330,000 VND / bed

– 7 Cottage – 1 large bed 2x2m: The price ranges from 2,300,000 VND to 3,700,000 VND. Depending on the view of the garden, river view, each view will have a different price, maybe extra beds because the room is quite large.

In addition, Chi-Bu Resort also sells tickets for the day.

Chi-Bu Resort promises to bring you the most comfortable and relaxing feeling. Photo: Hsuan Hsieh 

If you still wonder where weekends should go, then Chi-Bu is the perfect choice for a short vacation to help you relieve stress. Don’t forget to bring a camera to take great photos.