Three people banned from flying for assaulting flight attendants
admin 3-07-2020, 14:09

The woman, 25, from the northern province of Thai Nguyen, is banned from flying until July 3 next year and is also subject to strict security screening at airports for six months after her ban expires, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) said.

It said she was using a phone on a Vietjet flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh on June 19 when it was preparing to take off. The head of the cabin crew requested her to turn off the phone, but she did not comply and instead threw the device at the person.

The flight crew decided to return to the apron and ask Noi Bai Airport security to deplane her and hand her over to the Northern Airport Authority.

She was let off after paying a VND4 million ($172) fine.

The two male passengers were similarly deplaned from a Vietnam Airlines flight leaving Hanoi for HCMC on May 21 after getting into an altercation with a flight attendant and other passengers.

One of them, 46, cursed, insulted and threatened them.

He had been arguing with two other passengers after discovering their luggage was placed above his seat, and verbally assaulted a flight attendant who sought to mediate.

This delayed take-off by an hour and he was later deplaned.

Another passenger, 49, who supported the man’s abusive behavior, was also considered to have violated public order.

The Northern Airport Authority fined the two a total of VND10 million ($429).

Reported by Anh Duy, @Vnexpress