In March, admire the old rice plants blossoming red in the Central region
ChandraGarran04 15-03-2021, 10:56

In March, on the old rice stalks, the flowers blossoming red in full bloom in a corner of Quang’s countryside, causing affection for many people.

The old rice flower tree gives red flowers to the whole countryside of Quang Nam.IMAGE; MC

Having the opportunity to pass by the immaculate beaches of Dai Hung commune, Dai Lanh (Dai Loc district, Quang Nam ), or some places of H.Hiep Duc (Quang Nam), caught the eye, the rice flowers blooming under golden sunshine. Apparently, the rice flower color is enough to dispel some of the coldness, blooming brilliantly on the green background of the field. Rice flower season, flower season is associated with villages along with all parts of the country.

Unlike most other flowers that flower all year round, rice flowers only flower once a year, making flower lovers always have the feeling of waiting, in indescribable feelings for each flower to bloom. Happiness fainted when immersed in red flowers.PHOTO: MC
The red color of rice flowers is associated with March, associated with the clear weather of the season. The rice flower in Quang Nam does not grow in a long row like the North, but every stretch of the road, each village, encounters the red color of the rice flower as a very unique identifier.PHOTO: MC
Besides, the old rice stumps are so tall, rough, dyed red by the color of flowers. The rustic and sincere beauty of the rice flower holds many people.PHOTO: MC
Flowers grow in clusters, blooming before the plant produces young leaves.PHOTO: MC
The strong red rice flower tree lying to keep the countryside is more honored by the yellow color of ripe rice, the green of the plants.PHOTO: MC
Rice flower is also known as Moc Mien or Po Lang flower, which has large flowers, thick and crimson petals, only blooming in March of the calendar year.PHOTO: MC
Outstanding red blooming rice flowers, impressively attracting anyone who loves flowers.PHOTO: MC
When falling, the flower remains the same 5 petals as when they first bloom.PHOTO: MC
The rice flower is a single petal flower, with 5 large petals, thick petals and a characteristic feature of not growing close together, but blooming bright red at the same time.PHOTO: MC
Unlike the North, rice flowers in Quang Nam often grow scattered and far apart.PHOTO: MC
The rice flowers are fragile but have a strange charm. Rice flowers are attached to the village, with simple but loving images.PHOTO: MC
Red rice flowers glow a whole sky in the mild weather of March.PHOTO: MC
In the countryside, under the rice tree is the place where local people often sit and chat and rest after hard work in the fields. This is also a place for children to have fun and play, reminiscent of the dreamy childhood of many people.PHOTO: MC

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